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Episode · 10 months ago

How to Sell More By Saying Less with Phil Gerbyshak


Want more $$$ in your bank account? Struggling to make more sales? It could be because you're saying too much.  

We're gonna dive into this concept with sales expert Phil Gerbyshak on episode #104 of the Social Media Lab LIVE!

Creating content that leads to conversations that creates conversions and eventually cash flow is what Phil Gerbyshak is all about. It often starts on LinkedIn, though by listening he can learn so much more than by talking.

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Price is something you sit that you pay once. Cost is the lifetime value that you have right. So is it more important that the cost is low all the price? So Bob Ber of doing Ziggler, my favorite of all time. Yeah. So, welcome to this week's episode of the Social Media Lab live powered by a Gora pulse. This is like episode, I don't know, a hundred and six, something like that, I think we're on right now, and I'm excited about this. With day we're going to talk about cells. A lot of people don't know this about me, especially if you've just known me from from social media. I've had lots of different lives throughout my adult don't life and I spent a lot of my years and sales, whether it was selling and filled in. My guests. Feel Gerbishack doesn't know this either. We'll have some fun. I've sold vacuum cleaners door to door. I was in appliance salesman at best buy. I sold TV's, I sold Radio Stereo, circuit city or circus city of sales, of I was a telemarketer. I sold cars. I've had tons of sales jobs over the years and learning a lot of good and bad about sales. And so I'm excited to talk today. You know, we're going to be talking about how to make more sales by saying less and kind of talk about some things that you with social media. It's changed now, but there's ways you can do cells and not feel like the cheesy use car salesman, which I wasn't a cheesy use car salesman, by the way, but this can be have phones. I'm excited about this show and talking about this this topic. Some days I want to get back in the cells and so maybe someone will twist my arm and make me do that. But I do want to remind you you can go over to a Goa pulse labcom anytime you want to see all of our experiments that we're doing in the lab. We've been in a little bit upon pause with experiments the last month or so through through a couple of reasons in getting the blogs edited and process and stuff, but you can go over there. You'll see all our interviews and are you can go directly to social media lab dot live. I've taken the last forty five or so episodes of social media lab live and made them into a podcast and also a quick this link will take to the category on the blog. At least let you find it. You can listen or watch past show so you can for sure do they want to bring on my guests and we find the right button, the push bring on my guests named feel, Gerber Shack. That's say that right. Gurbashare Shack, Yep, just say it together. Are No pause, curbashack, Gurbashit. Yeah, you know, like we're tap. Yeah, there you go. Well, feel, it's I'm glad to findly get you on the show. I was on one of your shows. You had a couple of times that you were that you had. So it's I think you scheduled this like in May. Yeah, I've had I emailed fill this morning that I've had squirrel brain because kids are going back to school and I totally forgot the email you to make sure you still can make it and all that. It was like, yeah, I'm ready to go. I got I got a shirt on, no pants, but child that man my camera writing the pants, which could be but here's it. I don't I'm not real big on reading BIOS because I think it feels awkward when you're just sitting there by reading. So why don't you kind of gives, like your thirty sixty two elevator pitch, like who you are, what you've been doing, why we should listen to you when it comes to sales. Sure, so sales is my whole jam, right. So I've got two clients that I sell for. And if your companies looking to be more productive, right, increase productivity, increase profits or increase their performance. I'Man Guy, so I've been doing this for a long time. I'd live stream a lot. I love to share. I believe that adding value over adding volume is the way to go. So I'm here today. Pretty Simple, man. But what kind of stuff you sell? Well, depends. So right now, software is something that I've sold. I've also sold, you know, services, and my favorite client right now I'm selling linkedin advertising for be too, linked with our friend AJ Wilcox. Interesting. Yeah, what's the worst Celles job you've ever had? The worst sales job I ever had was I was selling digital subscriber line and service to residents. So if you think about dial up internet, yeah, well, it was five times faster than that, but it wasn't the service and it wasn't a company. The problem was we couldn't deliver because at the time, SPC EMERITECH was purposely schwank in our copper so that we couldn't actually pull it the last mile and get it from the curb into the house because allegedly they were going to be back in business in about a year, year and a half. So they would accidentally drop to the neighbor and then there wouldn't be any copper for there. That was a big form of s out. So I had to. I sold my face off.

