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Episode · 1 year ago

How To Get More Instagram Followers Fast: David Lindgren Interview


We love testing odd social media marketing tactics at the Social Media Lab , and when I heard about David Lindgren liking 100k Instagram posts as an experiment I HAD to get him on the show! 

We'll talk about his results from this test, how he's growing his YouTube and Instagram community, what processes and routines he has in place, etc.

Welcome to the social media lab live podcast. I am Scott Airs, the content scientist at the Social Media Lab, where we bust the miss the rumors and the stories of social media marketing with science. In this episode of the Social Media Lab live I'm interviewing David Lyndgren and we're going to talk about an experiment he did liking one hundred Thou instagram post and how we kept up with it and what it did for his instagram account. Really interesting, Quirky experiment that took a very long time for him to do. Well, we'll go through his processes, will go go through how that helped him grow his instagram account and his youtube account and just talk about working remotely and how he flew a drone into the ocean. If you want to see the rest of the interviews I've done in the social media lab live, go over to social media lab dot live. Now on my interview with David, but I'm gonna Bring on my guests. His name is David and he's at a Sweden, Speden, and we got David approached me and has some really cool ideas and things to talk about and I'm like I got to get this guy on because he told me he liked a hundred thousand instagram post and as a data geek, I'm like, what in the world and why and how and and all that good. So suddenly bring David on real quick. There's David here. David, thanks for being on my goofy show, social media lab live. High Scott, thanks for having me. It's nice to be here. It's good to have you on. And now the is linger. It Lynda Grin, and I say that right. Yeah, I would say so. That's the like international way of saying it's rot. I mean my last name is always a a Y res, I get a Rais, I get ours, I get all kinds of stuff. You know, it's never correct. But if somebody doesn't know who you are, David, like give us like your threeand two hundred and sixty two, like elevator pitch, like why should I listen to you, you know, today and on Social Media Lab live. Yeah, so I'm freelancing a videographer from Sweden and I just love to create things. Try to grow my youtube channel so that I can hopefully at one point live completely off of that and just create the things that I like to do. I like to create things that helps other people or inspire them. And Yeah, I haven't really had like I'm the type of person who's not like talented in something, but if I want to do something, I'm like okay, how, how should I do that? And then I kind of break it down into what do I need to do every day and then just try to put in the hours to get there. So it's a lot of like learning by doing and I'm trying to be transparent and like share the process of what I'm going through, what I'm doing right, what I'm doing wrong. I made like a year in review video recently where I shared a lot of mistakes, like when I was crashing the drone and when I lost the Gopro in the ocean and yeah, so I just tried to like be honest and do the mistakes and and show the results so people can hopefully learned both the good and bad from that. Yeah, I'M gonna posedly. I'll do it now is doing at the end of the show. But you mentionedly just now. Like David, I'm looking on the other screen here, so excuse me why. I look over the other screen and dead and they've already beat me to I'll make sure you gets on all the channels here. Dave's got this great ear and review video on his Youtube Channel. Like when you lost the drone. I'm like no, I don't own a drone, because that's the figure is like my my wife and I were talking about other day. I'm..., I need to get a drone. I have a friend who got one. He's like it'll fly five miles away. I'm like, I would lose it, it would, it would trash and then there's like lost. So I'm sure that was like a devastating day. Yeah, and it's also such like big cost for something that you just put up in the air like out of reach, and they're like I don't really want to fly this because I know how much it cost to crash it. Right, right. Yeah, and like it was funny, like my friend was tell me like his when he when he takes it off, it actually tells him. You know, it registers it with the FE here in Texas anyway, with the FAA, so they know it's flying and it tells them if there's other aircraft in the area. And now I'm like, Dude, that's insane because like that's scared the same town, like you might actually run to a plane, yeah, or are something like that. So so what is your what is your main job like? What is the main thing that you do run other than create like this amazing videos and content? Yeah, thanks. Yeah, so I'm I've been freelancing since one and a half year back, and I've been doing a lot of different things when it comes to videos, both like filming interviews and events and product videos, and recently I've started focusing more on the editing part, because I feel like that's what I'm the best that and that's what I want to