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How to Cut Your Facebook Ad Costs & Get More Leads! Interview with Rory Stern


Cut Your Facebook Ad Costs

Facebook ads are confusing, let's face it.

But, they don't have to be.

On this week's Social Media Lab LIVE we will be interviewing Facebook ads expert Rory Stern to dive into everything you need to know to cut your Facebook ad costs while getting more leads and sales!!

Welcome to the social media lab live, powered by Agrippole Sim Scott, airs the content scientists at the Social Media Lab, where we bust the myths, the rumors and the stories of social media marketing with science. This interview today is with Rory Stern and we had a lot of fun talking about how to cut your ad cost and and get more leads. Rory has done more ads on facebook specifically than anybody I've talked to in a very, very long time and he dives into some details on what's working, what's not working and how you cannot just use it to sell stuff but also to get more leasa cell to them later on. So we had some we had some techno difficulties the very beginning to getting him on the live show, but once we got going it was a great interview that went a lot longer than I anticipated. So take some notes and enjoy this episode with my friend Rory Stern. You can see the full interview and the rest of the live shows at social media lab dot live. Now onto my interview with Roy. Before we hop into that, maybe give us like your sixty two elevator pitch. Why in the heck should I listen to the guy who kissed the Stanley Cup and probably a lot of people didn't. That's not very covid friendly. Well, well, good joy listen to you about facebook at yeah, so if you look closely, it appears that I'm kissing the Stanley Cup. My Lips never did touch because this was just a month ago, and so that's actually a new one. Okay, yeah, yeah, the Tampa Bay lightning one in September. Yeah, and it took until November to get to see the cup and there was no way I was kissing it. No Way. But between yeah, I figured at least a picture that could look that way would be a strong memory. Right. Um, why should you listen to me? I mean that that's a great question. I hope everybody asked that question of everybody. Why should I listen to this person, especially when it comes to any kind of business marketing advice, because there are so many people out there. So why should you listen to me? I mean, hopefully I'm going to give you some good information, with scientific, statistically significant evidence to back up everything that I say. I've been running facebook ads now for seven years. I've been a direct response marketer for fourteen years. I'm, you know, one thing. I'm the Anti Guru, or the contrary guru. I hate that term and I'm not here to bash on Guru's but you know, most people, oh as facebook ads are easy, turn one dollar into five dollars. Well, guess what, folks, who next? Next? Yep, x right. Hopefully you'll learn to trust me and listen to me, because I'm here to tell you that facebook ads are anything but easy. You can lose your you're very, very quickly. And this fairytale story of turn one dollar into five dollars, well it is and can be very true for very blessed people. Not Going to happen, for ninety nine percent of business is running ads, sorry to tell you that. And you've been running ads for for some large corporations for quite a while. Right. I wouldn't say large corporations. Of Money, seems like. We know. Two Thousand and eighteen was the lat was the one and only time I actually checked what we were spending. Our reps like to tell us. I don't really care about what we spend. I care about results and growth of businesses. Two Thousand and eighteen we spent just over ten million dollars on ads. Okay, you know I know people that spend that in a month. So again, I'm not here to talk about you know how great I am. I'm here to share what we've learned and what we can do and how we can help people. You do and just decide conversation a little bit and I love side conversations. You're a doctor, I am a doctor. Like I go. I went and search for you to like find pictures and stuff and like and social media can funding.

