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Episode · 1 year ago

Plan Content w/SCIENCE! with Dustin Stout


Find out how to "Plan Content w/SCIENCE!" on the Social Media Lab LIVE with Scott Ayres and special guest Dustin Stout.
In this episode you will find out:
Is organic social media dead?
How often should you post to Facebook/Instagram/Twitter?
How do you know what is working/not working? (DATA GEEK OUT TIME!)
Where do you find good content to post?
Dustin is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and digital marketing consultant. His blog,, was named one of the best social media blogs by Social Media Examiner and continues to be a growing resource for marketers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers alike. His most recent project,, is a marketplace of high-quality social media graphics bundles called "Social Packs."
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Social Media Lab LIVE is hosted by Scott Ayres, the Content Scientist at the Social Media Lab ( ). It's a weekly show where Scott talks about social media marketing with expert guests and is always testing something!!!

Welcome to the social media lab live. PODCAST is a Scott airs to content scientists from the social media lab, powered by a Goa pulse, where we bust the myths, the rumors and the stories of social media marketing with science. In two day's PODCASTS, I'm going to talk to my friend Dustin W stout and we're going to talk all about how to plan content with science. And Dust and has been in the social media marketing space for a very, very long time. Speaks at numerous events around the globe, has been a part of many different APPS on sharing social media, building social media, making graphics, you name it. Dustn't dives into his brain and what he thinks about planning content with social media. If you want to see more of the interviews and listen to more, go over to social media lab dot live. That social media lab dot live. You can see all the interviews we've done and listen to more and watch more. Now onto the interview with my friend Dustin Stout, because I'm gonna bring on dust in here and we're going to talk about the different ways to to plan your content with science. So let me let me bring my friend us some he was dancing like crazy I actually, I actually may leave the timer on this video in the go repulse is paid. Normally, I normally have stripped the timer out. When I'm done with alive I'll strip out the timer because this, you know, the replay. Viewers don't want to watch that typically, but this one was kind of fun this time, so I actually may leave that one on there. So there is my friend since stout. If you don't know who dustn't is, he's used as the tallest guy in the room wherever he is at, and evidently does in your clients of dancer. Yeah, fun fact. A lot of people don't know that. I spent a big deal with my life in a world of dance. He's actually voted in my high school best dancer. Also voted most likely to become the next backstreet port. So the wait for that last one. I think that last one to quite come up as an opportunity. So I does say if you've watched mu shows, I don't typically like the Rebos a whole lot because it just seems funny. So why don't you like then? Why this music is playing from the forty five seconds behind you? Like give us your sixty two elevator pitch whatever, like who and the world is is. So I'm a blogger. Turn spoken to your marketing consultant. I build websites and do content marking for clients big and small. Have worked with great companies such as Buzz, SUMO, ink and other smaller but still impactful and important businesses like yours to help them increase their reach online through content marketing, social media, Seeo, blogging and all that fun stuff. And I also own a couple of software but a couple. Yeah, that's understatement room right. Like I feel like I feel like dustn't like every time I see, oh, don't got a new cook and though I'm caming it down a little bit. Yeah, focusing in this next season on just one. That'll be interesting to see. Yeah, which which you come up with in Dustin's multitasking, like everyone these days who's working from home and he's got the three kids wrangled and probably turn on a movie and gave him some popcorn. I don't know. They're actually tied up and gagged and there. I didn't want to Yah, Dude. They're like in a little box on a what is it? On the despicable me? They're hide in the little box of shame. They're they've got I've got crayons and markers set up out there. There's laptops, Netflix's got a plethora of distractions for them and hopefully they stick it out for the whole give them a tablet and Disney plus and my kids are good to go for like a couple. Yeah, well, was it going a microway for some popcorn? I think they're fine from there. So all right, first question right out of the gay this is an easy one right. I A is give you an easy one, rather gay like it. Is Organic Social Media Dead in your opinion? What do you think on you know, maybe each site? Maybe think of what you've seen or tell us what you've seen. One hundred percent. Know, anybody who says organic social is dead either is selling paid ads, they have a service or product that is paid ad spend or they just haven't been able to hit the sweet spot with their audience and they haven't built authentic relationships that propel that organic reach. And I'm a big Fan of staying organic and full disclosure,...