focus on also. So it's a lot of editing. I also do some consulting for Youtube on like how to get started and how to like get into the process of finding a schedule where you can actually get the videos created and published continuously. We'll probably gonna talk more about processes later on, but it's something that I feel like a lot of people who wants to start a youtube channel they see it that's a project and they put in a lot of time for a couple of months, but they don't think about how to make it sustainable and how to, yeah, actually plan a more long term. So so that's something that I do. So that's that's basically the two main things. And with the editing, I do a lot of editing for like social media and pretty much marketing videos. So any kind of like companies who wants to grow their organic reach, I'm trying to create like micro content for them. Very cool. So I want to jump into this idea of this you like to hunt thousand instagram so before we get into like what happened, like why did you decide to okay, one day, I'm going to set on my phone for the next like week or two or all that. I don't know how much it took, but why did you decide to go in and like a hundred thousand instagram post? Like what was your motivation to do that? Yeah, it's it's a long story, but I'll try to keep it short. But just to start off with, to give some context to it, the reason I started focusing on my social media channels were was because a couple of years ago I heard about this guy called Gardiner check and I think a lot of people who's active on social media has probably heard his name and like his mindset of social media and how you can build your personal brand and how you have this opportunity to get so much reach without paying anything and how you can turn that into something profitable or like you get new opportunity. Opportunities can open up thanks to this and you didn't have this opportunities like twenty years ago, when it's was more about being extroverted and networking... going to events to build some kind of reach. But now you can basically all your if you have a phone and if you have Internet, you can reach a lot of people just by that. So that was kind of the reason why I decided to focus more on my social media channels. I had a couple of years back. I only had like three hundred instagram followers, maybe in three hundred like contacts on Linkedin. There also some different platforms I decided to focus on and instead of like, okay, I'm just going to post what I'm doing and like document my days for the people I know, it was more like, okay, how can I provide value to people to grow my network and how can I reach shout to people that I don't know right now? So I basically set a goal for myself, like what I wanted to reach in terms of like followers and subscribers and stuff and then I was just liking, commenting and posting and I was like writing that down in excel sheets to just have some kind of data to to figure out, like, okay, how much do I need to engage in social media each week to be able to reach this goal? And then I kind of just broke it down into like okay, this is the goal, and then I divide that in like twelve months and then divide that into like thirty days. So then, like at the end, I figure out that I needed to post one, like the one post per day on Instagram, one comment and two hundred forty likes, I think it was. So so it wasn't like a short thing. It was more this was like a two year period. I think. Oh Wow, so it took that long to do all. Yeah. So, so I basically like divided it. So I just liked hundred post on the way to work and hundred post on the way home and some during the lunch. So like, I mean, let's like, did you like count it like one, two, three, and how did you? Yeah, I mean people might think that it's some kind of program or system that I used, but it was actually manually on their liking, liking and just writing it down. Okay, how many did I like today, and then just calculating that, I think it's almost hundred, tenzero now at this point. But so we're these accounts like within a certain niche similar to yours. Like what was the motivate like? What was your problem? There's to ensure, like I said, you know you wouldn't go like a bunch of posted had nothing to do with you. So I got how did you find the right post to like and hope and hopes of and I'll ask you second like what was your hope? But how did you find those accounts and what were they related to? Yeah, that's a good question, because it's it's a big difference if you just go and like random posts or if you do it intentionally. So what I did was in the beginning, I think I went to top posts around hashtags that was in my niche, so hashtags around video editing or filmmaking or vlogging or stuff like that. And then I was I was started with the top posts and liking there because they had a lot of reach. But then after some time I realized that if I go to recent posts, then I could be one of the first people to like a post and then they were more likely to see my name and actually go to my account count and maybe follow me. So I took like one Hashtag, go went to recent posts and liked maybe ten fifteen in that Hashtag and then I switched to another similar Hashtag and went to the recent post and like...