I think in four months, five months, we sold like four hundred lines and I think we had like fifty of them that actually got delivered. So that's some man, because I don't like to I don't like to overpromise an underdeliver. I like the way right again, I'm all about value, man. So if I give you my word, like I said, I'm going to be here today. Hey, man, I moved. I move having on Earth to make sure that I'm here, and that's the service that I provide for my clients to it's really important. Yeah, that's always the worst, like when you're as a salesman, like you're you're doing your job and then the end game you can't deliver. I used to when I sold cars. Sometimes I was a frustration because you're saying what you're supposed to able to do and then they get to finance and finance switches it on them and you lose the deal in finance or something like that. Ever do door to door cells? Did Not know. Did Not do door to our stale that you're missing out. You're missing out. I don't all right. So I thought about are Kurby vacuums or maybe what can products stuff with? That right, although I take the back. I didn't. You PRIMERICA Life Insurance for a while. Yep, that last about ninety days. I think. I knocked on, I don't know too many houses and I didn't you could single sale. So obviously that didn't work out very well. That was right after got of the navy. Yeah, I remember, like I did. I did doortodoor vacuum cleaner cells for Electra looks. Oh, yeah, like I was. I was. I was eighteen years old, right out of high school. You know their theme. Their motto was nothing sucks like an electra looks. That's right. Yeah, it's always thought was pretty funny and I went door to door to door. Most of it was like just selling parts and stuff and I man you eat talk about you get used to the word no and getting cussed at and the door slam in your face. I sold one vacuum and the three months or so, three four months that I did it, and it was to my mom and that was the hardest cell probably have ever had in my life. As my mom she had that vacuum for twenty years though, and use the thing. It was a great vacuum. But Yeah, you learned a lot from that and you know, in all different kinds of sales and so I still love the sales process. I still love the you know, I learned. The good thing was I was eighteen and with work for best buy and best buy I did a really because they were not they were one of the first non commission cells places and revolutionize a lot of electronic stores and teaching you the right way. I still remember most of those processes. This was one thousand nine hundred and ninety three and I still remember most of them. Say, with cars, work for auto nation. I dont nation to a really good job of training there sales people. So yeah, so I'm excited to talk to you about this. So because a lot of the things that you say I'm like, I remember that. I remember that. I remember that Ron Willingham integrity selling was the first sales training that I ever went through. A wrong one, integrity I don't know that one. So integrity selling had that whole aid ink formula. So it was the approach, the inquisition. I don't even remember all of the but a the ink was the big the formula for the sales process and you try to get through all the steps so you could close the deal on the call. So we're doing mail order mutual funds at the time, back in the early two thousand and ninety, late S, early S. and yeah, learned Ron Willingham and read a lot of Zig ziggler loves the yeah, right, the is it? The prize was the cost, right. So my favorite video of all times got a shout out to my buddy Bob Bird. Bob Did the Ziggler when he was honoring zig at extreme business makeover. I'll inter so we talked about this. It's the funniest video I shared in Sony my sales trainings, because the price and the cost are two different things, right. Price is something you sit that you pay once. Cost is the lifetime value that you have right. So is it more important that the call astards low all the price? So Bob Ber of doing Ziggler, my favorite of all time. I'm not to go fund that later because I like I like Bob Ben Zig, obviously for sure. Yeah, you learn a lot from I think of the for me, I doing sales as long as I did. Like you, get tough skin and you learn how to overcome objections by giving benefits and and you, instead of selling features, you sell the benefits. But tell themarketing was the interesting one, because I was selling longdistance services in the mid s through atnt. So I was a guy who called you and said, can I speak to the person responsible for your Long Distance Service? And I had we had bells. They're supposed to ring, and whenever we I gotta sell, I would ring mine every time I got cussed out, and it was like constantly. But I sold ton of it. became a floor leader for the company for a little bit and, you know, made good money until you guys pre cell phone, you know. So it was hot thing back in those days, if you remember. Learn a lot about your here life there. So let's jump over into this concept. And I stole this idea. I think from you, from something you'd said...

...about how to make more sales by saying less like. What is that? What does that mean to you? And how do we start to think about, you know, shutting up and selling more because of that? Well, the person that asked the questions is the person in control of the conversation. Sort of goal as sales professionals is to ask questions that are insightful. You might think, Challenger Sale. Right, I've got some. I've got information that, if I ask you the question, you don't know it. I've got, you know, some insight that I can share with you and then we ask what does it mean? And I'm not talking interrogation here. Let me be really clear. I'm not talking about interrogating your prospects. I'm talking about asking questions, listening to the answer, processing the answer and then asking a follow up question if necessary, or something that helps us gain understanding of why that's important to our prospect it's not about showing up and thrown up anymore. Features, features, features, you know, Scott, whether it's a vacuum cleaner with electrolocks or a piece of software, it's not about features. It really is about what does this mean for the person that I'm trying to work with. How does this benefit their life, their work? How does it help them be more profitable, more productive? How does it improve performance? How does it make things easier? How does it stop something from being broken? Whatever it is that you're selling these days, it's really important to understand that. It's all about solving the customers problems, all solving your aspects problems or becoming pain points. Because sure, vitamins are great. I take one almost every morning. Her right, but I don't really go, oh my gosh, I need to find new vitamins. When it's out, I get more. But if something hurts, if there's a problem, well, now I'm want to solve that problem. I'm going to look for it now. is their urgency. While sometimes we can uncover that by saying less. So tell me more. Why is that important to you? How long has that been going on? What's the impact of that? And understanding those things that can help us. Right. So, the less we say, the more we ask, the more we listen a lot of times, the more that we actually understand and