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Episode · 1 year ago

How To Grow a Podcast Faster with Luis R. Diaz


How Do You Grow a Podcast?

There are currently about 850k active podcasts, which is only scratching the surface of the opportunity.

But, most of us don't understand how to properly GROW a podcast.

That ends TODAY!!!

Luis R. Diaz, from Podcast Domination, is gonna throw tons of knowledge at us on episode 97 of the Social Media Lab LIVE!

We're gonna answer these questions:

  • Why start a podcast in 2021?
  • What equipment do I need to podcast?
  • How can I grow my podcast fast?
  • Biggest mistakes new podcasts make?

Who is Luis R. Diaz?

Luis Ryan Diaz is an author, podcaster & entrepreneur.

His agency & consultancy, Podcast Domination, helps coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs launch and grow their podcasts with their white glove done for services and step-by-step mentorship programs.

Outside of business, Luis is a die-hard Yankees and Giants fan and marketing nerd who loves learning how to move the needle in business and life.

What is the Social Media Lab LIVE?

Social Media Lab LIVE is hosted by me, Scott Ayres, the Content Scientist at the Social Media Lab.

It’s a weekly show where I talk about social media marketing with expert guests and is always testing something!!!

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Welcome to the social media lab live podcast. I am Scott Ares, the content scientists from the Social Media Lab, where we bust the myths, the rumors and the stories of social media marketing with science. This podcast is my interviews from the social media lab live show that airs every Wednesday at one PM Eastern Standard Time on the Agora polls facebook page, and in this show I get the interview lots of different marketers from different places different aspects of marketing, and one I love interviewing recently was Lewis R D as. The R stands for Ryan. By the way, he has a come be called podcast domination. You can find him later on podcast domination dot CEO. And in this episode we talked about how to grow a podcast in two thousand and twenty one and we cover things like why start a podcast, what equipment do you need, how can you grow fast, and you know, kind of one are the biggest mistakes that people make when they're trying to launch and grow a podcast. And even though Louis is a diehard New York giants fan and I'm a die hard Dallas Cowboys Fan, I love having him on my shows. I've been on his shows and really great knowledge about podcast casting and what it takes to not only grow a podcast but also to monetize podcast. So I hope you enjoy this episode. If you want to see the rest of the episodes of social media lab live, go to social media lab dot live. Social Media Lab dot live. It takes you over to the category of the live blog post correlated to most of the interviews that we've done here in the social media lab. Now on to my interview with Lewis R ds. I want to bring on my guest. Lewis are is it? I have to ask you if is Louis or Louise? Louis Saurdaz, I'm bring you on, but before we get way into it here, I appreciate you be on the show. Let you've been on another show of mine before. I want to do something here and let's see if I can do this correct so when is now? That my saying that Louis or Louise? You can just say Louis. That's EIERS. I grew up. Lewis reach out to me like, I don't know, it is like December or something like that. Said, Hey, I'm be on your show, and he sent me this video. Hey, what's going on this here? Why? Don't think her that or not personal email or video as hear that, and just a cold email. So one did you take care? Yeah, say, been listening to a few MEALA podcast so watch till the end. And so for a couple things here, but it if you are. Love to chat with you about podcasting, how to grow podcasts, how to lunch them the right way, and if that's something your audiences into or you find, I think they would find interest in diving to the numbers and stats and some of the tactics and strategies we found helpful. In love a chat about that, man, what you're guns outside of that. He'll you have an awesome day. I saw that you were a Dallas cowboys fans. You'RE gonna hate me for this, but I'm a die hard giants fan. So probably if I don't get if it's not a fit, totally understand for that reason. But anyways, man, have a good one, and that's it by all right. So a couple of things there. Is, for one, like you did, a fantast most people any and you've been here too, and if you have a podcast or a live show you get hit with people all the time, wanting to talk to you and it's a spam canned email and you're like delete the league. So Louis has me his email. I'm like, okay, for Oney, he actually listened, he paid attention, but then he throws it in like he throws the gaunt with the giants thing. No, then, I'm a die hard Dallas Cowboy. Found even get the like there's a little Dallas Cowboy troll doll here. I see it. Yeah, a Big Dallas Cowboys Logo Tattoo on my shoulder. So yeah, it's we've had some good fun and I do have a couple of things here. But real quick, before before we kind of get in playful little mode a little bit more, tell us a little bit about you. What do you do? Why should we listen to you when it comes to podcast and what's your background when it comes to podcast? Sure, so, first of all, thanks for having and show you. Noma archetimy of yours got but I got in the podcasting in two thousand and two thousand and sixteen and failed the first time. I first show failed miserably got about ten episodes in and then that's somehow that that just turned into a train wreck. So I took a few months off, regrouped launch another show that actually took off quite well. I've eventually got that second show up around twenty thousand dollars a month, started to monetize it through selling...