...fifteen there. So I did that. Would like, yeah, twenty different hashtags each day, and then I tried to mix it up a little bit, but it was always something around video and like video editing, social media marketing, like the area where I wanted to to kind of grow my reach in. Now did that's there sounds hard, like I do a lot of weird I do a lot of weird data. I mean I've done that. I've done some challenges in the past where like here's how you get a thousand followers and thirty days sort of deal, and a lot of it was a liking, commenting and meaning pods or whatever. But I think this is stickings to that, because if you're dodn't it manually, especially, and I know this from just for my experience, like manually is so donty. You don't realize like how long it takes. Really fine because you can like a lot of random stuff. But yeah, to engaging night. Was your hope of like, okay, if I go like a bunch of photos from or videos from a similar creator. Was your hope that they would come back and folly you? was like your your main hope. Yeah, I mean I wanted to. It was like different things. So one of them was just to grow my personal brand and get people to to know about me and what I do and then maybe, like further down the road, someone would turn into a client or I would like connect with someone and maybe do a collaboration with that person or invite a live episode. So it was basically mainly to just to grow my reach and I had I it wasn't like specified what I wanted to do with that reach, but so that was like the purpose and I was I tried to focus on the comments first, and anyone who wants to grow on Instagram, I would recommend that more actually, because then you actually build like a deeper connection to a person and you can say something specific right. And what I noticed for me was that I was focusing on so many different social media channels and also trying to grow my youtube channel so that it took a lot of like mental effort to come up with a unique comment every time, because I don't want to just go and spam people. So for me I figure that, okay, this is like my ten minute break, I'm just gonna go and like and not like turn off my brain. Kind of yeah, but but you know, you start to recognize some types of videos that you like. So you sometimes see US stop for a couple of seconds. I'm like, Oh, it's that type of video, I like that. So sometimes it don't really watch it through even but yeah, yeah, but what I'm hearing, though, is you you were very intentional on a couple of things. One making that the engagement you gave to other people, which is your social equity. I mean, we like something or we comment on something, we're endorsing it, if you will. I mean we are saying, I trust this person, HMM enough to push a button like it at a comment is even bigger, I mean sharing it, sharing it's even further. But you made sure it was within your niche. For the most part, are people similar to you. But the you wouldn't an added, you know, specific comments about that video or about that post. And I think if anybody's watching this, this is or listening later to the PODCAST is. This is the important part here. Is a lot of people use and I've used them to because I test, you know, I've tested all the tools out there that do this in automated loving and they'll do it for... But it's such garbage. At the end of the day. It's like, Hey, I loved your post. You know, it's you know, it's nothing genuine, there's nothing special. Uh, if you can go through and say all right, and maybe a hundreds too much, but you know, or most maybe you got I'm going to five today or something, but you go and say, Hey, I love the angle of that video that you just post, I love your gene know, whatever it is about the content and gives you know, it sounds like that's what you were doing. Is Given specific yeah, feedback to other people and that's going to make them go hey, you know this Guy David, you know he's actually watching my stuff, he's looking at my photos. I'M gonna I'm gonna follow him, and then that's for you as a marketer, as a you know, as a business person, as a creator, they're going to be more up to follow you and then recommend you later on, and it's all about this equity that you're putting out there, and that's exactly what you know. I've been talking for a long times. Be Genuine, you know on so what I love about the even though, like the number of a hundred thousand is like this stupid massive number. Yeah, but it's genuine. It's not me, it's not a Bot, it's not like you know, you aren't, you weren't like this. Turn on a procause there are programs that do it, you and I both. Probably I've used some of them to play it around with. I regretted it later. Like I have my personal instagram account. I has a lot of followers that were gained through bots and their garbage and I wish I could delete them. I'll probably could at just having gone through and done it, but the genuineness of it keep those people around. They want to see your content later on and I think that's really super important. So I think that, I think that covers the why you did it. You wanted to be genuine, you want to help to grow your account. You said you were a couple hundred followers when you start it. It's so after you did all this or like maybe halfway through. What did you start to see and what happened to your account during this process? So I mean, I wish I could say that I grew my channel to like Fiftyzero all ours or something, and like now I make money on Instagram, but I think I'm at two thousand something followers. And but what I really noticed was people, like I got in contact with a lot of like minded people that I wouldn't have done otherwise, and some of them actually turn into like paying clients at some point. And