the easier there to sell, because people buy for their reasons, not for ours. As a salesperson, fake urgency is horrible. It's horrible, right. I mean Conscott, I get a special deal for you by the end of the month. If you buy, it's like yeah, okay, if if money is the only reason, and seldom is that true. But if money is the only reason, sure that works right. But if not, if really the outcome is well, then sell the outcoming and why. That's important to them. So say lass, listen more, make more sales. I think it's so true because, I mean, we all know those people who just sort I hate the scarcity tactic that the online world created, you know, ten, twelve years ago or whatever, and all those involved with it, because it's just like, okay, you're going to give me this scarcy then tomorrow it's going to be on cell again. So I see through you. But people fall from the shiny objects stuff. I'm rember when I was selling cars, like what I dont nation taught us to do is we don't go to look at car. People always want to come in there and go look at a car. No, let's sit down first. I'm going to ask you some questions find out, you know, what they're true, needs the old jobs to be done, sort of thing. You know, let's find out what they're really wanting the car for, what are they going to use it for? What's there? You know, they're the real idea with it, and then recommend a car that fits all those needs. And if you've listened and you recommend it and you've given him what they asked for, that it's it's hard for us say no and you find out a lot. You know, you find out. I'm with her for car seals anyway, if you can get them to tell you what they their monthly payment, they want and then you hit it. Okay, you can't argue with me any because everybody always wants to argue with sells people because we have us old montgomery wards mindset. You know, we hate those slimy people. But that's how how I did. I've always I sold more cars in anybody and I was a former minister at the time. I just left a ministry job. See, my life has lots of little caveats. But so I would say, Hey, I'm a former minister, I'm just here, you know, support my wife and kids. I'm not a car salesman. Let's help you get a car and then go from there and always work. But how do you in the online world. Let's say I'm in I'M A marketing agency. How can I in this world? I mean stand...

...out for one, but how? How does this work for an agency trying to sell services? Perhaps? How do they navigate this a little bit? Yeah, well, first they have to they have to figure out who they're serving. Right, the first tip figure out who it is. Right. Are you working with vacuum sale vacuum companies? Are you working with car dealers? Are you working with software companies? Are you working with Ad Agencies? And I'm saying you can't work with multiple ones, but figure that out first. Then develop an offer just for them that addresses their pain and around that offer, write some content, share something so that when I'm calling you up, Scott, and I'm saying Hey, are you struggling with this, and you might say, well, not right now. Will Great. Hey, would it? Would you have any interest in this or that? Right, and if you do, great, would it be okay if I shared some insight that we have, that we developed? So, for instance, if you're an agency and you're like, okay, well, we sell marketing services, okay, well, great. Have you talked to fifty people in that industry? That you're going to target, that, you're going to approach that, you're going to have conversations with that, you're going to talk to fifty people. And what have you learned? I mean it's got much like a gorea pulse is lab. salespeople are always in a laboratory learning, listening, adjusting. You have to write, because every person that shares information with you is important. I got off the phone with someone earlier today. They want to do linkedin advertising. They don't have an offer. Well, now is not the time I can take them. I mean right, I can take your money. For sure. They want to, they want to advertise because they feel that they can get it. But here's the thing, the time isn't right. So what I said is, let's talk, you know, let's talk in a couple weeks. Let's come up with a good offer so we can have a good conversation about that, because if you don't have a strong offer, if you don't address the market well, you won't make a sale. So that's how you have to do it right. Is An ages and pick or you're going after. What problems do you solve and then start having some conversations. Now the thing is you still have to have a salesperson. Yeah, you still have to have a salesperson. Seldom do people put into Google the exact phrase that you put at the top of you know that that carefully crafted headline, that you shared it out, that you schedule out using a gore, a pulse right. Seldom you people say, oh my gosh, that's my exact problem right now and I'm going to try that by the end of the week. No, we still need salespeople to have conversations. HMM. But if you don't identify that, if we don't have who we're talking to, well, we solve every problem. For those who remember what the phone book is, there's any problem in the in the yellow pages? Yeah, how do you search any problem on Google? And, frankly, if you don't believe that it's an important problem, why should they even take your call? Why should they listen to your outreach? Why should they even say yes to your connection request on Linkedin? I wouldn't you know, get this all the day, all day long. If I put if right now, if we pulled up my linkedin and look through the horrible pitches that I get, I'm not kiddy man and be like really do it. Does anybody think this stuff works? Right, right, let's not work. Do not work. Yeah, yeah, that was only things I was going to talk to you about. Is, like, how do you because I know you love Linkedin. You know? Might you know Marcus Sheridan? You Know One's a best sells people out there. That's all he used now is linked in, which is so intriguing. Makes it difficult for our fantasy football leasy into communicates La with me to man, I don't know really, yeah, I don't know how he keeps up with it. But how should we like, let's again like we're we're an agency. How can we use linked in to make connections and leads the cells? Because I know, like you just said, every day it's message after message, and this was can messages, and I know I could probably turn that ability off not to get those messages, but sometimes I'm curious to see you people do. How do we do? How do we use linked in the right way and then have those connections lead to cells? Sure, so. So let's start at the beginning, and this is important for Linkedin, and this is where a lot of people miss, even though I will tell you everybody talks about it, and that is get dressed before you get busy. So how's your profile look? Does it look like a resource to your ideal customer profile? Yeah, because if they do come upon you, if you do leave a message, if you do send an email, and they click that and they come upon your profile, do you look like a person of value or do you look like a blowhard sales person to blow hard marketing? That's just like, Hey, by the way, I'm a quarticiller, quarter crusher, I'm on from on, a great I'm ADE president's Club. Look at how much I can sell.

