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Episode · 2 years ago

3 Ways To Get 1000 YouTube Subscribers Faster w/Rob Balasabas


Rob Balasabas from TubeBuddy joins Sc ott Ayres on the Social Media Lab LIVE to explode your brain with 3 ways to get 1000 YouTube Subscribers, Faster!!

Welcome to the social media lab live Howard by agorables. I am Scott Airs, the content scientist at the Social Media Lab, where we bust the myths, the rumors and the stories of social media marketing with science, and today's episode I'll have audio from interview I did with Rob Ballast Sabbath from to buddy. Rob is a great guy. Love having him on my show and being on his shows. And then this interview we talked about three ways to get to one thousand youtube subscribers faster. Rob Has some great tips on how anyone can quickly grow through youtube channel. If you want to see more and listen to more of the social media lab live shows, go to social media lab dot live. Now on my interview with my friend Rob Ballast Sabbath. But this is Rob Ballas sabbaths and I always hope I gets your name pronounce correctly. But if you don't know who rob is, you know he's the brand of agelist at you two, at Youtube advantage. You you wish that you do. He's the brand of angelist at to buddycom. He speaks out lots of conferences, sumus podcast live streams. He's got another live stream immediately after this one that he's got to run over to for his own company. Creates lots of content on his channels. There's a lot of Linkedin Youtube, instagram and facebook. The one thing I really love about rob he's got a one of the best groups on facebook. His content marketing group is like one of my favorites. Like I'm I'm always excited to go see what's going on in rob does such a great job of Managingett group and getting interaction and I'm constantly trying to steal ideas from your rob to see how I could be a better group manager. So, Rod, thanks for thanks for hopping on here with us today. Yes, thanks for having me. Hello, everyone in the Gore pulse world and the community. Get to see all of you here. A lot of familiar names to see dead see Jennifer Awesome, Danny Monson as well. So, yeah, thanks for having me here. Yeah, really excited to have this conversation. Yeah, thanks. So tell us that you maybe you're, and I know that we said you're a brand of angelist to buddy. Maybe give us like you're sixty two elevator pitch. Like how did you get into Youtube and how did you become the brand of Evangelista to buddy. Yeah, yeah, so really quickly before this, I was working at a company called think giffic. Some of you may be familiar and kind of maybe you remember my days there. So I was there for about almost five years, anywhere from support to marketing to eventually on the partnership team, and so I got to do a lot of the speaking, a lot of the connecting with a lot of our influencer partners and grand partners, and Gore pulse being one of them. And so got to meet you guys there as well, Scott and Mike. Everybody under Goro pols team dead, and so with...