Dr Roy s starting like is this the same guy? It is. So what is your official is it PhD? What is your official title? So I have it's the equivalent of a PhD. I have what's known as a C I D. PhD stands for doctor a philosophy. Sid D stands for doctor of psychology. So the difference between a PhD and a C I D, which also ties into why you should trust what I am going to tell you and why everything is scientifically backed. PhD spent PhD spend the majority of their education doing research and don't do clinical work asid which is what I went the clinical route. We're throwing into clinical work from day one. We don't do research. So everything is about working with people, learning, learning, theories and you know, the psychotherapies for it in psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, all of those frameworks, if you will, to actually go out and work with people and hopefully help them. Now, did you have a like a certain specialty that you did? I had, I had to. So clinical psychology is the actual degree. So that is what most people know is abnormal psychology. The underlying takeaway there is really I can spot here. I can spot and influence human behavior better than the average bear. My total dream back in the day was to become a behavioral profiler with the FBI, like you may have seen in silence of the lambs. That changed and I have a background in executive coaching, working with sea level executives in fortune five hundred companies and above. Very cool. So that's an interesting transition. And then into doing digital media and marketing and as YEA, but I would bet a lot of it plays into that. Psychology is such a big thing when it comes to ads. It really does, and I honestly, you know, as I said to you a minute ago, like I don't really spend a lot of time talking about myself, talking myself up. It's really doesn't help a lot of people, but everything we do is based on psychology. I mean, if you think about an ad, it's, you know, especially with facebook ads, cold traffic. How do you move someone who doesn't know you and trust you? Know, they don't know you, they don't trust you, they don't necessarily like you, they don't know about your product or your service or anything. How do you move that person to trust you and take action of investing dollars with you? And a lot of that, you know, comes down to the psychology of add copy. It comes down to our creative that we use, the framework in which we qualify people. Well, we're going to talk about how to kind of lawyer. Your facebook ad costs get never leaves get more. Syllabus. Deb Asset, an interesting question. I see us a lot, I don't know if you can address this or not, that we're seeing a lot of people get their facebook ads account shut down right now. Is there something that in general that's happening there that you know of, or the just facebook cutting back on people who've been doing it wrong? What's the issue? Do you know any issues there on that? Oh God, yes, so one of the things that the agency does specialize in is policy and compliance. So, deb you're asking the right question and I can comfortably confidently answer you. So, first and foremost, right now we are seeing record shutdowns or add accounts. Some of it, large part of it, especially two and a half, three weeks ago, about thirty on a third, I believe is a thirty on a Thursday night, maybe a Wednesday night, there was just this huge wave of ad account shutdowns and it was a known glitch. That plane and simple. Facebook made a mistake, they acknowledged it and they corrected it for the most part. Now we let's see, out of the twelve or fourteen accounts we were managing at the time, two of them went down. We got both back within...

...two hours by appealing. My understanding is a lot of people got their ad accounts back pretty quickly. Some did not. Now how do we figure out? Well, why did those people not get their ad accounts back? I don't know. Everybody who gets an account shutdown always says, well, I was I wasn't doing anything wrong, I was following policy and compliance. And I kind of chuckle at that because, as I said, as somebody who focuses on policy and compliance, and you know, we are a service agency like we talked to people daily who you know. Hey, why is your ad account shutdown? Well, I don't know, but I did this and I did this and I did that, and I go well, that's why your at account to shutdown. And I promise I'll talk a little bit about the what's this, the what's that that I just glossed over. So that the the point here, that is that a lot of people are making policy mistakes that they just don't understand. What are some common policy mistakes? Well, one thing that happens is facebook will shut your ad accountdown and up until this point in time, you can start a new facebook add account. Facebook does not frown upon that. Like Google. Google, you shut down, you're done, like you're done for life. There are a few ways to get new AD accounts back, but for the most part you're done with with Google ads, facebook is not there yet. And what happens is people will go out and set up a new profile, a new facebook user profile, and they think, well, it's just a new profile, I'll start with a clean history. Well, congratulations, you're not starting with a new history. You're violating the pillar of facebook terms of use, which is one individual gets one profile period. End of story, and people don't understand that. The next thing is, you know, this is this is the gray area. I told somebody yesterday, I think you know, I'd say we understand ninety five percent of AD policy. What's that five percent? Because honestly, when it comes to policy, you really want to be at a hundred percent. FACEBOOK is ruthless. That five percent is stuff that facebook won't tell you. You kind of have to figure it out on your own, which is painful, and you can also say it's not right, but the reality is this isn't about fair or unfair. It's about