so it's like a lot of those things that you can't really measure in numbers. But I feel like when I, for example, when I was starting to freelance one and a half year back, I was hired before that as a video editor and I was thinking, Oh, now when I'm freelancing, I need to like do all these cold calls and I need to be extrovert and I need to really reach out to people. But that's what when like all the marketing effort that I did the previous year's was actually really paying off and people started contacting me instead, and I actually haven't done like a single cold call since I started, because I've always had work coming in. So I feel like that's one like really good result of just trying to provide value on trying to be active on social so yeah, I would I would say that's probably the biggest like result that you can kind of measure in some way. Yeah, so do you do you know any sort of like direct fall or growth? Are you able to figure that out at all? Do you mean how much I grew from? Yeah,... you started like three hundred. Did you grow? Were you able to see, like, okay, I liked the post from this mini different accounts and they all follow me back or or something like that? It was sort to see specific, but I know I grew from three hundred something to twozo and then in the to the beginning of this year and then I started focusing more on Youtube. So and I stopped liking completely since January and then I've actually lost fifty followers. So that's the that's also an interesting thing that I've noticed that like, if you spend the same amount of time on Youtube and like the same frequency, then you can grow exponentially there, but while on Instagram, as soon as it's stopped being active and stop posting, then it kind of dies off. Pretty quickly. I wonder what also, yeah, I used that's a I mean, that's a good correlation. That's a good point to make to like if you stopped being active on any account, you know people notice that. You're going to you're going to start, you know, to suffer from it. I'm a show your account real quick over here on Instagram, and so you're at one thousand nine hundred and forty six followers. Now I get a question for you, because I noticed this on your account. I didn't ask men about this beforehand, by the way. So this is going to catch you off guard. Maybe it's you have gold to do weekly V for Gary V. Hmm, and my journey is project Vernie VNER. So what's the deal with like you want to work for Gary v? Is that what you're saying? Yeah, exactly. So, yeah, you have a connection with him at all? Yeah, I mean, I've not him like personally. I met them once in Stockholm and after that that was kind of the like the last step into me deciding that, okay, I want to to work for this guy, and that was also really affecting the decision of growing my social medias announces, because I know that the company of inner media. They focus a lot on social media and I thought one of the things that I really need to prove is that I know about this and that I can grow my own channel. So that was like one of the things that I tried to achieve and try to kind of prove for them, just by trying to grow organically myself. Okay, so that's been something like that project. Vener of log has been something I've done for I think it's three years now, and yeah, it's it's been taken different like ways that I didn't really expect, because it started with me like setting a goal that I wanted to work for Gary because a lot of different reasons, because I've always been interested in working in New York for the first and then Gary is a very inspiring person who is very like honest and and like transparent and he just has a lot of knowledge and experience and also, like the team around him in team gear V is like a lot of inspiring and creative people and I thought it would be amazing to be part of that team and learn from them and just post continuously and get that much data from each post so you can actually analyze and see what works and what doesn't and kind of learn from that. But like, during this journey of trying to reach that goal, I done a lot of live episodes with different guests, kind of connected to them, and there's like one funny story actually of a guy who saw that text in my bio and reached out to me, a guy never met before, and he said that something like it sounds inspiring and we should... a collaboration together, and then like a couple of weeks later, he lives in in Denver. So a couple of weeks later I was flying from Stockholm to Denver and spending the weekend at his place, and then I was just following him and filming him and then created some content from that. So kind of like how De Rock is doing with Gary V so. And that was just something I did for free, just because I wanted to to, you know, learn and connect with people and see what I can do and also Cana have something specific to show Gary and the intermedia. And Yeah, it was just a fun experience and funny how he kind of came from nowhere yet because I had that line in my bio and then a couple of weeks later I was actually at this place filming. So which one is colder? STOCKHOLM OR DENVER? Who? I think Stockholm is colder, at least at that point when I was there. Yeah, probably look like I love some of these video like I've been showing your videos as you're talking, like you built like an Igglue. This is like you're like built a Nickelue, because why not? Like exactly. Yeah, that's something I we can do here in Texas very off of it. That seems like a fun thing to definitely do. Yeah, I love that mindset of like here's my I'm scanning through your instantrgram channel just to kind of show people what the content you do. But your whole goal is suit, like it sounds like to me. Is like and even like here, this