I'm a big fan of organic because I suck at paid ads, so I really do. I'm not good. I hire people who are really good at them to do them for me. But for me it's always about that organic if, if you can really tap into the the wants, the needs and and the things that light your audience up, organic is easy, but it really does take time to spend time with that audience, to get to know them, to build authentic relationships to the point where you know exactly what they're dealing with every day, you know exactly what makes them laugh, you know exactly what what gets them fired up and if you were to stop posting organically, they would cry out loud for for you to start back up again. Like your organic content needs to be so good that people would literally miss it if it were gone. So yeah, organic social is definitely not dead and I like that thought to talk to it. I want to point out two things. That doesn't just said. A lot of people who tell you organic is dead or probably just trying to sell you something. They do a lot of paid ads. Organic is harder now, for sure. I don't like anybody can argue about that, but it's definitely not dead. I mean I see people that's all they do and they do very, very well with organic. And then that that idea that if you your content should be so good that people miss you when you don't post. I can think of a few people out of the gale, like, man, you haven't posted in the week, Yah, and I've been off. I forgot to schedule it or something like that. I think that's the kind of stuff that you want to put out the organically and it's not. You know, it's hard. You and I know for ten years or so being in social media, you should be so easy. Post a cat meme and get a lot of a rite likes and Whoo, and you were like, you know, drives, but now it's like crickets. So I mean, why do you why do you think it's become harder, like, what's your opinion on that? Is just because crowded spaces? Absolutely, if you were. I mean, it's become harder because of all the noise, but it's also become harder because people's feeds are no longer in their control. We have to acquiesce to the you know, the power of the Algorithm. FACEBOOK decides what gets shown to WHO. Twitter decides what gets shown who to WHO, although twitters a little bit better. Lets people decide if they want to see you know the most the new stuff. First Algorithm, free feed, but you know, linkedin their instagram, they're all the the the reach is determined by the Algorithm. So it's hard because you can't just create content that you know your audience loves. You all, you also have to play in that world of how is this going to play in the Algorithm? So it's it's a lot more science than it used to be. It's before it was a it was a lot of, you know, just gut feeling and knowing your audience and that intuition and that creativity, but now it's both the intuition to creativity and the science side to what's your what's your favorite social site? Personally speaking, hundred percent twitter right now. I figure that's what you would say, because I see you're active like crazy on twitter. Oh Yeah, a lot of this kind of worth the other way for we, I think a lot of us, were facebook, instagram, and I'm seeing more and more in the space go back to twitter. Twitter was always it always fluctuated between my number one and number two favorite network. When it when it was number two, it was because Google plus was still around and its hey day, but then when Google plus kind of died. I'm you got killed. It didn't die. Yeah, I mean it started to die and then they took in the back and shine. Yeah, it was on its last leg. But yeah, then twitter came back to number one and then instagram has slowly jumped up to the number two spot. FACEBOOK hasn't been anywhere near something I would call a favorite platform and about five years or so I'm still like usage wise, I probably still use facebook more than anything, but really it's not to feed anymore. It's groups. Yeah, I'm active in groups more than anything. Absolutely. I don't post much my personal profile business, of course that we do. But yeah, those groups have been the hot thing there. Yeah, me too, and in fact I have. Earlier this year I thought I'm really not going to go on facebook at all anymore, but it could. Recently with with this new campaign that I'm getting ready to start for one of my software companies, I know that my target audience is on facebook and facebook groups. I'm actively looking for new facebook groups to join, specifically facebook groups for bloggers. So if anybody knows any great blogging facebook groups, please hit me up.

Know a couple of not that had you to a few of them that I'm in some good content market. Anyways, do yeah, Eddie Garrison's got a really good one. Rob elasas got a really good one, then stay blogging. But they are loggers, but it's a little bit bow. So yeah, I'll be kind of cool. So and I loved the comment that Richard made here a minute ago that he's a huge fan of organic on his personal and he test was working there and uses those on his business page, and that's that's very smart. I see Dustin doing this. I even asked you recently because that's kept seeing dust some posting stuff to his instagram stories. Might Dude, what are you using for these? Like, oh well, wait, I gotta do thing that I'm testing out. I'm like, oh, that's really cool. But yeah, I think that's a good testing ground. Like what what do the average people who follow you, are your friends, react to? And then kind and we'll get into where we find content stuff here in a minute, but that's I do like that idea there. Actually, let's just go right to that when it will skip the second one to come back to it, because I think it's a good lead into that. Like how do you know what is working and not work? Like what's your process from a business aspect of figuring out, okay, that piece of content failed, that one succeeded. Like what's your you have a process and how do how do you do that? Yeah, I mean for me I've always been sort of a meticulous kind of planner, a little bit of a perfectionist, and you know, I have this weird sort of like I'm an artist who wants to be free