this is the environment we're playing in. Figure it out very hopefull that, Auntie. I've seen a lot of people complain about that in group. So they're freaking out. Yeah, the whole multiple profiles, I mean fasically getting stupid. This is one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. They understand. They can chat, track Ip they can track everything. They know, when you're looking at the room of the old days you'd log it and out of like six different accounts. Yeah, you can't do that anymore. You'll get caught really, really quickly. So that's saying that's what happens to everybody that that occurs to. But Yeah, you definitely got to be smart on that. So I want to transition over get a couple of questions we want to run through. The first one think we'll probably the easiest question for you, and again we're talking to rory stern. We've had some problems when we started the show. So rary and I just met each other literally a few minutes ago during the live so that was kind of a fun new way to do a live show. I should do that more often, just like hey, hop in and we'll go lie. So the first question I want to kind of ask you, rory, and this is an easy one for you, I think, is is why our facebook adds a must for a business. That is a great question, and I think facebook adds are a must for a business for the simple fact that it. FACEBOOK allows for an easy, you know, are quotes, easy way to connect with your ideal prospect in customer very quickly, and what I mean by quickly is Google and other more sophisticated and and I'll add in a caveat here, facebook is maturing raplea. So I don't mean any disrespect when I say they're not sophisticated. But other networks like Google in particular, and native ads and other banner platforms that have been around a long time,... have to build up over several months typically to really dial in the result you want. FACEBOOK, with its targeting, allows you to see results, or at least gives you the ability to get results very, very quickly, sometimes in twenty four to forty eight hours. So if you want to reach your customers in a quick way, in a non expensive way. And again that that's a caveat to because, as I said, you could lose your shirt if you don't know what you're doing. But facebook is a great, great ad platform for almost any business. I'm trying to think of the ones that can't be on there, and those would be the ones that are policy violations, like adult toys and services, illegal drugs, farmste things like that. But yeah, it's a great, great platform to reach your customers pretty quickly. Yeah, I think almost too now, if at least to me anyway better on Facebook, like ten years you're going to have to run are at least have some sort of budget to try to run ADS on facebook. If you want to leverageting, do business on it, organic reaches. We all know is it's very small. You know, it's very it's you know, if you're getting three percent reach organically, you're doing pretty and good these days. Let's you're a small local business in a little town, then you do a little bit better maybe, but most base are going to have to run some kind of add that's marketing in general. You you can't get a free billboard, you know, on the highway. You're going to have to spend money on ads and people sometimes don't like that. But like we talked to me again, even though I don't like the phrase ten x, seen and all that crap. I hate it. Hopefully you do to I think you did. I got that just that. Yeah, you got that right. I can't stand that haunt. Yeah, it's like this ten everybody's just saying. It's a blood buzz saying. But to x is good in some regards. Heck, this double up your money. I'll take that in Vegas every day. So yeah, so you're going to have to run some ads. I think it's what we're trying to say here. Rory's saying it. As are important. They're going to be a must if you're trying to sell anything and if you have a business account, you're selling something, whether that's your service or that's a product, whatever that that is. So the second thing I kind of want to run over into, and it gets born some of the meat of how to cut your ad costs and how to get more leads, is is what are some we mentioned some about the the problems with compliance and we'll get in the compliance at the end, but what are some of the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to their their facebook as that you've seen? It's a great question. I think the the first one is not having a well fought out strategy or understanding of how to run advertising campaigns. And so what I mean by that is in this ten x culture, this put a dollar in, get five dollars back mentality. You know, people think it's easy. People think you just set up an ad, you turn it on, the leads start pouring in, gold coins start trickling from the sky. The you know, a lot of people like to use the metaphor of, you know, turn facebook in your personal ATM machine. You need to get rid of that. So so that's a big mistake, is the perspective of going in there, and that's why I started out, you know, when people said why should we listen to you, while I'm here to tell you it's not easy, it's hard and you can go bankrupt, you can lose your money really, really quick. You have. So that leads to the next mistake of you have to have the right mindset. You have to understand that. Well, it can be easy, and sure for me it's easy because I've been doing this for seven years, and even then it's not easy, like, let's face it, but I'm further ahead than most people. So you have to have the mindset that it's going to take time to figure things out. You're going to have to figure out how much can you invest? So that's another thing. People go, well, how much should I spend? Well, there's no magic number. What you have to figure out. And then let me back up. What will people say? Well, you know, I don't have a lot of money, I'm scared to spend money. Great, let's remove the risk and let's...