one here says what is Project Veiner? Like you're calling out like hey, I want to work for you, dude. Like put it out there, and I think there's some interesting take on that, of putting yourself out there enough to get people to want to work with you. Like this person in Denver saw your work and said, Hey, come out do some stuff now, and you maybe you made some money on it, maybe you didn't. I don't. I won't ask what the details were there, but there's there's some value in that of putting yourself out there and setting a goal. And you know, for you, I mean who knows, it may take you years to work for Geary Vane, your chuck, who knows. But what a cool story would it be like the end of the day, you know, if we fast forward a year from now, whenever covid is kind of completely hmm. You know out of most of our minds that we can travel and all that sort of stuff. Of you know, of the see David hanging out with Gary. Yeah, and an event. I mean, I would be such I'd be so excited about that. Me Too, and I've had some past cross with Gary over the years, and so I would like, like I even put in the comments, like someone tag Gary, like we need tag gary like crazy, and I'll do it after this joe as well, like it'd be fun. I'll see if I can we get can we get David Connect to Gary? Vantage check. Yeah, and it's like the whole you know, there's this whole idea that of six degrees of separation, and I think that's so true. Like everybody knows somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody. I think. I think it's less than six of these days. I think social media it's like you are two or three people away from anybody at this point in time, and so I think that it's such an interesting goal and journey that you've been on many creating. So any any other like data or are things that you would say that happen because of your activity of like in a hundred instagram post? I know, I think when when it comes to data, that's probably the thing that I can measure, like the follower growth, which wasn't that massive. Maybe I see if I would have focused more on comments. Maybe I'm posting more, okay, but yeah, just these new connections, I would say. Yeah, and I like that idea. Like you, likes are one thing, HMM, but I meant to do stand out more.

I know for me, when I open up Instagram, which is not as often lately, I'll see the likes, but I really kind of you know, I go through a real quick but if somebody comments on, you know, a post, hmm, I take notice more. So that could be like a new channel. Like could you, Gosh, could you, could you figure out like how long it would take you to do a hundred thousand instagram comments? Oh, yeah, that would take some time. That would be a lot, I mean, especially if you didn't manually. And there's really not any APPS that will do that, I don't believe. Not. Well, anyway, that would be interesting. Like, you know, I'm thinking out loud here, like, okay, I'm wondering now, like if I go your challenging me, this is what this is? How? Like I'm thinking out loud. I know I ought to go instead of instead of goal with my main instagram account of liking a hundred thousand posts and how, you know, to keep it up with that would be weird and figure out. But and then, like maybe keep up with who I liked when I liked it. Did they follow me? And a man said, the comments get me more than liking. Yeah, you've created a really monster test for me to yeah, the true. I did a quick calculation. Actually, if you want to reach it within two years, you have to do a hundred forty two comments per day, roughly. Who then you need to come up with what to say you each comment and maybe they reply and then you reply to that. So it's a lot of good. Yeah, the good. The good thing is you can, and I'm a desktop guy more than anything, but you can add comments and like from desktop now. So you can do some of that on desktop a little bit quicker than your phone. Yeah, so maybe I'll do like a scaled down version of it. What happens about like a thousand post and see what those results because I don't want to commit two years to this too. Two months might be a better, better aspect. So I want to I want to do a few things. I want to shift gears a little bit and I want to talk about you know, wrong one. I keep pushing the wrong buttoner, like you want to talk about Youtube, because you've moved over and mentioned your focus is on Youtube. I even change the background now. Yeah, we're talking. So and of course it would have held if I pushed the right caption there. As I did that, I'll say we edit it out, but we won't. But like you're focusing on Youtube and if I look at your Youtube Channel, I posted are there not posted again? You know, you're at like about two point five thousand subscribers right now and your your title on your on your instagram account as a content creators joaney is. So I'm curious, like what is how are you focusing on on growing your youtube channel now and probably in light of, in fact, is instagram journey you went through? HMM, yeah, so, like my focus on the youtube channel comes to trying to create a kind of lifestyle around that. So like finding a way to work with the channel that I know that I can do week after week and like keeping that consistency. So it's something that I've been really like working on and tweaking for the last two years, I would say, and just to like encourage people to do that also, I started my channel back in two thousand and twelve, I think it was. So it's like, what's that? Nine years ago? First six years I didn't really post that much. It was like random videos here and there, and then three years back I started to actually post regularly. I tried to do it weekly, and then, after doing that for two years, I was that maybe six hundred subscribers,...