...that weren't on. It was an online course platform, and so we were also trying to connect with a lot of youtube creators, and so whenever we went to conferences, you know, vids summit, vicon, you know, social media marketing world, all these awesome conferences, I would bump into too buddy, and so got to know the to buddy team, you know, awesome, awesome team, and connected with them. We eventually did a a virtual summit together. So think of it too, buddy, virtual summit. Kind of worked on that on the think ific side and got to know the to buddy team even better. So that went really well. And then eventually that conversation, you know, there was an opportunity that they were looking for somebody to sort of be their ambassador evangelist and do a lot of the front facing activities for the company, and so they reached out to me and here we are. So so, yeah, that was in the beginning of the year and it's heaven looked back since that's a yeah, I'm as it's kind of fun to watch your transition as you went from from the previous shot of this one and just you know, your focus and you you went in like you're both free running and like immediately, boom you're the two buddy guy, which is you know, which was smart of them, is smart of you. Let's let's kind of transition over and to our topic. And if you just hopped on, I'm with the Rob Ballast Sabbas and I got that right. You got that right. From from to Buddy and and rob wanted to come on and talk to us about three ways to get a thousand youtube subscribers faster. I think a lot of US struggle with Youtube in getting a subscribers so before we get into our tips, maybe till is one. Why is Youtube important? into why is a thousand subscribers so important? Yeah, yeah, good questions, Scott. So a thousand subscribers is really important if you want to monetize. So if you want to monetize, meaning you want to run ads or run super chats where basically, when you go live, people can kind of donate and sort of like send you money during your live chats, you need to you want to monetize, there's two requirements. So the first one is a thousand subscribers and then the second one is four thousand hours of total watch time over the last twelve months. And so that's why a thousand subscribers is really, really important. The previous previous two a thousand subscribers. A hundred subscribers is also really important because you get to put a custom url for your channel. So there's always these little milestones. Beyond that there's another milestone, I think thirtyzero subscribers and so on. But yeah, a thousand is, you know, sort of that like that first initial big milestone. So that's the first one that you go after and then ony youtube. You know, for me this is just you know, I can only speak for myself, but I was initially building a lot of content on linkedin and creating a lot of videos and uploading videos on Linkedin, doing linkedin live, and so it was awesome. I got to build sort of my you know,... my personal brand on Linkedin. Got Lots of different opportunities that opened up because of Linkedin, and so I started then looking around and saying like okay, well, where else can I build, you know, where I can get sort of easy discoverability, you know, which is really important, you know, if you want to grow your brand, is where can you be discovered organically, fairly easily, that's not so boxed in? And so youtube kept coming up to me and it became sort of that thing that I'm like, wow, this is it's too much to figure out. It was very overwhelming. There's lots of data, there's lots of you know, there's just so many things that you need to, you know, learn. But I figured that, you know, if it's hard to learn and there's going to be sort of like this barrier to entry, and so if you want to really be good at Youtube and really leverage youtube, then it's only going to be you know it'll take some investment of time and energy, and so I was willing to do that because I was looking for a secondary platform, and so that's why I gravitated to Youtube. Still create on Linkedin, but really gravitated to Youtube, and that was about, I'd say, nine months ago, and ever since then, you know, things have really started to grow on Youtube. Now you you have your own. Do you have multiple channels or just one channel? which kind of your I know a lot of guys and creators get written its specific. What is your channel? Are Your main channel that you personally do? Perhaps about other than two buddy? Obviously? Yeah, exactly. Yes, other than too buddy. Yeah, I have my own personal channel that I've had for two years, almost, since October two thousand and eighteen. And Yeah, so I've got that one channel that I'm growing. We have another channel with like my wife and my family here, just like random vlogs. That's not that's not something try to grow. But yeah, so my personal channel where shared tutorials and stuff. Yeah, that's the one that I just grow and again, just like you, Scott, you know, I'm just always trying to test and anything I want to talk about. You know, before I talk about it on the to buddy, you know, channels. I kind of test it on my own first. You're the gears, a Guinea pig, and that's the way you got to do it. I think it's so I think it's the best anyway, just my personal opinion. Yeah, I like looking at the big giant data sets people put out and they're going, okay, let's let's go do this on a small channel or a small account and see if it can be replicated. Or is it just a fact that they've got half a million subscribers and so they're able to do stuff that others can? So I think that's that's where's I I love. That's what I can the rubber meets the road kind of thing, to hop it in the trenches and doing I think that's super important. But a thousand subscribe, many subscribers you have on your on your main channel? I think I'm just I'm almost I'm like twenty away from two thousand. Okay, yeahtoughts, because I see and I love what to buddy does when it shouldn't, you know, to show you this little badges or are like an almost like you could print out the certificate, put on your wall of how when you've reached certain milestones, and that, I does make you celebrate. It gets you excited about it and them. I see people in that group all the time pub posting those things, which is really fun to kind of celebrate it with them, even if it's small. I mean you get your first two hundred, you're like, yeah, I know,...