...get rid of you being scared, because again, it's it's about numbers, it's about the right mindset. You can't be emotional in this. So a question I always ask people or what I recommend to people on podcasts to remove this risk is how much money can you spend right now, over the next week, two weeks, month and get back zero dollars in return? And if you say to me zero dollars, guess what, you shouldn't be advertising on facebook. Right. If you tell me five hundred dollars, then great, there's your budget. Five hundred. Congratulations, you've just carved out your AD budget. Yeah, I think it's a mind set to that. You know, if you're willing to say you know, I live in a small town in Texas. Okay, so I mean people I know here, local where I'm at, will spend. You know, someone will spend hundreds of dollars per month to put an ad in the local newspaper that most people don't read. They look the maybe like we're a small town, so everybody's the paper really is not news. It's more of like here's a little Johnny's pitching the baseball on the football. It's the obituaries, it's all the stuff's happened in the town. So it's more of a community rag kind of deal. But they'll spend. I mean I had a local business and they wanted a lot. It was like it would have been five, six hundred dollars a month for like a quarter of a page. Add that I have no way of knowing a less up. Put some sort of cupon code to track it. I have no even but is looking at this. I cannot retarget those people. I just have to keep throwing money at that newspaper all day long. People will spend. Like I hear locally, I kept trying to people to do ads on facebook. Have a pizza business, that they're a friend of mine. I'm like, Dude, you're spending a thousand dollars a month on the newspaper. I know what you're spending, but you're doing no facebook as well. I don't. I'll keep losing my money on facebook ad. So yeah, you're thinking about it wrong. You're thinking too quick. You're run the wrong kind of AD. You know you're doing too short term. You know it's so if you're want to throw money away in the newspaper, you know, change that mindset a little bit. Go okay, let's invest something. It's some facebook ads. You get an expert like you guys, you know, to do pixels and all those kind of things to retarget people. But people are scared in the beginning, I think, when it comes to facebook ads, because they're so afraid of losing money. Although, to go back to my initial point, there willing to throw away five dollars a month to a local paper that someone's going to burn and kindling or throwing the trash within it within forty eight hours, or putting the rabbit cage or the bird cage, but they're not willing to put, you know, a hundred hours a month into facebook ads. Yeah, and that's so frustrating when it comes to most people, especially in smaller areas. For sure it can be hard. It can be very, very difficult and I get that sentiment. So you just we got to remove that risk. We've got to look at what can you spend, and the good news is just to circle back when I say how much can you spend and get zero in return? You're never going to get zero in return. You're going to get mendous. Yeah, you shouldn't. Well, actually, I'll argue, I mean not not argue with you. I think you'll understand where I'm coming from. Is that, no matter what, you're getting data back. Right. So let's say you put up an ad and you get no clicks and no visits to your website. Well, you just got a tremendous amount of data back saying people aren't interested in what you've got, or at least how you've set it up. If you get clicks but no lap ens, I'll something's wrong with your optin page. Theoretically, if you drive to, let's say the pizzeria and the phone doesn't ring, well, it's something. There was a disconnect. So you're always getting data. You have. Then then the hard part always becomes. How do you know what data to look at? How do you know how to read the data and analyze the data? So again, it's not easy. It's not and it says you know. Like you said, it's about doing the right kind of track in it the right way. Like I remember back ice have a bounce house business. Okay, water slides and bounce house in Texas, of course, and it's water slides are crazy in the summer. My brother owns the business now, and even this summer with covid it was crazy busy because Texas and we seem to not care about covid right now. Side story there, but I would run. I'd run a lot of spent a lot of my own ads, specially in the summertime, and...