And your customer prospect is looking at that and say and fill. Hi, hi, Hey, Fel, what about me? Right, Oh, no, so it's start there. Okay, from there, then search right, search for who you're looking for. Now you might need linkedin sales navigator if you do a lot of searches, if this the big thing. But search for who you're looking for and see. Are they talking at all? Are they posting? Are they commenting on other people's stuff? If you sales navigator, you can throw them in a tag group so that you can approach them right. But listen, I miss my ears. Listen first. Listen first. Are they talking in sales navigator. You can follow without following. If you just use the free version of Linkedin, you can hit the follow button. Some people are set up that way by default. Or look at the three dots before you connect. Mash that connect button, listen, see what's there. Put them in a group, understand what's going on. Look for others in their industry. Are they talking? Because now you have some insight into who they are and know what matters to them. Now you could ask make an imitation to have a conversation with them about. Hey, Scott, when I think about chief marketing officers, I've heard that their biggest challenge is X. Yeah, if you're struggling with this too, would you be interested and having a conversation about this? And the answers often know, but that's where you need a little bit of marketing help to great well, would you be interested in a article, in a white paper, in a something that you know you could get that might shed a little bit more light on this? But I'd also tell you pick up the phone, use linked in to do the research, use Linkedin to listen and then pick up the telephone call them up. Yes, you have to interrupt, absolutely, you have to interrupt. If you've got value, you need to interrupt. HMM, you need to find out how big is this problem. If it's not a big problem, most people are so busy they're going to hang up and are not going to talk to you. But you can still stay connected on Linkedin so that as things change and you start seeing events that happen, you can start now saying okay, well, great, like I told you about this prospect that I talked to just a little bit ago today that doesn't have an offer. I could see now their offer. So listen, right, and then always add value. Add value before you add volume. Here's something good, right. Here's a podcast rep though that it minute seventeen. We talked about how do you use linkedin for sales, and I think that might be helpful for you. Hey, here's an article that might be helpful for you. No, opten, but improving the conversation with that. Now. That being said, that's the personal side, Scott. The company side, you got to grow that company page, to grow your credibility, to grow the company brand, because your sales people are going to stay with you forever. Right. So what do we do there? Well, we get our sales team, our marketing team, every person on the team, to share content and to then invite people to like the company page. So they share from the company page, they share other things. Maybe they take the company page and then they start inviting their ten, twenty, thirty people a month that they know are a good prospects, because their sales team can then go back to sales navigator and see, Oh, who's following the company page? WHO's listening to us? Right, I'm listening to you, Scott, but are you listening back to me? And that's the big question, right, and that takes time. This is not a sober bullet. This doesn't happen in an hour. This doesn't happen in a week. It takes time. But timing is something that sales people can't control. People can't either, and that seems so obvious, right. But if that's true, then why do we expect so much to happen in such a short time? Why do we have the illusion of intimacy and try to jump right into their sales pants when we should be listening? I can jump in the cells pant now. I want to go back a little bit. You. You mentioned linkedin cells navigator. That's open for pretty much anyone to use that. They want to get a linked in account. Right cause. But what's a month? Eighty? Okay, YEP, so that's a throules and bucks a year. If you make one sale, it just paid for itself. Right. It's an energy. Until I actually tried it once or twice, I didn't need it. Yeah, much, but I tried it for a trial, I think, to play around with it, and it's it's interesting because you get to see a lot more data than you do, yeah, just using regular linked in, and you can also see who's looking at you. And it's so intriguing that the... that you can get from linked in, for you can't get that anywhere else. There's not a facebook cells navigator or instagram cells navigator anything like that, but linked in, that's where their bread and butter, as I think, is in. People forget that. People want to get connected too quickly to on Linkedin. I make what point? So let's say, like you were talking about, look them up, maybe sending some value in vitem. I mean do you is it man on what two thousand and twenty one is it? Is it a good idea is to connect to people you don't know and Linkedin. Is that come across immediately as spammy? and well, depends right. So, if you have a good profile and you're trying to connect with people that you can help know, that doesn't seem spammy. If you try to connect with people that are your peers, that doesn't seem spammy. If you try to connect with influencers around your industry, that doesn't seem spammy. What seems spammy, though, is sending random connection request for no purpose, no reason, no explanation, just connect. But I would tell you nowadays, I would encourage you to follow first, right, listen first, yeah, because that gives you just as much insight, because so many people aren't listening. Listen, you can stand out. Yeah. What you don't want to do is, and I get these all the time, is those messages that are something but it's not even directed towards me, it's just they haven't paid attention. or The funnier ones to me is competitors of a Gore pulse who send me messages trying to sell me social media management software and solutions on like did you read my bio at all? That did you go look? And they didn't. They don't care and they send the same message over and over again. Don't be that person, because that's no one likes that go no one's going to buy from that guy, you know at all. But I do think I like the idea of an listening first, get involved in their conversations, comment on their can their post, share some of their posts back to your network, you know, and so you're helping them before you're even selling them anything. They're like, who's this Fil guy? Why is he keep liking everything, because