...and that was last year. So from last year to now I went from six hundred two thousand five hundred, and I think a lot of that just comes from having that consistency over time and actually publishing every week and like having a very defined process for doing that, which makes it easy for me to just plan in the Edgele okay, on Friday I'm going to record a video or maybe a couple of videos and then edit those on Saturday, and then I know exactly how much time it takes. So there's no risk that I want have time to do it because I know exactly how much time I need to set off in the calendar and then, because I'm a freelancer, I have the ability to actually plan my client work around that. So that's been like a transition face from the start, but now I've kind of reached that point where I have like the Youtube Channel as my number one priority and then the rest of the time that I kind of divide into different client work. So then I make sure I always publish something. I always see is there another place I can share a video on? Is there another way I can like write the caption? Or can I improve the process to make it even more effective? Maybe have gear set up so I don't need to take it down and set it up all the time. Maybe have like different templates for things that I do regularly in the videos. So always trying to like streamline the process and everything I learned is also something that I could share in the videos and kind of teach to the people who follows me, because I'm always trying to, like it, document what's happening. So it's both like tutorials, but also vlogs and different live episodes where I just talked about sharing my experience of growing the channel. So yeah, it's kind of like a little bit like a diary in a way, but also yeah, so you said you've grown from a few hundred follower or subscribers, I guess we should say, on Youtube, to twenty five hundred. What, what sort of time period that that? Yeah, that was from February, lost here to know. It's May this here, so a little over it. That's I mean, I'm at a lot of creator channels on facebook and elsewhere and a thousand. It's hard to grow five hundreds, hard to go fifty, but to grow from a few hundred to twenty five hundred is a huge deal on today's Youtube. And MMM, you rewind, five years ago is a little bit easier, just like facebook ten years now was really simple. It's hard to get subscribers on Youtube these days because you have so many apps that don't even allow you to subscribe. Like my kid, my tenar old boy like he he watches youtube like every day and room too much, but he's watching on our Amazon fire TV. HMM. It's so he just searching and he's falling like Ragel Licks, sir, and a few these gamers and stuff, kindly Keenan. I know all their names because I watch videos, but there's no option to subscribe, so it's harder now. My point was it's harder to subscribe now and get subscribers on Youtube. I see that from everybody. So to grow by two thousand in like a year is pretty spectacular. And looking at your your youtube account here, like it looks like most of your videos your kind of Geeky. Well, it's a lot of after effects, like your after effects, which I wish I knew, and so now I don't know where to go to learn it. But a lot of like really like how to, like I'm looking at your titles, HMM, how to change names on layers, how to create typing text animation? How does center aligne text and after effects. So you're focusing on, for what I've seen here just as a quick glance, like really on that search mind. That's... I'm stalking. You. Forgot how to do something, I'm going to search real quick how to do this, and that's where you're going to get most of your views from, I would assume. Yeah, I mean the user. I focus a lot of them who I was five, ten years ago, and I've tried to figure out like, okay, for video creators who's just starting out, maybe they get stuck on certain things instead of doing like a fifteen minutes tutorrel going into depth about it, maybe they just have problems with exporting. Then I do like a one minute to Toro showing this is what you can do when you can't export, or like how do I think the audio? Why is it out of sink? Then I do one minute to torotal and that. So it's very short and very specific. So I would say that tutorials. The purpose of those. It's just too give you like a quick tip and also increase the reach because they are very searchable and you can be very specific with the tags and the titles and everything. and then when the logs in the live episodes, it's kind of more broad. Yeah, I noticed that most of these are like I mean which now, of course you know youtube shorts is the new thing, but I mean these are short, you for as far as youtube videos are concerned, these are short tutorials, like fit down. We're second two minutes, twenty five seconds, two minutes. Yeah, which for you. Let you repurpose some wherever you want. Be Like I'm and I see you've interview my friend Rob Ballast Abas twice. Yeah, that's our star. Okay, rob over it to buddy. I love rob he's such a good guy. He's a great I've got him on this show and my other show. Yeah, I talked to him, you know, quite a bit every you know, throughout the week. But what what I see here and where, I think I'm a pull us back up screen, shut, don't lose it. Is I still think, and I've been a big advocate of this, is is youtube. There's