I can remember because tracking that's hard because most people just messaging me or calling me and so but I remember I had a brand new water slide that I know one had ever seen before. Hadn't put it out there. I posted a picture of it on facebook. I spent twenty dollars on the facebook ad. It was a boost actually back in those days and I still use the boost here in there. I know it's a non for a lot of that experts, but it's been twenty dollars on a boost with in I think within like five or six days I had about three or four thousand dollars in revenue from that one little ad, and so I couldn't not. Could I track that digitally? No, but I knew nobody had seen it, nobody had talked about it. So that little twenty dollar ads man paid off for me big time because it was exposure and I think that's what people we got to think. You'RE gonna have to track a different ways opinion on on your business and what it is. A pizzeria in a phone call, maybe do a certain you have a specific number. That's only on the AD. So you can track it. There's a lot of way. People just don't think outside the box when it comes to their facebook ads. To me. Yeah, yeah, I mean we had a realtor, a real estate investor, who is called to action on his ad was text me and he was able to track everything back by using specific phone numbers for this is where that this is where the lead came from. It was it was fantastic and that was the first I'd seen it and I was like, Yep, learning something new every day. Yeah, and there's some different ways it could be. You know, if your local business, you can be that. If you're a big business with a blog or website, the facebook add pixels, which maybe you can. Can you give as like if somebody's let's say, add pixels for dummies, like what is if a Pixel and is it easy? What does it do? Just so yeah, everybody knows. Oh Gosh, that's that's a good a good package to UNWRAP. So what is a pixel? I mean, yeah, a pixel really is nothing more than a snippet of code that allows facebook to communicate with your website. There's nothing more magical to it than that, although it does do wonderful, wonderful things and it's real simple to set up. Yeah, well, yeah, I mean it is simple in theory, especially if you're technical. Less technically you are, the harder it can appear. So what, Scott, you're talking about in terms of simple? You get the Pixel Code from inside your ad account. You paste it in the header of your website. It goes on every single page. And then there are different ways to use that Pixel Code. With it ads manager to track activity and so you know, based on whether you use what are called standard events like lead, add to card, initiate, check out, purchase, you'd add extra code to certain pages and that will tell facebook every time somebody lands on that particular page a certain conversion or action occurred. You can also create what are called custom conversions, which means you don't have to add a certain snippet of code to your website. It's all you url based. So, instead of relying on a purchase event, you create the Purchase Event, Aka custom conversion. That is like, whenever somebody lands on my websitecom forward, slash check out, that would or, you know, bought that forward slash bought. They would count that as a purchase. And again, it doesn't do any magic it's just a communication tool. It's to track people's activity. And the great thing is, you know, facebook adds and their pixel are all tied into what a lot of people call Ai, artificial intelligence. It's nothing more than machine learning, and the more activity you have, the more facebook is able to go out and find your ideal prospect and cut stummer for you. Now now, speaking of ideal prospects and customer think that's a good lead into the next and we want to talk about, and that's cold traffic. Yep, and because that's where that facebook Pixel, I think, comes into play big time, because they may not know you, may be targeting your head. You have never heard of you before.

But so what I think business struggle with was cold traffic. And why do you think, though? Why do you think most businesses struggle when it comes to getting cold traffic and then figuring out what the heck to do with the cold traffic? I think a lot of it comes down to people just not understanding the basics of good marketing, good direct response marketing. What are some examples of what I'm talking about? People who use the wrong type of add creative so image or video. You're using the wrong ones. Let's take your friend, for you know, that has a pizza shop. You're going to want to take a great picture of that pizza or you're going to want to show a video of pulling that pizza out of the oven, putting it in a box, seeing the smoke rise off of it, like I'm making myself. You know, my mouth water right now. It's time room. You know, in the direct response the expert world, you know you have these people that get on camera and just babble, and I often go back to the pizza remark, going what's going to convert better in an ad for a pizza rea what I just described as pulling the pizza out of the oven, are putting it in the box, or the owner getting on camera, driving around in his car telling about how great his pizza is. It's a no brainer. It's a landslide. Right, show the pizza, show your product. So there's that. The wrong creative, the wrong ad copy. You know people who are trying to do too much. You know, in direct response marketing we want to do one thing. The ad should focus on one thing, one concept, one hook, one main storyline. And man, people try to go out and left field and tell these great compelling stories, but they just don't move people to Action. One of them was, you know, we were brought into consult on a virtual live summit, you know, multi expert speaker event, and this this the ads were just bad, like the person was talking about their backstory and what led them to where they you know, where did they start and where did they go and how did they get there? And we simply just came in and change the headline to be join these twenty seven experts on x Y and Z. The image was a picture of the experts and the ad copy, instead of the hosts story was would you like to learn X Y Z from the leading authorities on ABC and cost went down, sign ups went up and it was great. So people try to do way too much. They overthink it or they just don't know what they're doing and try throwing spaghetti at the wall, which you know if you're in a cook and you that maybe works, but it could be a good visual that's big visuals. Yeah, I think that's part of the problem. People try to I'd like when you said people try to too much. Just do one thing on an ad. Don't try to get people to make multiple actions. I think all those are guilty of that, whether that's even in live video or that's in blog pose or whatever we do. Sometimes we give people too many options and if you're like me, like I go to a Mexican Food Restaurant, I look at the menu on like it's too me decision. Just give me Nachos, give me one thing. It's easy and simple. I know and I trust it and I don't have to think about it. I think it plays in the ads as well as coming up with something simple. Here's your one planet, you know, call to action, and just focus on that. Don't get cute, try to too many things. Yeah, and I'm you know, you walk right into the thought that I was having. Is, you know, don't get cute. Is You know, you see these videos that people talk about. Oh well, we'll help you create viral videos, and you've got to think, do you want cute and catchy or do you want leads and sales? Right, and you know, we were brought into run ads for a supplement drink company that spent a lot of money on an amazing video that would be great for television, for brand campaign, you know, brand advertising, and man, this thing got shared like crazy. Millions of views on facebook and Youtube. People...