and without boundaries and stuff, but I'm also an analyst on this side and I'm like, I need structure and I need consistency and I need, you know, like planning. So for me to fully understand what work, so you have to first have a plan of what you're going to do so that you can go back, look at the results and compare it to the plan and say, here's the work, here's what didn't, and so, you know, for me, the the very oftentimes meticulous and almost obsessive planning is is the only way that I can really see that you can analyze properly and adjust the next time you plan so that you can use more of what worked and more of what didn't. So, you know, crucial part of that that analysis process for me is all Gore, a pulse. Obviously I'm a big user. The analytics are crucial to me being able to see this post succeeded, this posted not. This category of items was really popular, this category of items didn't do as well as I thought. So, you know, just that being able to sit down, plan, watch what happens in analyze it and then adjust the plan moving forward, to sort of recalibrate all the time, because here's the fun thing about social media, guys. It's always changing and what worked six months ago may not actually work tomorrow. So you constantly, constantly have to be reevaluating your plan. But you can't reevaluate if you don't have a plan. You can, you know, really sit down and go, this is what I did, here's what worked. Yeah, and it just to kind of, you know, piggyback a little bit or expand, and what doesn't was staying there. We's talking. We were going to talk. We'll talk about tools and stuff here in a minute, but this is one. I'm a girl. POLEST doesn't uses Goora Poles. You know, he has for a while. And what dost't does, because you, and I've talked with this before, I think, is you use are labeling, feature, tagging, feature, you might call a different verbis there and it will tag all the content label at a certain type. So it's a quote. It's I'm sure you've got so many different categories it's insane. But then you can go and look. Really, no, really, I see. I figured you had so many of us really, you know, like ridiculous. But yeah, no, I've paired it down and the whole content plan and there you totally. I'm happy to share that whole system that I've put in place. But yeah, it's a handful of categories now, but those labels help you because then you can go and see what work what didn't work, without just looking. Okay, what type of posts was that? You know, and I think that that plays it. Looking at the data, of course, obviously we liked of here, and I think dust in, your more of a data Gig even than I am, whenever comes. So what you look at and how you how you plan it? Now, how long like for you when you've seen what's working? Well, so you're looking at these trends, how many? How many pieces of content do you like to kind of look at any value before you say yes, I'm going with that, and how long spend a time like what's your your thought processor? I like to work in one month cycles. Okay, I sit down at the, you know, the end of a month and I just plan everything out through this, you know, this buckets system that I've created, but I only plan it out after analyzing, you know, what worked in the previous months. So I kind of go month to month in my planning and analysis process and I think that's a...

...that's a long enough time to let things marinate a little bit and see, you know, what the results are, and but it's also a short enough time to where you can adjust on the fly. Like you know, if you were planning six months ahead, then I think it's really hard to really stay on trender, stay on the you know, the edge of what's trending. Yeah, and so for me, you know, the month thing work. Some people like to do two weeks and be a little bit more agile like that. For me, just my caden seems to really click with that month to month strategy. I do like what you point out there saying if you plan out six months, which it's great if you can kind of figure out some overall strategy perhaps, but yeah, yeah, trends changed so quickly. You know, it might behay. Video was great and now suddenly it's audio video only is like the hot thing. And let's say, and we know it will happen, you know facebook will do. It's on at audio clubhouse, you know thing. And then what do you do as a bit? Now you've got to shift a little bit. So if you've if you're stuck to the I've planned this ax months ago, then it I'm leaving it. You may eat a little bit more flexible there. And and a deb asked a really great question here. DEBS are community manager, but she's goating you a little bit with this good question. How do you plan your content before you put it in to agrea pulse? That's a maybe you kind of played into a little bit, but that's you know. Do you write it out? Do you spreadsheet it like wellh yeah, what's your process? So I actually wrote an entire blog post about this process, but it's simply probably done. The link to that and put it in the comments. Yeah, have it open actually in another chapters and the link if you need. But so essentially I have a planning APP that I use called notion. Notion, if you don't know what it is, notion dot s so is the the site to go check it out. You can use it for free. But it's a very versatile tool. Notebooks and you can have spreadsheets and you can convert those spreadsheets into different views like cards, calendars, all all sorts of different things. It's super versatile and we've figured out how to use it at my company to start with a sort of like a spreadsheet, and we have a list of our categories of content. We actually refer to them as a buckets. So what I firmly believe is that you should understand your audience and you should understand the different categories of content, excuse me, different categories of content that resonates most with them. So for us, I'll just I'll just give it to you here, but I had it pulled up. Where to go? Boom. So the categories or buckets of content that we've realized that it works best for our audience are questions, things that were were they can easily answer and engage with our content that makes them think, but it's not