two kinds of users on youtube. There's those who who hop on and you know, they follow a creator and watch all their entertaining videos there for entertainment. Like I mentioned my son, he send yours old he watches all these creators. There's like I can name all of them because every morning he's watching them before he gets ready for school. And I get into them too, and I've started getting in some gaming with him because of it, but he watches those for entertainment. But then there's those people like me personally, who I go to Youtube to go how do I do this? and that's where your videos and your channel is really coming to play and you grow by two thousand subscribers and about a year's time. So that that plays into my thought for all along, because there's has been this argument youtube creators communities about, you know, seo versus like thumbnails, and you know intent, you know, just entertainment. There's a lot of people like me who just searched for how do I change the fan belt on my two thousand two suburban yeah, and so there's a lot of that and so I think there's content to still create. That's how to, and so I love that you focus on the how to. Either thumbnails are kind of entry because they're very specific to that price. If you knew after effects, logo, know what all this means, and those are those those really stand out. So I love the concept. Ye, I love that. Yeah, you know, you're using how to in quick videos. I mean most time I'll hop over to youtube and it's like a fifteen mint long video and I've got a fast forward rough half of it and you've got about, you know, three Nano seconds to get my I saw the other day actually said yet thirteen micro seconds on any videos, MMM, which I don't know what a microsecond even means now, but thirteen micro seconds to draw my attention. Now I'm either going to watch or I'm going to pass, and so I think keeping it short and sweet. Yeah, on a lot of these videos this day and age is so... and works so well. So I mean, any other tips that you would give us before moving to the last saying it, which was just for fun, here in a second while. I I've been doing this the whole show and I told David this before we went live. So I even told my team at a girl Poles today. I'm like for some reasons to day I have sugar ants all over my office and when I turned on my studio lights. This is funny, David, there were bad this warm of the day start. I've in the office in three days. I don't have any food in here. I haven't eat them my desk in days. No drinks, no nothing. I do have my mother the tea I brought in this morning from sonic. The sugar answer crazy today on I turned the lights on. They are like roof. They're drawn in right now, like they're crawling all over my Mac book and all over anything with heat. So like my my dongles, which was what I call them, my hub, my USB hub, like they're all over. It's right now and it's like the weirdest weird just say so. Anyway. So in anything else you would add, like any other tips to grow? I mean, if I could grow my youtube channel by two thousand subscribers in a year, I would be stoked like any other like tips you would give somebody. Should we go comment on other people's post on Youtube? Try that yet? Yeah, I mean, like first, what you said about creating short videos. I think that's really powerful, because that's something that's very valuable for any person. Like if they can save time and learn the same thing in a shorter amount of time, that's even better. And I mean I even had people commented on my video saying, like the video actually starts thirteen seconds in. So I'm like, seriously, it's what, it's a one minute video. I think you've done but yeah, but, but I think as youtube has been growing so much and how it is like the second biggest search engine and people are typing much more specific search phrases now than a couple of years ago. I think you can really go like nerdy into topics and into niches. It wasn't like it was before where it's like how to get better at the video. Now it's like how to get better at editing in final cut pro x thirteen with this camera, or it's like it's super specific line. So if you can find something that is not over saturated, that has a lot of reach but not well, a high search volume but not a lot of competition, then you have a big chance of getting a lot of reach on that video. So that's a tip that I would say everyone who wants to grow with channel, even if it's a really small one and anything that all, but I need to have like a big channel already to be able to actually reach someone. But you just need to find those topics that you can make a good video about, that no one else can make haven't made a video on, or you can find a different angle on it that no one else had done. So just finding your like unique touch to it right, and I think that's so true. Like you know, we're at this point in time in two thousand and twenty one. I mean there's no new ideas for the most for the most part, everything's been covered. For the most parts. They'RE gonna be some new technologies, of course, I come on. But when it comes to youtube, I mean just because somebody else, just like, let's say you're somebody who wants to talk about after effects, just like David is, you have your own audience, you have your own flare, you have your own style, your own thumb nails. Does go for? Does it mean,...