...affiliate products and also new my own coaching on the back end. And now it was kind of the the the beginning for me two thousand and sixteen, learning how to grow that show myself organically and then testing some ads with it, and then people started asking me like how I was doing it and and at the time I was in health and fitness space and I wasn't a very good train like I was a good trainer, but I wasn't good online marketer for for fitness and bitness is a super competitive space. So had a good mentor tell me, you know, why don't you do something with this podcasting stuff? And and I did, and I turned my basically started helping other people launch and grow podcasts. And that's from two thousand and seventeen out two thousand and seventeen. Ever since then we've launched over seventy podcasts then about seven million downloads for clients. So I've been doing doing a lot of stuff around podcasting. Year since two thousand and seventeen we've had client to the top ten. You know, it hit a lot of top charts and whatnot. So understanding how that whole thing works and everything podcasting from launching, growing, monetizing find finding great guests, getting great guests, getting clients with your podcast, that's kind of in my world. Since two thousand and seventeen, two thousand and sixteen men. So that's the short story. Short I see something, they say says facebook user. I don't have your name. I have a feeling it's either Chris Stone or Jim Fuse, or I don't know, because Jim fuse is a football guy. I don't think you say flagles fly. It could be timstone. If you commented there. You'll see in the description of where the video is to give restring permission again to show your name. So feel free to do that and click on that. That expires every thirty days or so. So it's just a deal. But I want to go back to the giants staying real quick. So if you know them, double that ball. Let's see what I mean. The thing is like, if you're a football fan like the giants and cowboys have never really liked each other. I went to, I believe in the two cowboys games my entire life. One of them was against the red skins on Thanksgiving and like nine hundred ninety six and we lost. It's such. And then I went to the very first game with the brand new stadium, which is now not so brand new anymore. Is like what ten years ago, and we did the standing room only seats, you know, tickets through like twenty nine dollar. So I never saw the field during the game. I had to watch from the big screen and then I halfway through the game we got so tired of getting packed in we walked on the side and watched her like a little crack to see the big screen. So we play the giants. So and cowboys win the entire game and Eli brings them back to the very any loss. And so my only two games I've been to the cowboys of law. But you should go to more games, Louis, so to do, you know, to just kind of keep the ripping going. Sends me a hat the other day, like I get this thing in the mail. It's a hat and his book was actually is hanging on my wall in my backpack. I'm meant to get it out, but he sends me I had. I'm like, Oh no, Oh snap, he sent me his hat. I'm like, okay, what do I what do I do with that now? And so that you know, im mealy took a picture. There's, that's what a Tipican looks like. There's there's what a giants fan looks like there, and then you know I did. I did take it outside and did a little something with it. Kind of a spot for the dre it's so flat. I'll look what's going on with this shipping these days? A right good New York, but that's how we do. Yeah, so I did. I did kind of give it the fair treatment that any good cowboys fan would give it and gave it gave a little rider under the other wheels of my suburban. Understandable. But yeah, a friendly, friendly rivalry for sure, even though you know, I hope you lose tremendous. WHO's The quarterback this year? What's his name? Dan Jones, and we'll yeah, you're ahead of me on that. I haven't checked in yet. I usually start around the fifth week, where you one for that time or five and O, and then it all just goes to goes the wayside. Oh yeah, flames exactly. I tuned in around then. So I mean we've gone twenty minutes now. We've only talked about the giants, but in the cowboys. But I do want to dive into talking about how to grow, you know, a podcast and before the first thing, I think, because I think a lot of people go outka podcast. It's like the year of video. It's been the year of video for like the last we five, six years. People still listen to podcast. I was looking the day and you made the actual numbers or something like two million podcast they're out there, but only about eight hundred and Fiftyzero are actually still active because, like you said, a lot of people get a couple episodes in, they fail then never go back to I probably have had four or five podcasts and I got ten and fifteen episodes in and then something came up. It was hobby stuff from or like this...