they're going to see it and know it and go back and over and look at you an intrigue them enough. Our groups, groups on Linkedin, dead good. Yeah, I mean it's so this for mysells perspective, I wondered. Yeah, well, so. So to answer that right from let me answer from a user perspective. That is mostly right, but I would say if you're interested in something, you certainly should find a group that is an interest to you. Yeah, I'll tell you. You'll also get way more relevant advertising, because one of the things you can advertise against is group membership. So you'll get a lot more stuff right. Don't join groups just because you know your friend Phil or your friend Scots in the group. A relevant to your actual interests so that they help you absolutely, but they're not as active as they could be. Linkedin is still testing it out. I'm in a Linkedin in the action hero group that they're testing bringing some things back to groups. I will tell you a lot of the power group people from before are very unhappy with what linkedin did two groups. So I don't know if they'll come back, but I will say it's possible. Right. So pay attention to them. Join some if nothing else just a network with your peers and other people who are interested and just understand salespeople likely will use them to approach you. Oh yeah, they need to be relevant, right. I mean relevancy wins, man value wins. And timing. Right again, timing. If I'm listening to you, if I'm paying attention, and now I see a piece of Industry News, if I see, for instance, a couple months ago I saw that Bank of America Mary Lynch no longer is allowing their rookie financial advisors to cold call, that's a game changer. Yeah, well, I should be reaching out to other registered investment advisors and saying, Hey, is this in fact? Is this impacting you at all? Is this something that's valuable for you if those are the people that I want to work with. Having that bit of insight. They likely missed it because they're not paying attention. There competitors their prospecting. Well, now I've got insight and now I can have a conversation so in. You can see that in a group right to that's that's the connection there. You can see that in a group because often people will share industry news and ask so haws. That impacting. So now maybe you didn't get to talk to fifty age and seas, maybe you didn't get talk to fifty dcum cleaner people, but you did hear from fifty people in a group and now you've got a little bit of case study there in a little bit of insight. HMM. Yeah, I love that. I love you because I love groups. When they were hot on linkedin years ago, that was a good linked there was the first as far as the active social media sites right now. That's the oldest one I've been on was linked in. I used to get all my business from linked they when I was a also was an auto shipping broker for number of years and I got almost I get a majority...

...of my good clients from Linkedin. You know, people who were moving cars a lot had sells, people who traveled around the country needed cars and point a to point ve. Yeah, I always use linkedin groups where the best for that, and then they, you know, it take down from there. You you had mentioned it when we you fill that I didn't even put this on hear. I meant to ask you this. You made a comment about the connection starts with a happy birthday. Yeah, what do you mean by that? On linkedin especially, sure? So if you add your birthday to Linkedin, HMM, you get to see other people's birthdays. Now here's what happened. It shows up in the notifications. So, first of all, from an inbound perspective, if people see that it's your birthday and they wish you a happy birthday and there your ideal customer profile and people that you want to do business with, call them and thank them and try to start a conversation because clearly they're paying attention to you, they're listening, right. I. Okay, so that's the first way. The connection starts with Happy Birthday. Let's flip it over, Scott, if I may. When is your birthday? May Nine, may night. Okay, so do you have a favorite thing that you do for your birthday? As little as possible. You have something that you yeah, I like mint chocolate cake. Who there we go. Okay, so men chocolate cake. So I've never, let's imagine we've never talked about this before, because we have not ever talked about this before. But May night I call you up and say hey, Scott, happy birthday. I call you up, not post on Linkedin, but I get the notification. Hey Scott, what are you doing for your birthday? And you say as little as possible, and I say so anything, specially to say mint chocolate cake. But this year, well, I'm not going to be home. Usually my wife makes it or I get it from the you know, the dairy queen, or I get it from somewhere else, right, but this here I'm in Philadelphia and I do pull out my phone real quick and I look on Yelp and I look for the best bakery that has mint chocolate chip and I you know, I wish you happy birthday, hang up the phone and then I and then I send you a link to the chocolate mint chocolate chip place or, better yet, if we're a little bit tight now, this does not work with cold people that you've never talked to, you okay, but that we're connected on Linkedin, we've had conversations with and you share that maybe I can send you some in chocolate chip cupcakes or men chocolate chip cake or or, I don't your home and you say I like men CHOPPLA chip rate. My wife makes good stuff. Fantastic. So then I call you back in two weeks and I say hey, Scott, did you get that great men chocolate chip for your birthday? Yeah, and you're like yeah, man, I totally did. I like fantastic. What else did you do? And we talked about a little bit and I say and then I use social right to find something else that can segue us into business. So now we can move mint chop a chip ice cream, where the connection started, or men Chuck Bunch of cake, where the connection started, now into business, with the connection starting with happy birthday. That's gold, because they yeah, the happy bird. I took my birthday off linkedin. I think I got tired of the messages. But you know, it's instead of the messages, calling them and said are reaching out to him. That's that chest the change. That's what I was curious to ask you that, but that does make it person I know when I sold cars, you know, I knew their information. I'd call people on their birthdays, that calm, on their anniversary, because we got that information on the intake, you know, and people like Whoa, you're what are you calling? Calls Right, yeah, no, but especially nowadays and the yeah, and if they do call, of course, you know I for like me, you never answer your