too difficult to wear, they have to think too hard. Prompts things like tag a friend who makes you smile, you know, things that they give them an easy way to engage quotes, things that are inspirational or maybe thought provoking or something that's maybe thought leadership style mentality stuff. And then we of course we try to play into holidays whenever it's relevant to our audience. And then we you know, every now and then we'll do like a tip Tuesday, like day oriented post, or a motivation Monday or a thank God it's Friday. You know, those are are really core five core categories of content, or buckets as we call them, and so what I do in notion is I've got this set up so that I have sort of like a can band board, like a Trello style board, and each column is its own bucket, and so my job at the beginning of the month is to fill those buckets with content and I do one bucket at a time and it sort of allows me to get into this one mentality, sort of laser focus on a specific type of category. So if I start with questions, I'll just bang out as many cool, interesting, fun questions as I can and I'll just list them all out until I have no more ideas left. So just dump it all out and then I'll move on to prompts and I'll just crank out as many prompts as I can think of. And what I've noticed for how I work is if that ends up saving me a lot of time is once I focus on a category, I can just kind of keep going in that category until I run a run out of ideas and then move on to the next category. So within notion again, I can start with this can... board and you can then flip it to a calendar view, because it's still versatile. You can assign each one of these can bend items to a day on the calendar. So at that point I'm looking at a calendar and just a ton of content that I have brainstormed and I just start dragging it onto the calendar wherever I think it fits best and because I don't want to give too many of the same thing, like I don't want to give three questions three days in a row. I want to keep it interesting, mix it up a little bit so people don't get sort of blind or numb to a particular category or bucket of content. So I'll just go and I'll drag it onto the calendar and I'll move things around and just kind of sit back and look at it. Is like am I giving my audience the variety that I think they deserve, and does all this content is as good as I think they deserve? Are they going to like it? If so, once I've moved everything around and got it got the calendar looking like I want it to. Notion has this amazing little feature where you can export that into a CSV, which I can then take that CSV and bulk import it into agora pulse and I then have, you know, entire month of content and dead found the link. Look at how how quick she is with that. But that's how I do. It starts in notion. Plan it all out, get it only, get it out of my head onto the buckets, get the buckets onto the calendar and make sure there's variety, export, import, and at that point it's just a matter of creative so whether we need images for them or anything else. But you know, I'm thankful that I have a team in place who can help me execute the creatives side once the whole plan is sort of mapped out for them. That was everybody's like Oh, like, yeah, all the brain dump and then organized. Yeah, that was a lot. That was good. I think those content strategies, as far as like the I like the I'm going back down. I put them in there. As you were talking this idea of buckets. You know I've been preaching buckets and categories for a long, long time. That just helps you to say so organized and no, okay, you said, I'm gonna come up with all the stuff that's in this idea and just get it out there and then maybe, just if you dump it out without any without judging yourself, without judging you know, I'm again. I'm a perfectionist. So my tendency is want to, want to like, like going and Oh, maybe I'll tweak this. Maybe the only Wayman to get it done is if I just get everything out and in that on that Camden Board, and I like and then I can adjust later. The CSF, the bulk going to Gore a pulse as fire. Yeah, it's if you don't do it in fire. It works so well. I love it. I use a few of them, as I use a I'm sometimes guilty to of making it easy, but it's quick and get content on twitter. I just use the RSS feed bulk uploader and just put Dun lestout. At least I know my links for my own content. Is that out there? In the twitter universe. Dev has another question here. How do you bring the graphics in Post Pay Posts? Yeah, unfortunately, there's not a way to easily do both images and text at the same time with a girl pulse. I don't even know the logistics of how that would work. So no judgment there. On the the team. It'll go paulse because I know their geniuses on the DEV team. So yeah, right now the only way that I can imagine that I figured out how to do it is just post by post once we have all of our creatives done, which were super organized about, like each image has like a number which is associated with that date on the calendar. So like I'm just looking at a list of files and I go find the post and drag them in and it's a it's a bit of a tedious process, but still much faster now that we have a system in place right to execute it. Yeah, and I think that's key is having some sort of system wherever works for you. You know, you stick to that system, you just gets used to doing that and just over and over and it makes a little bit easier. Yeah, WE'VE GOT A well oiled machine over here. I mean we kind of think of content production as a conveyor belt, which is have different people in charge of different pieces of the the process and it helps things go really smoothly. That's like the bucket per gay kind of. Yeah, we went back to buckets exactly. I didn't evening to, but there's the Pune just just right there. Just it half Leven and I didn't even mean for it to happen. So anything else about figuring out what's working and not working that maybe people should know about? You have? Yeah, I mean one one thing I'm big on is just staying on top of trends and one of the tools or companies that I use all the time, like several...