...a great idea for a side podcast, but I just couldn't keep up with them. You know, the schedule that I had for so things came in. So why? WHY START A podcast? In Two thousand and twenty one there's still a reason to at this point. What's your what's your opinion on them? Yeah, I think there's an even more reason to to now than there is before. So first of all, you said that statistic. They're two million, two million plus two million, two point two, two point three million podcasts out there. Only about eight hundred fifty thousand live. If you look at the number of youtube channels and blogs that you're competing about against, it's like probably, I think it's like twenty five or thirty million youtube channels. Don't know how many are active. And then obviously is like five hundred million blogs. So for rough numbers like your odds are much, much better. It's first thing. Second thing, if you look at now with Ios, fourteens updates on how you can track people with your ads. If you look at how, I think I read a statistically the day that Google changes, there and a their changes their algorithm like five hundred or a hundred times per year. If you look at all the algorithm changes on Instagram, social media like facebook, all these different places, it's really hard to catch, to keep an audience a let be able to reach them at will and be able to say or share what you want to share without getting banned or potentially get your account hacked or, you know, be censored in a way. So I like for me, podcasting makes sense now more than ever because you control the traffic, you control the avenue. If they cut one head off, say if you get somehow I get kicked off of spotify, you can still people can still find you on Google podcasts or apple or everywhere else. Right. So the ability to own your traffic, even email. As you look at emailsliverability. I think there's an article yesterday that's safarier apples making new changes. I was fifteen. That's going to actually reduce the ability you can now. I think it's like you can now like put like a fake email or put like an alias so that people tracking the email cannot actually they can't really see it or can't really see your email or see what you did with that email. They can see you click, they can't see if you if you read through or how long you stayed on the email. So they're making it harder for marketers and and business owners who want to study their traffic or want to be able to reach their audience. The making it harder and harder, and podcasting seems to be one of the few channels left. That allows you to reach your audience consistently without having worry about all of these other things. It may change in the future, who knows? Right but for me, for right now that's the case for having a podcast is the ability to control it all. Yeah, I think there's still I mean we keep as I hear from a lot of people are in the podcast in the industry and I follow a lot. I'm going to tons of groups. You know, maybe in a few were people talking about podcast. It's still it's still relatively new for a lot of people, especially as APPs, you know, and I'm an Android Guy, and androids gotten better and better. Now we have Google podcast, we have other things to listen to. PODCAST apple users, you've got apple podcast built in and that's where most of the listens come from. As apple to it's promote for my podcast anyway, it's almost always apple, but I think more and more people are coming around to especially when they're on the go, and we're getting back. COVID was weird and you may, I don't know if you know, having numbers to share, but like Ovid, two thousand and twenty. I know for me anyway, the PODCAST and I know that people I'm connected to. They saw about twenty five percent dropping downloads. Yeah, because people are at home, they're not the gym, they're not on the bus, they're like we were talking before the show. You know, I've I haven't trapped and flown on a plane since March of two thousand and twenty. That's my podcast listening time. You know, I listen to podcast on planes. So I mean, what did you see in two thousand and twenty that maybe you have impacted things a little bit. Yeah, and so the beauty of that we work with like now, around fifteen to twenty different clients were in their side their podcast accounts. So we see a lot of data, more than probably the average podcasters. So we saw a ten to twenty percent dip in all shows across the board, but then they kind of started to pick back up around June, July, August and it kind of went back to normal. Wasn't perfectly back to normal, but it was. You saw that huge dip around August, I mean sorry, April and May, and then it started to slowly grow back, but it was weird there for a minute. Yeah, definitely affected us. Yeah, I think you will panick at first, like Oh, no, download, the droping you where they come back and there's some areas, of course, like you know, I I tend to be like you've ever travel, podcast listener? Or The gym? Yeah, a gyms is a great place to do it. In a lot of places gyms weren't open for a long, long time. Yeah, and now getting back. Now, now I Open I use breaker to listen to most of my podcast. Yeah, but I tend to love I don't know why, I just kind of like it. But I was like, Oh, I'm so far behind so many marketing podcasts that like I consume all of them. But I think the point...