phone. Everybody knows that about me. I never answered my phone, but I means that conversation, that one on one. It could be a text message. Super Ad's right. Well, even still right. If you don't answer the phone here, I'm silly. Right. So I'll call, I'll sing you happy birthday. Yeah, you're not going to listen to it, or you're not going to know. You're not going to answer it, but you might listen to it. Be Like you might call me back and say, Dude, you really staying happy birthday to me right now. We're talking, right. That's the key. The goal is to start a conversation. The goals to start the connection and maybe I followed it up with an email. By the way, Scott, I just left you a singing telegram. Or maybe I do that me a video, right, if we're connected on Linkedin, I can use Linkedin voicemail, I can use a video from our friends at vide yard. Right, I could do whatever, right, and now again. The happy birthday, though, is the beginning, not the end, of the connection, or whatever day is important to you. Right. Maybe it's your wife's birthday, maybe it's your kid's birthday. Maybe you adopted, so it's a Gotcha Day, whatever it is. Job at a bursary, yeah, whatever it is, but call right. Go richer than just hbd on Linkedin, which is no BFD. Right. Yeah, exactly, because, but I would, I do it. I'd love you know, the interesting thing on linked in, and I think Tim Sohne was the one I stole this from. He was he was saying hi minute ago in the conversation. He'll do like if he gets a... GIG or he's producing another event for somebody, he'll make that a job on linkedin. Of course everybody gets a notification about it and sees it, and so I'd start getting all those messages from people. They're messaging me on Linkedin. Granted, it's a hey, this, look, the congrats thing, which is, you know, they it's a push of a button. But what I would do that the flip it the other way around. What I do now is I message all of them bags. Hey, appreciate it. Thanks. Hey, why don't you check out this new article I wrote about this and not help you do this? You know are I've got an event coming up. I want him to go check out. So I've started to add those and just to see it's like a little Ninja way to get them to reach out to me and a non cells you way, and then I reach back to them a non sells you way, and some of them I've got a few guests on my show from that. I've got some good friendships from that sort of stuff. So, yeah, just taken out like so someone's has a new job column and say Hey, Congrat some the new GIG. You know. How how is life treating it? What's it like? Yeah, that's different from what most are doing in the cells world. For sure. We looking for the easy button right. They're looking like they're looking for something that I can spam a hundred, two thousand, ten thousand people with. I want to make one connection, one connection at a time. Yeah, yeah, because that's that's going to be more long term. They're going to stick around long. Like ourselves, people that they're that way as well. I mean we've got a Jenny Brennan heads up ourselves team, and you know they're it's a long process sometimes with somes, enterprise clients and big agencies, but it's a it's not a none of them are like slimy, you know, always be closing sort of people. You know, they're taking their time or learning. What about them? They're hey, let's help you do this, will help you do that, you know, and sending them gifts, you know, things of that nature is is always a good thing to do. Now to sitting now in I would take mint chocolate ice cream to by the way, but there you go. That's my favorite ice cream. Either one, either one. Now. Yeah, how should how should we invest in our network? You've mentioned to me you know spend fifty cents in your network every week. But what do you what does that look like and what do you mean by that? So so I caught right. Fifty cents means you're adding your two cents. Right. So it could be a power okay, it could be a share, it could be a private message, it could be that phone call, it could be sending a card, it could be sending men chocolate chip ice cream. Twenty five attempts, which is five a day, every single day. If you add that up, right, the average person works about a hundred and ninety days a year. Yeah, one hundred and Ninety Times fifty is a lot. Right, that's a lot of stuff. That's almost tenzero touches. HMM, right, is that right? So two thousand? No, no, no, it's a thousand. Right. So fifty, roughly. So nine hundred and fifty people, if you touch them, is important. And then shrink that again, right, if we invest. Now that's the whole Big Sea community. Then we go for our crew, right, our crew. It is the other people that we want to go and maybe we talk to them three to five times a year and we send them more private messages, more insight into their lives. Right. And I say, wow, Scott, I love that new video that you just did. Man, that's super cool and, by the way, I just shared it with twenty people in my network and I thought it was, you know, private message. You're probably not going to see the stats and you probably don't care, but I just want you to know, man, I really appreciate that and I invest in you. And then we've got our core right, really tight knit core, five hundred and ten, fifteen people. This is not big stuff here. Big Sea community could be everybody, but often it's identified hundred fifty people are so right. The Old Bell Adage about Dunbar's number, a hundred fifty people. Five to ten, though, that are super essential to our lives, five to ten that are super essential to our lives that we want to make sure that whatever they're doing, we're on top of. So we add them to a specialist or we make sure that we bookmark their profile or we make sure that we call them. Right, we text them just to think about them, just let them know, hey, you're in my thoughts. I'm I'm thinking about you now. This is going to change as time goes. These aren't people to stay there forever, but as you're trying to grow your network right. That's how you invest, ask questions, be interested and really be present for them. It's where the title of the show say Leus and so more, because even though you might not sell your best people, those core folks, they're going to be a referral sources, they're going to be people like, Dude, what are you working on, man, how can I help you out right? And those are the people that you really want to make sure that you're investing in. So fifty cents a day out in the community, couple bucks a week or a fifty cents a week in the community, fifty a couple bucks in that next group, and then as much as it takes to make those other people feel loved. That are the most essential people,...