...were just talking it up. Oh I love this video. It's so it's so cute, it's so catchy, it's this it's memorable. Sales were impossible to get because they were trying to do too much. I think we're all guilty that at times, like I know for us, like or a pols, we've got this great video and someone could Google debill probably post in their comments. But we hired this is this company and the videos done. I don't know how well it did for US sales wise, but you know, it's just guild buffed up. It was kind of playing off the old spice commercials when old spice was really hot a couple years ago. But the hard thing is is after a while it's a small audience and doesn't really it's hard to kind of make that carry over long term and it sometimes can get a little too cute. To see where just talking about in Demo, in the product and giving people results, yeah, is sometimes the best add even that could be a little boring, but it's gives people what they want when they want to and I think that that is probably better in the long run. Yeah, and you know we always talk about you know, with our at creative and our copy give, give the the user, give the the viewer, if you will, a picture of the outcome or the benefit. What are they going to get? That? That's what people want and that goes back to your question ultimately, about cold traffic. Is Cold traffic is you have to picture. I think you know, I probably learned this from Dan Kennedy way back in the day. You know your prospect. You want to picture your prospect as this highly unmotivated, uninterested, overweight person laying on a couch that you have to move to take action. And I always I ringe a little bit when I add that overweight person on the couches. Disrespect to people. It's really a metaphor. But like that's the ideas. You have to move somebody to action and and that's what you need to be thinking about when you come up with your cold traffic is. That's your person. I mean think about think about the add network. Let's look at facebook right now. What are facebook we what are people doing on facebook right now? The you know, they're complaining about the election, they're complaining about the government. Yet you're rolling your eyes. All I did was mention it in you're rolling your eyes. There are. There are people who come on facebook to get away from reality. They share cat pictures and memes. They're not looking for whatever it is you have. So you have less than a second. I forget what the stats show us, but like you have milliseconds to capture someone's attention and show them what you're going to do for them. And trying to do an add where they people know. People are smart of now and facebook. They know what it's an ad. Yeah, your grandma may not, but most of them been around. They understand when you see an ad nowadays compared to people they follow. So you've got to catch feels attention. I like that. Milliseconds. So you know you got less than a second. You're you're going to catch my attention or you're now. That's why I think you know, and we're kind of talking more like facebook as but instagram plays into that. INSTAGRAM is so smart and how a lot of people do their ads in there because one you can buy inside the Instagram Mapp now, which is a whole other level, but they know how to target people and what they're searching with the whole facebook pixels and everything nails. So they know let's say you're a thirty year old single mom and you know destined Florida and you know they know you're probably going to like kids stuff, are you're going to like shoes or whatever and like Oh, and boom they catch you. Boom, boom, boom, you've bought your gone and you don't even think about it because it's so attractive to you. It didn't disruptive enough to go, you know, it didn't turn their nose to it. Where like, if I get it like writ in my ads, I see some many weird ads on facebook. I look at some different things. are like, why are they average of their wasting their mind? I'll click on it, but then that messes up all the next ads that come to me later because of that. So I think you got to have good quality ads. You got to have a good copy, it's got to have a good image and it's got to catch my attention and tell me what you're going to give me immediately. I don't want to watch a ninety second video to figure it out. Yeah, I or know right then and there, and you know that that's so...