...oh well, you know this guy's getting all these views, I shouldn't do it now. You don't know. And so you got to put your own flare to everything you do and be created about it. And I think that's where I think people get stuck a lot. I see that in a lot of times where I'm gonna and I'm live on Amazon right now, playing around with Amazon live lately, as we talked, but a lot of people in this Amazon live created group like I'm waiting to go live, I'm trying to figure out my angle. I'm like, just push the button now. I've Sim there's people who are just going to love your aspect and your viewpoint of things, and that's okay, you're going to be different, you're not going to be perfect, but there's going to people who like it like I can. Like I'm in the middle of trying to get my above ground pool ready for the summer, and so I get in the motor like I'm googling and searching on youtube for how to do this, how to do that. Yeah, some people, I'm like, I nod off like halfway through their videos, but somebody who's like telling me, like it is, hmm, quick, quick, easy, give it to me now. Me, I'll watch those videos all day and they're not always perfect. They're usually just a dad, like a dad like me, with his cameras phone and he's just filming. Hey, here's what I did on my pool today, and I'll watch that. And so I think as you two. So if you want to grow, just, you know, create good titles, create good thumbnails m great content people are searching for and that's going to help you, you know, start to grow down line and be active on Youtube. To I think you do have to, you know, be on some live streams commenting. Now, be, you know, being some you know, chat like you're going out for Gary Janry chucks. So I was assumed, David, that you're coming on David on Gary Vaneery, Chuck's live, you know, videos on Youtube. Yeah, absolutely, I assume you are. I didn't. I assume you are because that makes sense, because those are his videos and you want to be in front of him as but you can't. So, I mean anybody want to be like I think you want to be out there and if you want them to follow you, you've got to be engaged with them, I know, and then we'll get on their next saying here up for you have to go. But like the first shop ever gotten in social media marking was over ten years ago and I was just a major fan of the company and I talked about all the time, I did videos about it all the time. I just, you know, I loved it and I figured it out and I teach, I taught of the people to do it and then some point he reached out to me, David Foster, and said, hey, you talk about us more than we do, you know more than we have a bet our own company. Will you come work for me? And I went people do that and so the rest of his history. Like ten eleven years later, I've been in social media marking only and it worked in the couple laugh coming. So you just never know where those connections have yeah, and I really hope, I really hope, David, like you're your Gary Vaneyard Chuck Stalking, you know, pay pays off at something, and and somebody on Gary's team reaches out to the Hey, David, come make a video. Ors are maybe you, this is a thought. Maybe you start making Gary vaneyard chuck videos highlighting what he's doing and the kind of catches a ten s and that could be a another, another way to do that, for sure. Yeah, there anywhere else? So we should send each other in instagram or are are Youtube? No, and if someone is active on any other platform, I have the same handle on basically every platforms. So, David Linger and eighty nine. So there's a is edging on your birth year. Yeah, okay, it's your baby. You're a baby, by the way. Yeah, they'll old. The name is just true common. So I as needed to put something afterwards to, you know, find your own unique account name. So anyway, I don't know, but I don't know. But seventy five after all mine. Maybe I'll change it when I get older. Who knows? Yeah, as you get older, like, wait a minute, I'm getting those fifty I don't want...

...people to well, well, Damn. I appreciate you being on on this week's episode of Social Media Lab live and if I can help me with do you thing the future. I appreciate You'all. Make sure you like bomb, go, follow, go, like in comment on all of David's pose. Yeah, follow his lead, and also questions if anyone is wondering anything. Very cool. I appreciate it. Yeah, thanks, it was nice being.

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