...times a week, is buzz sumo and again, full disclosure, they were a client a few years ago at some point, but they're their analysis of things. They just came out with a new study. I think they analyzed a hundred million, yeah, a hundred billion trillion, I don't know, headlines on on the different networks to see what type of headlines are working across all platforms and that those data. I actually work with them on one of their facebook studies back in two thousand and nineteen, I think, and those studies are so extensive and they have so much data. Yeah, that like they're invaluable and you you know, you kind of have to take it with a grain of salt. You know, they they're casting a wide net for this data, so it might be slightly different than what your audience you know what their outlook is on things. So always, I can always go back to know your audience, know what they're into, know what they struggle with on a day to day basis, and then take that data and apply it as needed. So buzzumo's great with that. You know, releasing data studies and their tool, their software, allows you to kind of see what's trending now and what's popular now, and big, big fan of Buzz Sumo. Really helps me get things done. And Yeah, I stay on the bleeding edge, the bleating edge like that. Yeah, I mean I think it's good to see those trains, but also no knowing that it. Know your audience might be had different but they're looking at such a huge amount that's surely the average is close enough to kind of guess work out for you. So you kind of got a your two steps ahead of the gamestead of trying to absolutely own if you do, if you don't have your own data to look at. They're going to but yeah, dude, I like what a long the thing I always want to make sure with what that sort of data. And that headline one was really good. Actually, I read that articles. Yeah, it's sometimes some of some of the articles that they'll put out or you got to, you got to look at what they're putting into, like the one that we get a you know, Gore a pulse. Of course we've. I've tested this so many times. It's the one about third party APPS and their impact on reach and that sort of stuff. They penalized. You got they don't. They dump too big if amount of a data there. They didn't separate enough. Yeah, they didn't separate scheduling tools with from RSS feed readers or right people auto posting from twitter or something like that to facebook. So picked up the grain of salt when you're looking at some of its headline stuff, though, in the content stuff, yeah, it's true. It's going to show you what's trending and what's not trending. Absolutely definitely to kind out that one. I don't know if you can an this one's this is kind of a loaded question, but like, do you have a rough idea if someone were just trying to figure out. What do I start? Like? How often should you post on the different social networks? What do you think? My Gut tells me at this point in the game that facebook and instagram are daily posters. You know, a few years back it might be three times a week, but I really do believe that too. In order to stay relevant and stay in the the good graces of the algorithm, you need to be posting at least one time a day on facebook and instagram twitter. If you if you have any chance at standing out and the the noise, the fire hose of twitter, you need to be posting five, six, ten times a day to really get the most out of the platform. That's just how it is. A twitters is a super high volume network. FACEBOOK instagram not as high volume. I mean if I'm talking strictly about posts, feed post but when it comes to stories on facebook and Instagram, if you really want to utilize that tool, which I think is a very smart move for a lot of brands, if you can figure out how to utilize stories for your brand, you need to be posting three hundred and twenty five, possibly even seven, if you're really crazy, stories a day, but they need to be really, really well thought out, really good. Nobody, nobody gets more annoyed than I do when there's like a brand with ten stories that day and I'm like he done more invol but I think one great example utilizing stories is Disney. Disney does a phenomenal job at stories and they make them fun and engaging. They ask questions about Disney characters, they'll have a little mini quizzes and before you know, I've gone through ten of those things that I haven't even thought. Yeah, twice about it. So if you utilize them well and they're entertaining and they're fun, you can post, you know, seven times a day and really build that brand affinity bill, build that relationship and get people used to interacting with you and, like I said, to the point where, if you were to stop, your audience would be wondering where you are. Like now, when I don't see something from Disney plus, I'm like where, where's Disney plus today? where? Why? I answer some Pinocchio Questions. Which one do I which...

...character do I look like? I'm mean when you were doing those and you little thing above your head or something. Yeah, those are fun. Yeah, but yeah, I want to go back a little bit, just because there's a lot that you just said. There're so facebook and instagram. You're saying now it's probably you should post once a day because the algorithm the post to die so quick. And then twitter really is, you know, ten is easy. You know, I see people posting every hour or even more throughout the day, scheduled post and then kind of more than because I mean the average. WHAT'S THE LOT? What's the shelf life of a tweet? It's like a few minutes. I think it's a little bit different now. I'd love to see a new study on them, by the way, because I'm seeing a lot of and I might be different because I kind of switch back and forth between the the the what's the word? I'm looking for that in the real time, the chronological chronological feed and the algorithmic feed. Okada. Flip back and forth and in that algorithmic feed I'm seeing stuff from like two days ago, three days ago sometimes, and I like up, which I guess I just gived chronological. Yeah, yeah, I kind of go back and forth. So I think the shelf life of a tweet has maybe improved at least slightly over the last few years with their with their different changes. But if people are in their standard feed and it's probably like two minutes, five minutes. Yeah, unless you're going back to list, like yeah, a lot to list. I spent a lot of time yesterday and if you list that I was on I didn't even know was on them. I was like, Oh, I'm gonna list with these people, how cool, and they not. But then I found myself finding older tweets and yeah, that's a good one to go engage with. I want to go and gage with that one. So yeah, so at least once a day on facebook, doesn't say, and maybe at least once a day on instagram and then seven hundred and ten minimum on facebook. Now the stories is interesting because you know, if you're good at stories, like you said, get you coming back. I'm thinking right now, because instagram I was like against stories because you know, I'm a forty five, I was forty six year old dude. I ain't got time for the phonemos stuff. You know. You asked Dada's in the comments my opinion of club pace, because it's all about Fomo and I'm just not in the Pomo it's just it's just not meant. I think I want to view content on my own time. Yeah, you know, I just I get it. I have relieve and I've got three kids and yeah, I'm for all that. AINT know they got