...that I want to make everybody who's watching or watching the replayer, watching live or even listening to what this will be as a podcast later, is there still a room for you? It's not a as crowded market as you think and there's still reason and they're still business to be made behind it, money to make. I mean, look at you probably know the exact numbers. I don't, but like Joe Rogan, everybody talks about Rogan. You know, he got his podcast, got bought by spotify for war like fifty five hundred million or something. Or is it more, is it? He goes nine figures, I want to say it was like a hundred plus million dollars, and then he had some back end revenue because they were going to help and grow and whatnot, like they got all the infrastructure. So so that he had a pretty sweet deal. Yeah, I mean I think today, today, Scott, it's like you don't want to be Rogan in today's world, like it's because it's really hard to do. Like right, I don't know people who can be a Rogan. I don't will be into the Rogan now that the game is kind of flipped where it's like it's more niche. It's more a very clear promise and offers to see if you're if your business owner right, like clear promise, you're helping people. This this very clear problem. Right, and your podcast is tailor to a small group of people that you can go very deep with, and that's where we see a lot of results for key. But I think the good side to me anyway, of the Rogan by out is it make you go oh, podcast, right, yeah, a lot of that secret spotify. Now you are we're we're seeing now, I think right, right about now. I think you know this June ninth. You know, facebook is starting to do some stuff with podcasting and be able a publisher podcast your facebook pages. So people it's that's, you know, peaked everyone's interest to go. Oh and so now, as if you're a business, like you said in your very niche or niche pin on how you pronounce it. You know you you have a room for you. There's people out who want to hear you, and I don't know who you listen to. Buy libs and I use lips in a lot for one of my pockets. I use somebod I use sounder for another podcast, hope, because I have to podcasts on that one. So it's kind of a I do my church as podcasts and my this podcast on sounder and I have lips and for the old podcast, I'm so scared about moving it and losing data. I need to but it's haven't done yet. But Lips and always talk about, you know, the the amount of download you get, and it's really interesting to see, you know, your you could be in the top fifteen percent of downloads, you know, and on lips and which has is the biggest host out there. They were hosting Rogan and I think they still technically are. I'm not sure they still are now the moving spotify, but like five it's like a it's like one hundred downloads after sixty days is like you've been put you in like a top fifteen percent of podcasts. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's it's not as high, I think, as people think. People like, Oh, I'm only getting like two hundred, like you're doing pretty good. Can See hundred downloads. That's not bad per episode, and so that's there's a lot out there's what I really want to get across her to everyone who's listening, because I think there's there's there's places to do it, there's ways to do it. You don't have to be perfect, you know, always, absolutely. I think sometimes there's different. That's the thing too, is like there's different types of podcast. You know, you and I probably are more listening to business type PODCASTS and marketing type stuff, like Eric Seue and Neal Patel's podcast. You know I you know, I consume the crud out of their podcast because quick it's easy. You know, I'm done. But their stories, like I hear. I listen to our radio at local radio station, and they're always iheartradio, which has podcast and are always talking about these crazy fictional podcast if people go and listen to right, it's a whole that sound genre. Yeah, it's a whole different genre, but there's people there for that. So your podcast can be about anything really and just about finding that niche and we'll kind of hop into maybe how do you grow something? Yeah, like that. Yeah, well, it's a good point. It's a good, good point. Do you have any questions here? We have some questions here, but I'm sure, Scott, you probably got a segment, a segment for that, so I won't cut in. No, I'll hop it. Now see Jason Webster Hopping in. Let's see what you ask, Sir Jason. Appreciate you. Jason. Have you started your live show yet? I was supposed to be email you and ask you that and I hope you have. If you were start out, where would you recommend? Start in a search sources like spotify APP looks that a how would you answer that? I want to clarify. Recommend like searching. Search as a source. You mean like sourcing different contents or like kind of researching different stuff? If you were to start out where, we young something listening to podcast Mat. I think he's probably can part because the last the thing right before is I missed my podcast. You know, ideal time to listen to it's a probably like where two people find where the most people find podcasts? Yeah, so, so I'll tell you from...