...the the gloral post YouTube channel, which you know, I used to throw away too many videos on randomly, and so to others. We're starting to get a little bit better at our are overdoing with it. We actually cross that thousand subscriber, you know, barrier recently and we were all like yes, finally, you know just what it's, one of the little numbers you see in your head. You want to get past that. So let's transition over. You know, we're talking with ROB allast Abbas from to buddy, about three ways to get to a thousand subscribers faster, and the first tip that you want to cover, rob was research your topics first before making videos. Expand on that. And and what does that mean? Yeah, so research a topic first. So this is again all the things I'm going to share with you guys today. All three things. These are things that I would just tell myself, you know, when I first started. So, you know, it's just really advice for myself. So the first thing is yet research, doing research on what are the keywords and what are the topics that really you have an opportunity for now. Youtube is not, you know, all the keywords, keywords are not all the same, right, so they're very different. You know, some keywords are more competitive, some keywords have less competition. You know some keywords that have less competition has less search. You know, there's all these things. You know, the competitive keywords. You know, let's say social medium marketing. That's going to be really, really competitive. I'm guessing, you know, because it's such a broad topic. And so when I first started, I would just create a video based on like seeing some comments and seeing some you know, DM's come my way. People asking me questions are like, oh, that's a good video to make. Let's just make the video. So I would shoot the video and then I would then go sit down in front of my computer and try to figure out what are the keywords that this video can rank for it, and I would always end up in a really some Super Competitive Keyword. And so all the work that I put into filming editing that video really would result in not very much views. And so that was that was my own mistake and I kept doing that. I was like, okay, you know what, next time I'll do I'll do this, I'll do this until I figured out that. Okay, let's figure this out, because I'm creating a video and trying to force it into a keyword that is competitive. Let me do the keyword research first. Find a keyword that is less competitive, that has more opportunity for me to get views, even if it's not as that many views, you know, so at least get my get some traction for the video, right, and so that's what I started doing. So keyword research first. There's a couple slides there, Scott, that I I'll share with you, that I shared with you. So the first one where it says linkedin live, I believe. So linkedin live, that keyword right there. So so, yeah, so you see this linkedin live. I create a lot of content on linkedin. So I started doing a lot of tutorials about linkedin live, and so this keyword linkedin life, very general. My score for this. You'll see the box there is twenty nine out of a hundred. The second slide their Scott. So now I went with a little...

...bit, just even, like one more word extra right, linkedin live tips, and that resulted in eighty three out of hundred. So you'll see that the search down below there there's three things search volume, competition and optimization. You'll see that search volume is in the orange, so it's not super high, that the competition and optimization is green, meaning it's good for me, meaning the videos that are ranking aren't that well optimized and the channels aren't. You know that are truck that are ranking aren't super optimized. They're not, you know, getting them much used or not big channels. So much, much better opportunity for me. So that's just really one really quick example. Right and in these are and these are. You're pulling this from to buddy, to survey knows this is coming into other two buddy platform. Yep, in the well, it's was not on Youtube. It so, but you probably could do something on youtube but it'd be really hard to get this sort of quick score. But I do think it's important to you know, pulling in look it looking for and most of us make videos first and then try to figure out what to do with them. I think doing it the Quentin Tarantino way, you know, thinking about the end result first. It's so much, so much smarter. That's right now. I mean, let's say you did make a video, though, and you didn't think Lee didn't research it. I mean I guess you still could go back and do it, but that your content might be not as aligned. You definitely like a video your content doesn't line up, because then no one's going to watch it. They're going to bounce really fast. Right, exactly, exactly. Yeah, yeah, so then they may get it, they may flicking to the video, but then they'll be like, oh, I thought this video was about something else, because your bread title and everything was about something else. So they'll just leave, you know, so your watch time will go down, which is going to hurt your channel. So yeah, yeah, yeah, so that's that's definitely something that I do now. I spend way more time doing keyword research, almost as much, I say, I would say, to the amount of time that I spend with filming and editing of it. You Really? Yeah, hope you are. Y'All thought that were watching. So it's a rob saying that that he spends more time on Keyword Research and he does film in the video, and I think most of those are probably the exact opposite. Yeah, but again, your talking about growing. We're talking about growing thousand youtube drivers faster. You got to put the work in and think about that stuff first. Yeah, exactly, because I mean if you if you do your keyword research right, then you know you're putting the same amount of energy filming and editing anyway. Then you will get to a thousand subscribers or whatever your next milestone is. Essentially your channel will grow way faster, because then youtube will pick it up and then share it properly to the people that actually want to watch your videos or watching similar videos to the one that you just created. So that's really all you want to do. You just again, this is something that you just as a Youtube Creator, I've learned that you need to understand youtube really well, I think in any platform, but if you understand youtube really well, it's really simple. You know, Youtube wants you are you. You wants viewers to bench watchch on...