time for that. I need that as an audio on my little buttons. Are you mean that anybody got time? But yeah, but what I would I find myself doing on Instagram is I'm addicted to sign field. Always have been my favorite show by far. I have watched that series dozens of time, start to finish. We'll we'll do it again. We just got done with it a couple months ago. Now we're on how I met your mother and we watch one or two episodes and I it's like our last thing we do for we go sleep. We did mash first and then signfield and then how much of mother? We're doing king of Queens next and then back to sign field again. We have those kind of funny little you know, the shows we love. But anyway, I follow every sign filled page you can think of on Instagram, like there are tons of them. There's so many of them. They're so funny. The memes are hilarious. The covid related means using siginfeld episodes and stuff. Hilarious. But Wow, a lot of them in the reason I didn't bring it up is what a lot of them do really, really well is do the Yes, know, you know, or pick one of the other things in their story, which is so simple to do. Anybody who's got a phone at instagram can do it. Doesn't require anything. But they do a lot of matchups, like this episode versus this one, which one's better? And you know, kind of the and they do it. A lot of them do like a weekly, monthly sort of break that course, March madness, they did a whole bunch of by the way, Kudos to my Baylor bears, who just won the national title two days ago. You know, sickum bears. But but what they did. I love it, though, and what if I find myself they posted in their feet. Then their feet they'll post, hey, which one's better? Answer in the story. So they drive people over to their stories and then you're used to have one him and you're done. And when they don't do one for a week or two, I'm like, I'll message one of the pages because I've been come friends with it, like where's it at? Like sorry, I've been I've been off and you because a lot of people who are doing in their spare time. Yeah, no, they're not really and they have hundreds of thousand the followers, but they're like you. But I message them, I'll say hey, I miss it. Are All, message all. I can't believe you put those two together. Some like it. They've hooked me like you were just saying. Yeah, there is a there's a crossfit, I guess, instagram account and it's the name is make Wad's great again, and he all he does is post just funny cross fit means and he's prolific. But if I don't see one, and that five minutes a day, I'm actually scrolling through the instagram feed, I'm like, I'm like hunting it down. I'm going to his profile andcing did I what did I miss? Where is it? And and that's at level that you want with your...

...followers. Whatever that is that you do, you can copy that. That's why I like following so many different type of accounts. That's sometimes look at my feet and I whatever I'm not looking I'm going to. I'll is. I follow some weird stuff, but it's because I want to see what they're doing the way I can copy it on my own. Okay, I need to use this over here. Yes, go follow some of those accounts on instagram especially, and see what they're doing in stories, because you know, you might not like stories personally, but your audience wants the people are spending a lot more time on the stories and they are the feed. I mean, for me, I'm about you, but I get about four or five thumb scrolls and the feed and I'm done. Yep, but stories I'll get on. I'll I may never UN mute, but I'll look, I'll tap, I'll swipe, I'll go, wait a minute, I just miss that. I'll go back and then I'll see. You know, our friend Chris strubs got twenty stories. So I just swipe you, Chris. Now I'm just kidding white. I'm just kidding Chris. If you're watching, Chris is the front of the show, buddy, buddy, sometimes he post a here's really good. He's really good at posting a lot of stories and using old content for his stories to bring it back up in the conversation. He's doing that on purpose, I know he is. He's smart about it, but that's the stuff that you can do and try out and so, but I keep people to keep the top of mine. Stories, fleets, whatever it is keeps you. That's the key. That is the key staying top of mine. You don't want your audience to fit forget about you and you don't want to competitor to slide into your audiences. DM's so to see. Don't want them jumping in that that gap created by your lack of consistency. And it's something about that. There's it's a like a level of open mean when I see certain people have has as a fresh story, and it's the stories I've engaged with the most, the people, you know, counts, that show up first, because instagram, twitter, facebook, all of them are smart enough to know which ones we've engage with. Her Watch, they'll show you that first and like Oh, cool. Then they we open up in the morning. is in the morning the first ad do of courses, look at facebook and instagram. But but I'm like, there's no good stories today. I'm kind of bummed. Is that? You know, I've got to go. I got to go Linkedin, you know, look at something, dude, that's right, which is actually better content to read times. But it's true. Not Entertainer in most cases. So yeah, so, anyway, any other thoughts about how much you should post, not pose? Is there a Max like hey, don't go there, or yeah, I mean you definitely don't want to break the the norm of any platform. I think any brand or business that's posting more than three times a day on facebook or instagram is probably pushing it, unless like, like I said, with my make wads great again cross fit account, example, Oh man, those kids, they're reaching the they're reaching that our well right, we'll have that out in a few minutes. Ten more minutes please. So, yeah, he's done such a great job at make Wadd's great again that he could post ten times a day and I'll consume and love every single one of them. But so. But unless you're at that level of like entertainment value and you know your audiences, you can see the numbers showing you that you should be doing more of these. You're not seeing a decline in any of them. I'm absolutely do that, but I think one, one, two a day is fine and then study and then watch, maybe experiment, maybe one week, double that to for a day and see how that affects your numbers. They're all. All always goes back to make a plan, analyze how that plan went, make adjustments as needed and plan, plan forward. They'd be like paap he don't like that, but almost a pop of that and apple, apple and analyze, plan, analyze in apple, apple, plan, analyze, adjust, plan, yeah, you said some p again. Anyway, we're GETLF APP, PEP APP. All right. So we've talked a little bit about like looking for content, looking for a buzz Zumo, look at every things, but are there other places that that you might look for if you're struggling to find content and the content ideas that you might recommend? Yeah, I mean I always go straight to the whatever's popular, whatever's trending on networks. I'm a big fan of instagram reels right now. So, like I'm getting a lot of ideas from there, following just the bigger brands and seeing what they're doing and trying to figure out how could that style or that method or that idea apply in my business. That great artists steal. So steal idea. Go go after your competitors, see what are they posting, is it working and and try to apply it to Your Business, your audience...