...that that's another thing we could talk about. Right there is you know how to make cold traffic work and why people struggle. So we focus just on the ad, but there is the rest of the experience. You know, where you driving them on your website? Where are and are you driving them to a marketing and sales funnel? You have to be very, very intent in where you take people, how they experience where you take them. Are you giving them what they want? Are you making them jump through hoops? And we can get example after example if it's beneficial here, Scott, about what I'm talking about. Sure, yeah, you have a good one. Yeah, I mean so. You know, one is, let's say, you know, we were looking at a certain tracking platform to use with our clients and I went to their website. Didn't do anything because I just wanted to check it out. Come back to facebook, gets served with an AD. You know, get your free trial. That was the headline on the AD. Get your free trial. Will get my free trial. Of what? You're not telling me anything. But I clicked on the ad and I went to their home page. It draw me to their home page. You know, get your free trial. So I click on the button. It takes me to another page. Get your free trial. Why did you make me go to your home page. Why didn't you take me to the landing page? That says sign up for your free trial right now, right. I don't want to jump through hoops. You know again, I'm an advertiser. I'm biased, I'm not, I'm not. You know my target market if you will, but don't, don't piss off your prospects. You know. That's that's one the you know another one is another common mistake people make, especially, you know, expert or Internet marketing. Space is, you know, you offer somebody a free lead magnet and then you spit them on on a thank you page that is immediately by my stuff. Well, you need to treat people right and so real simple by putting up a banner at the top of the site, you know, a top bar, you know, half an inch thick, that says thank you so much for requesting a copy of x, y Z. Check your email in fifteen minutes, dot, dot dot, and then now you're entitled to do something else because you've reassured them I'm getting what I asked for. But when you don't have that, there people start commenting on your ads. This is a scam. I never got my report. Oh look, you're trying to sell me something you need to show. You need to show people respect, you need to treat them right and and at websites and marketing funnels. At this point the technology is simple enough that you can customize it and treat people really, really well through their journey. Yeah, I think that the retargeting is sometimes ticks me off, like I will say to I have two examples I know of, like the last week. One is Netflix. I've been a Netflix customer for like six, seven years, but all of a sudden, because I went on my desk on a new compute, newer computer, and logged in, then my netflix account logged into it. I didn't just go and look, I logged into it. I'm getting netflix commercials to sign up for Netflix. I'm like you stupid idiots. I've been paying you for all these years. You should not be wasting your ad money on me. So that one's annoying. The ONS t mobile, who have been I've had a fight with for like two or three weeks. I'm Sun to switch to them. I've got one phone in one of them. I'm still I have another long phone call with him. I've already paid, I've already got them and they're still retargeting me with an ad. I have an account with my email address that's attached to my facebook account. Yeah, well, why can't you figure that out? Like, I know there's ways too and they should be able to so that. And when you see big companies do it, that's even more frustrating, especially if somebody's in space. You're like, I'm just going to click on the AD and make you pay for you just annoyed me because there. Yeah, there's so I do. I do get that and I hear that and you know, traditional, conventional wisdom would suggest exclude your your buyers. Don't show them the same add and to a large extent I do agree with you. They're all exceptions to it. Number One, I don't exclude customers... new accounts with new offers. Want one of that is very intention I mean there's two. There's two reasons for both. Very intentional. One is it in a new campaign. I don't really care who I'm excluding. I want the raw I want the raw power of facebook to just go out there and work and if we target a customer and if that customer gets upset that they've seen one of our ads, then we've probably done something to upset them along the customer journey. The next thing, the next part of it is, while I'll do it intentionally, is with your good customers. When you're a good company, you do good service, people will comment on your Ad. We love so and so. This is the greatest thing ever. You should definitely join and there is tremendous power. You know, everybody talks about social proof. There is tremendous power in positive comment on your ads and the reverses. If there's a complaint on your ad, that can tank conversions. So you need to think about that. The next thing, Scott, not that you need a lesson in this, but I think it's just interesting to talk about for a second. Maybe for the audiences. You look at a big brand like team mobile. They don't care about their add dollars. They care about impressions. That's all they want, right. But so I throw that out there for fun. But I agree with you. You know you need to be careful who you're showing your ads to. How often you don't want to upset your customers. That's that's the worst thing you can do. Right, very true. So, if you're just hopping on joining us where we're talking