Youtube so that they can feed them ads. Right, show them adds. That's how youtube makes money. So if you can just tell youtube this video is about linkedin live tips. Right, sow it with everyone else that's looking and watching Judy Fox's videos. You know. You know Hashtag Fox rocks. We love that box exactly. Now, Randa asked a great question here. Where do you do the research for your topic ideas? It's one thing that look at keyword strength, I mean is do you have? Do you look at up? You look at people, like you just mentioned Judy Fox. Yeah, you just go look at them and say, okay, that's what they've been talking about. Yeah, I go absolutely, absolutely, yeah. So, so, yeah, you just search your topics right, search your topics on Youtube and see who else is, which videos are showing up, and then go to their channels. So very often I'll go to, you know, Justin Brown's channel. I'll go to different channels and just see what are they talking about, you know, what is picking up. You also might want to take a look at what's trending. And so what is what are what are trending keywords? There's, Oh, I forget what it was called. I think it's called exploding topicscom is something that I've you know, there's a free list or just a paid version, but you can kind of see what's exploding out there. You know, different topics that people are talking about. But yeah, and also you want to talk to sorry, Scott, go ahead. No, there was like an answer the people or something like that. That's right. That's right. That's a great one for topic ideas as well. Yeah, or like go to these live streams right in your space, you know, if you're in the yoga space, go to the yoga live streams. You know, what are they? What are people asking? Like, you know, what Mats Are you using? Or like this thing versus this thing, this, you know, posers this. Just like see what people are asking and then, you know, research those topics. So for me, I kind of stopped at when I saw someone ask the question. I'm like, oh, that's a good that's a good video to make. Take that question, but then research it just to make sure that you put it through the filter of some type of research to make sure that people are searching it on Youtube now here's a great question. I mean, do you actually have to say the words of your ny word in the video? So if it was linkedin live tips, is that important to make sure you say the actual audible words? That's a good question, really, really good question. Yeah, so Scott's asking that because youtube does subscribe. Subscribe transcribe your videos, so they automatically will create close captions for your videos, so essentially translating your spoken word into actual written words. So, yeah, I guess I think so. I don't think. I don't make a point of it. It just happens in my introduction. So one of my tips here later on will be really how to be consistent. And so I create bullet points rather than full script and so in that process, you know, I will end up saying the key words quite a number of times in the first minute or two just because I'm introducing it. But but yeah, I don't, I don't make a point point of yeah, yeah, so it's probably important to do that at least. You know, if you're if you're doing a video on you know, you know this marants microphone review, you probably should say Morans microphone review at some point in the video, because...