...and experiment with with what they're doing and say if you can do better. I'm always a big fan of looking at competitors going Oh, that's really cool they're doing. I could do it ten times better. Yeah, I think it's been like six months trying to figure out to do. You know, yeah, probably something quicker like I don't for me and in you still you're so visual dot CEO, still running and going with the visualco yet I say, see, I guess it's code. But yes, you not. Now tell us to what is that? They I put the link in the Commons. Like what are they find? is to make goes over there. So so visual DOTCO. I created it for social media managers like me, or even small business owners like me, who they they have enough to worry about and sometimes they just need that extra little prompt or that extra little idea of inspiration and they don't want to spend or they can't afford to spend a ton of time on design. And so what we've done is we've created these social media we call packs, and each pack is thirty days of content. It's a graphic image for every single day and they come with both the jpeg version if you just want to post and go or the Photoshop version, if you have photoshop or something that can use photoshop, and you can literally just swap out the text, swap out the photo, change the colors and sixty seconds and and you're done. And it's meant to be a you know, either a post and go or as an inspiration point to help you get those creative juices flowing. Sometimes all you need is just a single idea and go, oh wait, this idea is great, but it sparks a different idea and you can kind of make it uniquely your. So right now we've got dozens of packs in there that are ready to go and ready to customize and their only, you know, the a fraction of the cost and what it would cost you personally to higher graphic designer and do them. Yeah, you know. And I've used the images that the Dustin't does on your before. I was testing a lot of fitness accounts. I was in those and they're great. In the cool thing is is no one else was using them in my space, no competitors, so no one's going to see it and it's really highly qualified and really good content. Yeah, and I'll give you, guys a little secret just for you all listening the websites not popular compared to canva. So, like, if you're using CANAVA templates, odds are there is fifteen thou times more people using those templates. Then there are these temples. These are still, you know, not, not nearly as popular. So if you're worried about somebody else going to be using it, are probably not. We're still we're still the Internet's best kept content secret, it's true. And the fact that you can go in customize on your own if you want to, or I could download it with text on it without text on. Actually use your images for one of our lab experiments when we tested text. No text made it super fast for somebody who doesn't, you know, have the time to create content, you know, from scratch. And what I what I trust about dust and when it comes to this, and I kind of saw this when you were making this a few times you had me look at it and tested and you know is I know you're putting science and data behind it, because you're seeing what's working what's not working, just based on what your how your brain works, and so this is stuff that stands out. Yeah, can these content. This isn't it stills pitch for for so visualcom but I love it. It's been a good, good thing. I highly recommended to everyone who asks when they need it. So, yeah, I appreciate that. I really appreciate that. You you see the science behind it, because a lot of people don't get it. They think, O, we're just creating simple stuff, but it really is like a lot of thought, not just you know, psychology, not just copywriting, but also design psychology. You know what's going to actually stand out in the feed and get people to stop that scroll exactly, and that's think the cool thing too about it is, let's say you're an agency and dead works with our agencies, you know, and you need to come with content for clients. You could grab one of these and slap their logo on it and do a little extra design work with it. Yeah, here's the thing. You're to go and there are so many small businesses out there and special media managers know, I know, I've been doing this for ten years now. They just don't have the budget right to to be able to afford handcrafted content every single day. And so you need, as a marketing manager, you need to find ways to speed up that process and to get things going into streamline the the creation process, and that's really what the whole goal was. Give them a give creators a way to streamline that process so that it's it's taking them five hours a week instead of thirty. Right, if that's that's the ultimate goal. Yeah, and what are the places besides? If you're if you're not looking for images, what are worth some other places maybe you get content ideas...