...a listener perspective and from a like a host perspective. The Holy Grail of podcast discovery is word of mouth. Like people here here from word of mouth. Now there are ways you can go about it, like there's different ads overcast or podcast addict. They have places where you can advertise and you can get in front of lots of people like that. But the the best way to find podcast as word of mouth. So I used to go on facebook. I say, like, what are your top five favorite marking podcasts? or you can just google like blogs, and there's like tons of blogs that are great for discovery that give you recommen dations in like the top five whatever. Yeah, I think you can go like I asked it in groups a lot, like any where the podcast you like. I'm trying to find an agency related podcast, and people know they're right their podcast that they love, and that's why I like that's why I've used breaker as the APP that I use my android because I can people I'm friends with, like on facebook. I can see what they're listening to if they have that's a cool creature anyway. So it's not allowed of using it, but the few that have been there, I'm like, oh, cool, he's listening to that. I'M gonna go check it out right. Yeah, that, I think. That word of mouth thing definitely comes into plate. Now I'm wanting to start a podcast. What's like? What's if I just want to get started? What do I need to get started on a podcast right now? That's a great question. So I the because the normal inclination for people is to go out there and spend three, four, five hundred thou dollars on on equipment and you really really don't need that. I'm a relatively simple guys. I'm going to give you the very simple, basic set up that we tell all of our students and clients to use, and that is this mic, which is an atr twenty one hundred. Now the one you'll find on Amazon is called an etr twenty one hundred x, and just the upgraded version of this, as much it's it's better, a little bit more expensive, but it's worth it's about a hundred bucks. I think this mic. I recommend getting it and my advice is to get a cheap mic for right now. The the audio quality but sound great as long as your background is is relatively quiet. And then once you've been consistent or you feel like you know, after six months or twelve months, you're ready to up the level, the maybe get like you can get. which the one I'm looking for. I'm thinking of the next round up. I'll I'll give you guys that one too. It's the sure sm seven B, which is like a really professional mica, like give your serious of podcast. You've been doing it for a year or so. You're like, okay, I want to upgrade my mic. Check out the sure SM seven. Yeah, but I wouldn't recommend going there straight there, because that's a whole other level of complexity. So the MIC, this one atr twenty, one hundred ex the other pieces of equipment is this boom arm, which is about thirteen or five, thirteen to fifteen bucks on Amazon. It's called a newer. It's like a newer, the word newer, but with to ease suspension. Boom arm very easy to clip onto a desk. So you know the whole the MIC. I did that for years. Not a good idea. That's hard to hold on to some audio quality the whole time. And there is an antrx one, one hundred option now on Amazon that actually has a scissor arm as a package to yeah, there are some packages out. They need buy it though. Yeah, pacads. Yeah, it's a USB MIC, which the great thing about the USB Mike is you don't need anything extra. You just plug it right into your laptop, computer, whatever it is that you're using a record with, and you're done. You know, now you can do the audio as much within like you said, you've got to have no background with the name. With a USB Mike you typically got of a quiet space. Quiet. Yeah, it's not that as the SMB. Yeah, like just for example, before we we started the show, we started a little bit late because some reason my headphones, I don't know, I must have broke the cord or something. I could not hear Lewis on my head phones. So, like I hate doing that because then I've I'm just comforted my macbook now and but I know the high lpr forty that I use does intend to pick up on a background noise. I've got to be right here on top of it, which is why it's in my states. But it is a good job. Like you should not be hearing Lewis's audio coming through my mic because it just the way this microphone works. But that requires a mixer and a whole lot of other stuff and it's a little more exactly. But again, you typically most you aren't going to start out with us unless your companies paying for it, which is why I have one. Here you go, but likes the day Tor Twenty one hundred. Everybody loves that. At your twenty one hundred. Yeah, the mistake I see a lot of people get this is I don't like it talk about equipment too much, but like this is some other think. I see a lot of people do it. They'll get like the Blue Yetti or they'll get the Blue Yetti of the snowball mic, and the issue with that mic. I've that Boson. Why I like yeah, okay, the reason why I like this Mike is because I can upgrade this. I can make this sound like a studio quality mic by adding a mixer and plugging it in through the xler cable. So without even changing the MINC I can upgrade the sound quality. And if I if I want to in a year or so with like a snowball or Blue Yetti, it's an it's only got one plug in. You can't do that. So sorry to nerd out guys, but...