...otherwise you're just talking about a random microphone. That's right through. All right. So what we've talked about? We're talking about three ways to get a thousand youtube subscribers faster. With Rob Alas Abbas from to buddy. We talked about research your topic first and then make your video. The second tip that we want to talk about is don't talk about yourself ycause no one cares. Expand on that. What do you mean by that? Yeah, that's a that was a hard one to to realize. Actually somebody, somebody told me and then actually looked in the stats. So it's Scott. If you want to pull up, I think two way and to be slides there. So essentially my channel is all about tutorials, right and so again, my channel was small. This one. Yeah, that's one perfect. So you'll see here there's a there's a there's a stat inside of Youtube that tells you your audience retention. So this is essentially, on average, how much of your videos are people watching, where that they drop off, and so people dropped off for this particular video around two minutes and thirty three seconds. So they get through about thirty three percent of the video. So what you can do as a as a you know, for for your channel, you can look, you can actually, if you deep dive here, if you click on the see more, you can do it here, because this is a screen shot, but if you click see more, it actually takes you through to your channel, with your video and with the timeline below it, and you can kind of see exactly at two minutes and thirty three seconds, what were you doing, you know, and what I've learned, what I learned with all the videos previously to when I realize that became my introduction is too long. Okay, so my introduction was like hey, guys, it's Rob Alla stabs. I'm with you know, think I thik that to that I'm in Vancouver, you know, it's a beautiful day today, you know whatever. And so my introduction would be like I own average around two minutes, and so it was too long and so I shut I really shortened it down because I realized that a lot of my my traffic on Youtube were searched search bits. So people that were searching something, not for me but for a question, they would end up seeing my videos in the results, they would watch it and then they would end up learning about rob for two and a half minutes and they were like, okay, this guy's not answering my questions, taking too long. And so attention span is a real thing. It's very short, not just on Youtube, it everywhere these days, and so I've learned to really, really like shorten my introductions, literally my introductions now, if you watch them, my recent videos, it's like hey, guys, in this video you're going to learn five ways to reach more people using your life, your live show. Let's let's go. And so like twenty thirty seconds, if that, and then I'm in answering the question that was promoted in the title. And so then people are sticking around and then they're watching throughout the throw at the video. You'll get to know me a little bit. You know, we can dad joke or whatever. You know, you're you know, they'd get to know me, but then they're not bouncing out super early. So that's something that you just you know, you just need to it. It just you just learn it. Right. It's just something... realize. It's not something because you kind of want to think that people do care about who you are, but right, it's just a nature of Youtube. You know, people are searching something, they're asking a question and then they just want you to answer that question. Yeah, I mean I think it's one thing to have personality, but it's nothing to do like talk about yourself the entire time, just like on a live video show. And interview, and you've done tons of these as well. I mean, it's not about me the host, it's about you, and so, you know, you want to kind of make sure your content is about the youth people watching it, but also whatever it is why they came over to it. They didn't come over to see you talk to the entire time and, you know, talk about yourself. They want to talk about the content and I do think that that's so, so important. Yeah, I think that the intros. If you were, if you remember Youtube, let's say eight to ten years ago, everybody's intro was so long, like, you know, you've got all kinds of stuff gone in draftics. It's like a there was like an opening to Seinfeld. You know, it's a forty five, you know, two minute long opening. Now it's like you better get to a quick or people are going to nod off very fast, even on a live show. You know, we've got I've got a twenty seven second intro I do after the initial hook, just really so I can make sure people are hopping on. I could do quick housekeeping off camera, but yeah, you've got to get to the point really, really quickly. I think Youtube is definitely going to reward you. It sounds like right for that, because I think it sounds like to me that the motivation there is you're enticing me to subscribe you because I'm interested in your content and you're not just bragging about yourself all the time. I want to dress one of the questions in the church. This is a little controversial one and I hope you don't mind, pop and it's on here. Bobby and ass hope it's bobby and faving. He says thumbnails more important and keywords, but the keyword ideas a thing of the past. What is your argument there? Based on what we're talking about? The thumbnails are important, but yeah, this is a little bit different. Yeah, yeah, so I'm no, thumbnails are super important. I know that we've got some common mutual friends. That Jeremy Best and you know there's there's facebook groups dedicated to just thumbnails. There's companies now that are just dedicated to designing thumbnails, and so, yeah, thumbnails are very important. Whether or not it's more like what's more important, it's hard to say. Depends on your channel, to be honest. I think you know keywords help you get found, but somebnails will help you get the click right, and so a lot of people will reach out to us and say, Hey, you know, we're using to buddy and so on. You know, we're we're we're ranking, but we're not getting viewed, and so cay. So then that means that keywords are working, but your thumbnails are not working, because you're showing up in the search but people are passing through your videos because they're not getting you know, they're not you're not getting their attention with your thumbnail. So so keywords will get you in the door, they'll get you in the search results, but then the thumbnails is the one that's actually going to get you the click. Now the thumbnail plus in conjunction with the title, I think, will is probably more accurate answer of what gets you to click.

The way that I look at videos, I'll see, okay, that's a that's a cool thumbnail, like I got my attention, but what is this video about? And I'll read the title really quickly and then kind of, you know, split second, decide if we're going to watch that video or not. So so, yeah, yeah, I mean, yeah, absolutely, thumb nails are, yeah, very important. Oh, yeah, yeah, I think I hope that answered he's quite a think someone else replied to searching. Like if you searched on Google and it's going to come up the title, it's going to be really, really important the key word is as well. Otherwise they're not even going to find it. So if you got on that side of it, getting over to youtube is you get. You know, I think that's important as well. But you know, we talked with Scott Simpson a couple weeks ago about suggested and recommended videos. You know, you can't get in suggested recommended just off a good thumbnail. This got to be about the title, the discretion that's going to push you up and then, okay, well, the thumbnails, great, I'm going to click on that and the side. So I think it's I think you got to hold hands with both them. They go hand in hand to me. So appreciate you kind of yeah, yeah, Heyn that. Yeah, absolutely, that you have. If you have a massive channel, you know, if you're Mr Beast or Peter Behind, then getting you don't have to worry too much about a keywords and stuff like that because you've got so many follow a subscribers and your Thumbnailisi is really it. But yeah, that's pen in hid all right. So that's our first two tips research the topics. First, before making a video. Don't talk about yourself, because you're reality, no one really cares unless you are Mr Beast. And the third tip on on how to get your a thousand youtube subscribers faster. Upload weekly at almost any cost. So weekly at any cost is hard for a lot of people. So why weekly and maybe kind of expanded, maybe the beginning? If you're in the middle. What does that look like? Why? Yeah, yeah, so, yeah, Scott, if you mind putting up number three on there? This is my own stats. So this is the number of views. That the next one, I think. Okay, yeah, number three there. Yeah, so this is a view. So this is my channel from the very beginning till now, and so you'll see these. They're sort of three set sections of my of my own channel. So the first one really very any UPLOADS, not even showing any number at the bottom there. Number two started to do more UPLOADS, but not super consistent, you know, sometimes every couple months, and so you'll see that. So the growth, you'll see the number of us was kind of you know, it's trying to get off the ground, but it wasn't really me much. And then sort of the third, but sort of where the season that I'm in now, very consistent uploads once a week at at the very least, and then you'll see sort of the growth kind of start to really pick up and pick up traction. So, yeah, thanks, got so. So, yeah, so I would say weekly just because it really helps you. I mean it's good for the algorithms for Youtube, but it's really more for use. But especially if you're just starting out on youtube, you need to aid get out a lot of content so that youtube can share your content. Right.