...because that's where you're going to get the majority of Your Business and that's how you invest. Yeah, and I think sometimes we forget about that investment of our encouragement and helping people out and not expecting anything in return. Now, granted, you may have, you know, somewhat your you have all to your motives, but if it doesn't happen, doesn't happen. I'd really just connect people all day long and then, you know, the universal come back around at some point because feels going to say, Hey, that gas Scott keeps helping me out and this person just mentioned they need a tool to do social media, and you connect us and we go from there and that's how that's to me, the best part of cells is in kind of cells because those people are easier to close, typically because a trusted mutual friend has recommended. Where the cold calling, you know, not as much. Yeah, repels man, you know, Joan black talks about this right, she's she's all about referrals. Bill Kate's right, referral folks. They believe so strongly in a power referrals that that is how they power their business. And I'll tell you. Cold calls my I think about my phone. Right, my phone's ringing while we're gone. It's a number I don't recognize. I'm like, well, that's ignore right, I don't care. I don't need to worry about that and anything about that. But if it's hey to be important, I know as soon as we get done, I got to call him right back. Right. Well, if it's a referral and you do that right and it's somebody that I care about, the calls me, well, I'm going to call him back and I'm we're going to talk. M Love this. So I'm curious for you. This will be an interesting question. I'm spinning this on your real fast here. What's the worst sales advice you've ever heard? So the worst sales advice I ever heard was you need a great pitch deck in order to make sales. HMM, I heard this early on and I'll tell you. I've been responsible for creating some whoppers of pitch down. Okay, you know, we and it's all frontloaded. It's all all about me, right. So, so we put up the first slide. This pretends to be about you because I have stole your logo off your website. I didn't ask you a permission. I scaled it wrong in the colors, crappy because it's a my color scheme, not yours. And then I talked about, hey, here's the history of our company, here's all the people in the meeting for us. Hey, here's all the accounts we've taken down. And the first ten, fifteen, twenty slides are all me shown up and thrown up. But I was told early on you've got to have a pitch deck. Yeah, that's not true. You got have a conversation. That's really what's true. Always be closing, no, always be connecting. That's what you should be doing. That's the new ABC there right now. I think so. In social selling it is. Yeah, I think so for sure, because if if you're I don't know, I sup course, being in sells so long, I see through it all. But you know, you've got to have that connection in permission to sell to me before I'm going to buy from you. Because now I can go anywhere and buy from anyone. Why should I buy from you? And this person showed they cared more and listen to me more. Where you're just maybe you're cheaper, but it's not worth my time because you don't you didn't take the effort to get the numb we specially we're talking about big ticket items, you know, especially. You know, someone bought a you know, a new pin. They're just going to buy whatever they find on Amazon. You know, we go from there. Great. Yeah, completely different when it is a service, you know for sure. Yeah, if you're selling an agency, right, there's ten agencies. What's different about you? It's you. Yeah, yeah, definitely, it's only true. So any any other advice you would give us about how to better listen and connect the people into and try to get more sales by saying less? Sure. So we talked about following people, follow thought leaders, follow industry experts, follow companies that you want to learn from. Next, right, read industry publications and then read non industry publications and make the connection between over here, which seems completely different, and over here, which is completely in the lane, because often they bring us in to talk about something that they haven't seen, not something they have seen, because if they knew the answer to their problem, they don't need you anymore. Right. So you have to have that insight, you have to have some insight. And then last know that you can't control timing, but if you do listen and you do stay top of mine right by being frequent, you're going to learn timing. If you're adding value, you're going to learn timing. Somebody's going to say, Hey, not right now, but maybe in a month. That's better. Person I talked to you today. Literally just got off vacation a couple days ago. We talked about a month ago, further along now, in another month likely it'll be better...