I want to make sure. That point was that. People get stuck on that, though, and and the Yes, the decent Mike. You'd gotta know what you're doing with the Yetti, though. Correct friend of ours, Eddie Garrison, he loves is his YETTI MIC, but he's figured out how to use it because, like your mic, you'R hr one hundred. Mind, I tend to talk. I talked into it like this, down into it where the reeady is more. You talk through it, you know, and people don't do that right. And I had a yetty for a long time now, hung it on a you know, an arm, and I was like man, am I sound sucks, and then someone finally told me you're supposed to talk through the thing, not added. You don't talk down into it. So it's a different thing. But yeah, H charge what? So I've got a microphone. What about hosting? What about like, how do I get it out there? What? What do you recommend? And all those places right now. What I recommend is captivate. So captivates got a really, really sleek new they actually is updated today, like it goes live today. Captivate, which has a whole lot of different marketing tools, but from a from a hosting perspective, it's simple, it's easy, it's relatively cheap thing. It's like seventeen bucks a month and you can have as many podcasts on there as you would like. So that's personally for me, that's what I like to use. Use got do for all of our shows. Lips into set a close second favorite. So if you have lips in, that's still a good one too, but I like cativate personally. Yeah, and the cool thing about all you like you know, I put a linked in in the Commons to captivates, captivate dot FM. He's also Got Standard Aut FM. You Got Libs and you got there's a lot of out there. The good thing is a lot of these now, and I haven't used cat to bate before. It is you can select destinations and just start sending your podcasts out everywhere and they make it pretty easy. Most of them do. Some of them that used to be really hard to paint the butt. But now most of them are pretty easy. St If you want to send to apple, you want to send to spotify, our heart radio, all those places. You set it up, you're done, and then there's a lot of other cool little features you can do inside it from there. Like, I know it's sounder. I've got a I've got my own website in essence, inside a sounder I can use and they transcribe it and all that kind of stuff. And cats a bit maybe do that as well. I haven't dove into to them, but I haven't seen that from captivate. No, but well, I would admit that the Trans stuff, the transcription services, are of especially when they're I conclude, they're always they never get my name right. Yeah, and then never get a Gora pulse right, like it comes up Gora Pole. It's weird. It never it never is correct, but it is interesting. They a lot of those do that for but really, I mean that's pretty much all you need, right. You need, you know, microphone stuffing and then either you know something to record it on your computer or you use some out on accity. Here. Yeah, our garage band restream. Yeah, yeah, you restream. You can record inside here. Which is in the cloud or is incast? You to be one if you're interviewing people. Is In casher's one you can use. But if it's just you, like I do all my intros and stuff using my macbook, using garage band, and then I'm mixed. I mixed my podcast from there and I'm done and and garage band came with the MAC book. I didn't be anything. Yeah, let's yeah, you can he really write and me. It's one thing I'd like you mentioned. Can you put the video on? Is that you guys? Can You? You can leverage like the countdown timers and all that video podcast that can be really, really helpful. I see some people do that and it's it just as a little bit of layer production quality. If you're doing just audio, I would say like yeah, garage and audacity is per pretty much to get start. That's what I used to record my podcasts. Yeah, because a good thing about using something that's not in the cloud, like your restreams, life studios in the cloud, is if you did have Internet, you know issue you're going to have. You know something shoppy could happen. So I think if you can record it with internally in your in your own system. It's better for later on anyway. Yeah, way, if your Internet opped off on you, you're okay. So we've started our podcast. We've got, you know, some episodes and there's a lot of things we could talk about. We won't dive and I like how many you should launch with and stuff, but the how you might but okay. So I got it. I got this great idea. I've got the podcast going. How do I grow the stupid thing without being bored and like frustrated? You know, it's been three months and I'm getting ten downloads and that's like for of those are my own devices. How do I? How do I grow my podcast fast, because you got to grow fast, otherwise you get lost in the mix really quickly. So what's your recommendation here? Yeah, there's there's two kind of broad categories of growing your podcast. You have your paid strategy or your pay strategies, and then you have your again, a strategies. So we'll cover I'll cover you mentioned going fast when we cover some of the paid stuff first, and I've I dotted down to my I ds here some of the best ones I've seen to make sure we stand on track and get release a stinct. So the first first thinging you can do to grow your podcast is to look... sponsor or pay for advertising on another podcast. This makes sense because the people you're reaching are already on podcasts. Ever, you know how to use podcasting. About a fine podcast? If you say, if I'm an aunt, I have an entrepreneurship podcast, I would go to another entrepreneur in my space and offer to pay them two, three, four, five hundred