If you don't have anything in the game, then there's nothing for youtube to share, there's nothing for people to find, for people when they're searching, there's nothing. You know, you got to put some things in the game so that you can get found. And then really, second, it's warm. It's also very important for you, as the content creator, to understand how youtube works, and so uploading consistently gets you into this rhythm of filming, creating content, researching keywords and like the whole thing and becomes part of your day. And so yeah, just it's more education for you, especially is a small creator, to do that on a consistent basis. I found that. I mean there's some larger channels now that I know. Even my colleague Andrew can at to buddy for his personal channel. He hasn't uploaded. He uploads once a month. He's got about six thousand subscribers. Last month he got five hundred subscribers without uploading one video, you know, because he's optimized. He's got plenty of videos on Youtube and so he's getting searched, he's getting found and so his subscriber numbers are growing and that's totally fine. There's larger channels that upload less frequently just because they have so much content already on Youtube. They're getting found. But as a as a newer creator or a smaller channel, you need to put content out there and don't worry about the content. It gets better, right, it gets better. If you guys watch some of my first videos, it's like me in a corner of like my bedroom, and so it gets better. You get to understand. That's that's one of the really good bye products of creating consistently and a weekly basis. You get to understand lighting, how to look at camera, how to speak until microphone, all those things, and so so yeah, it just gets better. So upload at least once a week. Is My suggestion. Yeah, I think that's crue I think people get scared. They're like, I can't create that much content. So we really, I mean free for you, start even creating videos besides researching your topics. I mean research topics and ride them out. You know, can you do one a week right out? Fifty two content, you know, pieces of content, and then you could batch record them. You don't have to do them every week. I mean maybe you spend two or three hours recording a bunch of eight to ten minute long videos, or however long your videos are going to be, and just get them ready and then start scheduling to a scheduling tool, wink, wink, like a Gore pulls and and upload them. I mean there's ways to do that. I think that's what it's scary at first, or even live video is the same to you've stumble your first couple times. You don't know where to look, you don't know what to do with your hands. You say, I'M A lot. You get you get used to that and in part of it your personality. I think if your personality is that way, the WHO cares, just go for people will like you or not. Be that consistency, as you've shown, is is so crucial. Like what if, though, let's say you're starting out and you do three or four videos and you mentioned like you kind of get better as you go, but you kind of switch your topics? Someone asked a question about should it delete old videos they don't match what I'm doing now. So let's say you did like six, seven videos and I kind of want to change.