...timing because it's only going to roll a little while. So now I know that he might have talked to other agencies but he might not have shared that. But now I know I can, because I listen, I can control, I can control my outreach, I can control my conversation and I know that in another week I need to send them a ping. In another month he might be ready to actually make a move, because I listen, I ask questions and I'm going to sell more by saying lass. How do you? How do you keep up with all that? Like, what's your process that you will calendar first, okay, my calendar, right. I add notes to my counter. Second is my inbox. I made sure that I follow up with email. I'm very digital. So I yes, my calendar. I. I put your birthday on there, right, may nine mint chocolate chip. Got It right. So that's on the counter. So next year expect a phone call. You want to answer the phone, but that's okay, right. So, but you might hear me singing or something silly. I know that now. So, but that's how I can under and I and then it's in my inbox. Right. I'm going to follow that up because again, most people they don't answer the phone. So we have the digital trail. And then I use navigator. Right, I use sales navigate and I add people two different lists. I keep up with people that way and I always do my homework before I have a conversation with someone that I want to do business with. HMM, do my homework right. My old business partner is called turbostock. On spend sid six hundred and ninety three minutes looking at someone and seeing what are they up to? Right? I might do a quick Google search. It's about recency. I'm not going to say so, Scott. Seven months ago you made this post instagram and you're like, shut up, dude, are you a start? Yeah, I know. It's what you do in the last seven days that's important. So it isn't even so much about keeping up but being willing to do the work. They can stay on top of that. And I think this sort of stuff, I mean I'm just thinking that you were talking about stocking people stuff, even in like outside of cells. That sort of stuff is important. I'm thinking of a guy who had our church. I saw he was at a beach, you know, and then I had a conversation because we had just gone to beach and I'd don't talk to this person very often. You know, we're friends on facebook, but we never have, you know, Talk. We had a twenty minute conversation about is very cation and a lot of other things that need to be talked about and now there's a little bit of a bond. I'm not selling him anything, we're just, you know, we go, we were, we're going to church together, but it's in applause. US Out of the seals world too, and it's just human being Hu more human in a more human you are in cells, the easier it is to sale, because people trust you and they're confident that you're taking time to learn about them. And Yeah, that's so. One more thing with you, Scott, and that goes back to the the three h's that I'm always teaching around sales. Right, you got to be human first, right, you mentioned that. Super Important. Yeah, want to be more human. Second, we want to be more helpful. Right, we want to be more helpful. We want to have insight that people can do business with us. We can be helpful of right. That there the were open to conversation. And then, and then, lastly, and this is a lot of salespeople, a lot of folks actually miss this, and that's humble. We have to be humble. I don't know everything. You likely don't either. That's okay, that's why I watch. I'll tell you. Yeah, am right. Now. That's where we can help each other be more human and be more helpful by being humble and open to the conversation, which helps us listen more because if I think, hold on, if Scott says this, I can just jump on it and I can say this. No, that's not what I'm talking about right, talking about genuinely being present with Scott, to be human with him, to talk about that beach vacation, to see if there's anything they're beyond a friendship. Right, that's all, and that's, you know, life. I think I think people over complicate cells, you know, and making it easier and being more human. I like the human, helpful and humble. I think you debt the humble flad. That's that's definitely definitely there, because you're there to help people, you know, not yeah, you're making a paycheck off of it, but if you're helping them to do in the day, that's that's what really matters the most. So I want to make sure it goes over and checks out fields. Website feel gerbischeckcom. If you're list on the PODCAST, that's Garby Shak. If you can't, you can do easy to find fill. I meant to ask just ear there, how many pair of a glasses you have? Nineteen and they're all prescription. Nineteen. You always have a different color glasses on and that's an interesting branding that you've done. When did you start that? Do you know? I think when I got my first pair of orange glasses, that's when I started that. So that was probably probably eight years ago, nine years ago. HMM. I started that because I figured if I have to wear glasses, I should release swar glasses that I like,...

...right, and if we were blast that I like, I should probably wear glasses that stand out. Yeah, so here we are and it's a unique and it's just like, I mean anything, especially if you're on video or you know you're doing a presentel. You do a lot of public speaking, even to stand up. May people remember you. I mean it's why I wear this. You know, it's a pattern, interrupt and it makes you stand out. So I'm even thinking I can linked in for you as a salesperson. Your your your photos going to show up really quickly and people are gonna go with a little different. You know, my everywhere I am I'm the orange haired guy. It stands out. So figure out a way to even just on that subtle way to do something different. I love the glass. I'm telling field beforehanded to maybe get me a pair of orange glasses. He's recommending white, so I'm may have to try white to see what that looks like, but something big and bold that stands out. I'm ready to get back on stages. That you can't see. It's up in my shells, but I've got an orange pair of shoes I wear on stage two that matches the hair. So October I finally have my first in person GIG AGAIN COMING UP IN DENVER. So I'm excited to get back on stage. But I feel I appreciate you. Appreciate what you do for the community and social and all this advice about cells fun conversation. We finally got to get on a conversation together and I'm super excited you. You were able to take time out of your day to hop on here with me and congrats on the nuptials. Thank you. It's great being a husband to a sweet woman and it's great being upon us dad three Kiddo's and two dogs.

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