...from if you're out there looking that you possibly use. I mean, like I said, I kind of just scroll what's popular and and what's trending. Lets Zoomo again. They'll give you ideas about what's trending right now with the hottest post on facebook or or twitter. Are Great Resource. It's probably the only one, science, Wi data science wise, that I actually use for finding a hand of stuff other than, you know, trolling through Reddit and twitter and instagram myself. And you could, you could set up a listening, you know, option instead of Gore pulse and track your competitors to see other contents doing. That's another reason why to do that as well. Wink, wink. Or use a hashtat fought. You you follow a certain hashtagets in your industry, see what people are using, see which one's getting the most engagement. There's nothing wrong with taking an idea and running with it. Now, don't download their image and, you know, Photoshop your own thing on top of your logo on and call that. You know, it's marketing. That's that's not what anybody would reckon. You're not recommending that either. No, but look at it for ideas. Is What doesn't saying. It's frospiration. Yeah, see what's working for them. Okay, how can I put my own spin on it? You know, if somebody else came out there was dressing a lab coat with some funny hair on, you know I would. I'd love it because, okay, they've said they've seen it like, okay, well, let's do something like that, and they play off of it. I mean people do that, even you wearing a red shirt. You saw someone else doing that, anyone. Okay, I'm picking a color and I'm sticking to it and it is my branding now, you know, for the end of time, lest I get I'm stuck wearing an orange wig for a very long time, because I know it works as my branding, and so it's the same thing. I think you we stole that ideas from other people and we borrowed them. Let's just say we borrowed them and then we kind of put our almost spin on I think that's really what you exactly. I do like quite a bit and everybody word, even writing blogs. You go look and see what key words of trending you see. You know what's the where's the CPC at for that word? Okay, where's the competition? I'm going to write something similar to this one because maybe I can steal some traffic. Yeah, and for me as a blogger, you know, everybody's written the things that I'm going to write, but nobody's written it in the way that I can give it, and my experiences, my perspective are completely unique and, just like every one of you listening, you can see what your competitors doing and you can take your own experience, your own perspective and put a spin on it that's completely unique and original. Very cool. Now you have another website. Are we're going to mention your New Year new project, or is that? Well, sure, it's it has mainly aimed at a bloggers. It's going to get be getting a large amount of focus over the next few weeks. We're going to be doing a crowdfunding campaign to build version too. But social remixcom is as mainly for bloggers to help them create social media messages to promote their blog post. Now it's it's funny. I had I built it intentionally for bloggers, but I do see some social media no lengers you have jumped on there and they're using the remix feature to create campaigns for their social media post and I'll actually help them remix those those ideas. My good, fat good friend Peg Fitzpatrick has been has been a great help and helping me understand how social media managers like her are using it to create campaigns for just everyday content. Yeah, I actually hopped on a logged out this so I could show the main page about logged in right before we got on and just played around with, you know, the process, and I was like, Oh, it created a bunch of tweets. For me, it created a bunch of yeah, and they were it was the same content but it was different spin on it. It remixed it, remake, you know, in a couple different pieces. So I've got I could use and I did some funny ones like I should have kept and but I think I saved him. But it was like, you know, Dustin's really tall and Dustin wears red shirts and Hashtag red shirt or whatever, but you know, it gives you those real quickens. But the spin of the way, you guys, as social media manager, you're still coming up with the ideas. Per See, it is like rewriting. Is that? Write it out for you. You copy your paste. Boom. Yeah, and somebody else, yes, just yesterday, somebody on twitter direct message me. You said this is great for a be testing. It just gives me a couple different ways to Ab test messaging and I was like, I didn't even think of that, I was just thinking bloggers, right, but yeah, yeah, testing headlines. Yeah, great way to test headlines and tests different things. And Kim says there's nothing new under the sun, so find something you love and make it your own. Absolutely hundred percent agree with you. There the website, Tina, I put it in the comments. You should see a social remix dot co is that website should be in the comments. Hopefully completely free to use right now, but there's what it looks like. Social Mix, social REMIXCCO, in case you didn't you didn't see that. So, Dustin, appreciate you being on the show and on. You got to get to those kids before they kill each other. They're going crazy over there. Glad they didn't while we're on the show, but we'd have a lot of witnesses to everything. But like a little patience of like, how... you parent when you're on alive video is is a good learning process. Anywhere else other than these two websites you you like to send people to are working. People find you out all over the Oh, that's more than enough. You can find me on the Internet. I'm at Dustin W staut on all the things. So connect with me wherever. newhere most comfortable. We're middle. We're middle named W brothers. Yes, I should start being Scott W ers everywhere. Yes, I think actually my I think actually, if I forget it now that never look at it, I think my facebook profile is actually in my full name. If I look at the Bro Haven't looked the profile ur else. It actually has my full real name on them. So doesn't appreciate you. Thanks for being a friend of the show and so much appreciate you. Better, thanks for listening to the social media lab live a podcast. Be sure to go over to social media lab dot live. You can see all of the PODCASTS and interviews we've done on the social media lab. You can also just run over to a Gore pulse labcom and read all of our experiments and listen to our other podcast. Yeah, we have another one. Leave us a five star review. We appreciate you. See You.

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