I mean, what should you do with those? Should you go ahead and just change your topic? Should you are your feel should you change channels? What are your thoughts on that? Yeah, if you, I mean if you, if the old videos don't match your current topic, depending on who they are, depending on how many views you've got, you know, it really depends. But if they don't match your current topics. So some there may have been. Some people look at the analytics and you can see for every video how many subscribers was resulted from that extellar video. If you see that, likely you're say first five or ten videos, you know you resulted in like very little subscribers, then by all means delete them if they don't fit your content anymore, your current content, because there's if but if there were a lot of people that subscribe. Let's say you've created a hundred videos and then all of a sudden you flip the switch and now you're talking about, you know, coffee. Now you're talking about yoga or something, you know, and you switched. You may you don't want to delete all those of these. You may want to probably create a new channel, right and so, because the people that subscribe to you, let's say, even if you had, you know, a thousand or five hundred subscribers, if you switch the topic, those five hundred or thousand subscribers didn't come for that topic, that came to back the original topic. So you may want to consider having a separate channel for the new topic. So, yeah, even though you have to start from the beginning, it's just going to be better for you in the long run because if you change the topic drastically, you're almost fighting against yourself from your old version to try to convince youtube like Hey, this is my channel is no longer about yoga, it's about coffee now to pay attention to the coffee stuff. But but Youtube startading index and sort of started to already share your old your original video. So yeah, consider starting a new channel. Yeah, I think this key. Like you, what you mentioned there in the middle is, you know, what are people signed up for? Yeah, yeah, that's what the content should put. I think a lot of Busines, I think I Gore Post, were a great example this. You know, we've had different people use our youtube channel for, you know, for marketing videos, for interviews, for product Demos. I was, you know, going live on our youtube channel for a year with it was social media, lab our, social post, weekly show. All go live on there. So if I'm a subscriber, I'm probably like what in the world this is to it's it's like six different things. It's confusing. So the subscribers, I've noticed anyway, all will less likely to come back and keep watching because they're like, okay, is the business is marketing channels, is all this is? So it's not. So I think it's businesses struggle probably with that the most, where an individual vlog or might be a little easier to stay on topic. So I think I think creating different channels for different thing. Like we have a social media lab youtube channel. Now that's just all the you know our stuff, granted, I don't. I do horrible with it and I need to post more so I'm like getting motivated. The Post weekly now something, but I got to create more content for that. But I do think that posting weekly, though, rob is as a great, great tip there. Yeah, I would say... building. Pay attention to your community, your you know, a lot of people think that youtube is sort of a one way conversation, something that I I mean, I I thought too far a long time because it's like Youtube, I consume it, where I'm just consuming content, but there's a huge potential for community that you can build. So one of the things that I you know that you do is live stream. So you mentioned it as well in the Gore channel, live streaming. So think about doing a live stream, maybe once a week or every couple weeks. You know, live stream, even if you have a small channel. You know, start connecting with people on a real time basis. You can schedule them, you can do pop up live you don't have to keep the video, the video public so that people can watch the replay, or you can put them on the list or you can put them on listed if you want, you know, and just have them behind the scenes and then they don't show up on your channel. You know, it's just literally you just want to connect. So yeah, start connecting, building a community, answering questions. This is a again community, building, live streams, all that stuff. The other thing that happens when you live stream is that you building authority in your space. You know, people are like, Hey, I'm throwing questions it Scot he just answering them like no problem. So then you become this expert in people's eyes. And so that again, if you're looking to build a business around your channel, you know, consulting, selling your services, that sort of thing. Live streams is. It's an awesome way has so many benefits. Yeah, I think he will neglect a live stream on youtube. Quid aits there and the people are there watching. They're all watching on the TV or whatever else is. He's your platform sometimes to consume it. On Graham ask how fast is faster? The thousands the tree? I don't know how we'd answer that because it depends on that's good. That's a good question. Graham. Graham asks is actually in my group. You know what is faster mean? So I think faster is all very relative. You know, it's so high. Say Faster because it took me eighteen months to get to a thousand subscribers. Knowing what I just shared with you guys, these three things are way more I think I would have gone there in half the time or quarter of the time just doing these things, you know, not making the mistakes and stuff like that. So I know some people can get to a thousand subscribers in a matter of weeks, matter of months. So you know, applying these things will really help you in that. Now the funny thing with Youtube spies. I think there's a bit of a snow ball effect if you're consistently I'm just putting up the same amount of effort to be honest, since about nine months ago. But I hit my I hit my thousand subscribers in about, I would say about eighteen months and then now the second set of thousands, so from one tho to two thousand is probably going to take about three months right, because there's momentum that's growing. So it's a bite of a snowball effect. Very Cool, very well, rob I appreciate you hop it on and being a part of this and sharing that your tips with us. Other than two buddycom where can where can people go? Where can they find you? Where would you like to send people to your group or wherever...

...else, so free to tell us. Yeah, just sad over to my facebook group, content marketers cafe. Yeah, and you can just copying paste in my name. I got a long last name, so find me on Youtube, linked in our instagram. That's usually where I'm hanging out. FEEL FREY DM. I'm happy to answer any questions you guys may have. All right, well, appreciate you being on Rob and I know you've got to hop over to another live show and we actually hit our time schedule and you did. Men appreciate it. Yeah, so I do appreciate you being here on the show. Hey, thanks for listening to the social media lab live podcast. If you want to look more of what we're doing here in the social media lab, you should have run over to social media lab.

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