the rory stern from urfs digital media not I should ask you. By the way. I asked you is I would have asked this before problems we got on. Stern I one of I have some very close friends who he was actually our associate pastor little church here in Texas. Now he lives back up in Chicago area. So now I'm like, I wonder, I want, if you are related, somehow become interested to well find out. I'M gonna guess know if he's a pastor because my lining edge is my family is Jewish. I kind of guess that, but I don't know what his I don't know what his original I don't know if it's whole family. Yeah, I don't know the lineage far down the road. You never know, but it's a name you don't see a lot. No, no, yeah, you definitely don't, and it would be interesting, yeah, to ask you my hey, you know, because anyway we're talking about how to cut your cost and when it comes to facebook as get get more leads, get more sells. A kind of going over a couple of questions and I'm going to go. We're gonna cover one more question then we'll get into a little fun section that I do on the show, if you've got a couple more minutes ago. With its absolutely, and we've kind of talked with this in quite a bit. In the first question, DAB ass, is about people's add a counts falling apart and losing him. I think this is, I can tell with something you're really compassionate about. Is, why is compliance more important than conversion in ads, and what does that mean? What do you mean by compliance? And we're talking about facebook ads. Yeah, so compliance comes down to you. Are you following FACEBOOK'S AD policies? That that's what compliance is. Why and why? So, why are conversions or why is compliance more important than conversions? In everybody? Everybody says, well, you know, I if I, if I have to be compliance, I'm not going to be able to say what I want in my at my copy. So therefore my copy can't be as compelling as it should be to get the sale. And I guess you know you can make that argument. I personally handle that objection by saying, let's just write better copy, mutton, you know that's that simple, right, better copy. That's simple again, in quotes, right, because there's nothing simple about it. Why is? Why is compliance more important than conversions. If your ads aren't compliant, if your sales letter, your landing pages and compliant, your ads aren't running, nobody's seeing your stuff, you're not going to get conversions to begin with. So if you want a chance at conversion, you've got to take compliance seriously. And how often do you think that? I mean, are people breaking compliance? Is that? Is it a pretty common thing? Or you run to that? Do you run that in your ads or your consequence kickback from facebook about non compliant ads? Or so let's yeah, there's there. There's two... to that right. So the first part of the question was you know, do you see that a lot? And the answer is yes, I actually see it every single day in my news feed. We're just finishing up a report that I think is called like ten noncompliant facebook adds that I've seen in my news feed in the last week. Something that's wordy, but we're coming up with it just to point out because people just obviously don't know, they don't get it. Do we run into push back? Not as often as I think most people do, because we do understand policy and compliance. But yes, we do still see it because, as I think it was dead mentioned, you know earlier in the show. We're seeing a lot of it. Is that facebook, being that it's machine learning. A lot of stuff is done by Bots, right, so they're looking for certain keyword triggers, certain images, you know, image filters, because it's a machine looking and going in scanning and going oh well, there's too much skin, this must be nudity, and it's like no, you got it wrong. So we do see it, but not to the extent that I think most people are, at least that we hear. Most people are seeing it and, as you know start of the show, it's most most of the mistakes can be avoided. People just don't understand it. Yeah, I think you know. Like you said, you're wasting your money, you when you're not being compliancause I had may start for a minute and boom it's gone. Now you spend all that time set it up and I you got to go back there. So you're wasting your time energy. There's so there you've got to make sure you're taking care of if you want to get lower costs on your leads and and get more more sales real quick. Our FS digital Mediacom is your website and probably worry we need to send people. Tell us a little bit about what you guys do and why I should go over your website. I have no idea why you should go over to my website. Honestly, there's a great question. What we do is, you know, we are a direct response marketing paid traffic team. In some ways, you know, I'd say we're more of a team than an agency, who work with small to meetium size businesses to help them grow in scale over the long term. We're not interested short term, wham Bam. Thank you, ma'am. How much money can we extract from customers and twenty four hours and treat them like garbage? We're looking to work with serious companies who want to grow over time through paid traffic. Very cool. Soe Y'all, make sure, if you're watching this or you're watching the replay run over the website, check everything and roars doing we're I appreciate you hop it on the show with me today. At all the troubles we had to get started. I'm glad you're able to get the video and audio work and I really love this side. They got a lot of fun with it. I'M gonna go back and watch it listen to a couple times. HOPE HAS PEOPLE DO.

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