bucks to get in front of their audience, maybe for two or three episodes. Right. That spend. How much you're going to spend is going to depend on how big the podcast is, you know, but getting in front of other podcast listening or listeners through another podcaster is the first way. I would say. Now you can spend that. You can totally do a cross promotion. That's say that, say the person has a similar size audience to you, you guys can cross promote and you put a thirty second, you know, introductor or commercial and your podcast for them and then they do the same for you. So that's the first way. The second way, same thing will stick in this little sponsorship kind of idea here, is that you can sponsor an email list if you have a entrepreneurship or a marketing or a maybe a foody podcast. You can find another foody website that has an email list that you can mark it on, or you can buy an email drop or you can sponsor their email list for a week where they get, you get two sends to their list talking about your podcast, or you can interview that person and see if they would be open to promoting it to their audience. That's the normal way, but a lot of times it just in reality it doesn't work out like that. So I like to start with like, if you have a small ad budget or a small budget to spend some money on, then go and offer to pay for, you know, one email send or pay to sponsor their facebook group. Money talks. So if you've got a small budget, doesn't need to be a lot, right. Could be a hundred two, hundred three in of bucks. You know, you can test these these methods and for me this is a way that you can see, hey is the workers are not you can get in front of an audience that you probably don't have would have access to and you know, probably with a higher like likelihood that they're going to like your content, because they're the same they're listening to or they're subscribe to a foody, you know, email list or they're subscribed to a foody podcast. So if you have a show like that, then you can obviously, with a without a shadow of a doubt, know that hey, these people are probably going to be interested in what I'm talking about to. And then there's also the fact that, like if you're a podcast host and you recommend something to your audience, they like you, they trust you. That's why they're they are they you have built a rapport with them, so they are going to take your recommendation more seriously than if you were just a cold ad on, you know, facebook, right. So there's always that factor of credibility with the host that you're leveraging to. So those are a couple ones. Sponsoring another podcast or doing a cross promo, doing a maybe buying a spot on like a facebook banner for someone's facebook group, or sponsoring email. This are three. The easier selfserve methods could be things like going to overcast FM and and buying some ads. They're testing out at what a month looks like for them. And my experience, I've run some campaigns. I've gotten anywhere from like one thousand, two hundred and fifty subscribers and a couple hundred thousand impressions, but those are just impressions. The obviously those just like when people, the amount of people at see your ad not necessarily click it or subscribe. So I find that those are probably more expensive. Those are going to cost anywhere from five hundred to a thousand dollars and you're not going to get as good return on those overcast or a place like podcast addict, which they can work, don't get me wrong, but they're not going to be probably as effective as if you were to go and find somebody to do a cross promotion with WHO's got a really target audience like yours. I got a few more, but you want to cut in there, Scott, anything before God, I think it's really good. Yeah, I haven't. I haven't tried overcast, I hear people talking about, or podcast addict, but I think, especially if you're brand new, you don't know what you're doing, I could see how you blow through some cash pretty quick you. Yeah, yeah, be careful. Yeah, if you're not paying attention and you know, because it's like, I don't know, I don't know. I see ads on most APPs. What do you do? You do your it's white noise, you ignore, you go on exactly. Yeah, but if it's you know, let's say you know I'm on, you know Lewis is like hey, you know, you cannot pay for an ad on social media labs podcast. You're already listening to social media lab and you trust me, and I mentioned for thirty seconds or play it right, and you know a video, you know audio from from podcast domination. You Trust that better. It's a it's a captive audience. Where an add inside of an APP of some I don't know. Yeah, just that's that's a hard because you get podcast especially me, listen to some me like what, that was a weird ad. Why did that add just play on that podcast? So speaker was a big one. I used to be...

...a big spreaker user and my first podcast were on spreaker. That comes free. Then you had some paid plans and you could pay for ads and and also I was listening some podcasts and like, let's say it's a marketing podcast, but then like a an advert comes up or something. Yeah, yeah, like like an ad for like beauty products played in the middle of it. Didn't make sense, so that that's where it's not. It's not targeted right. Let people don't target it right. For sure. Right now. How do you recommend like going after and finding those is what's the do you use something like pod chaser or other apps that are out to like I use match maker and a few others to try to find people? But where do you where do you find those places, and then how do you negotiate that? Yeah, there's a couple places when that comes to mind. Off Top I head is a podcorn, because there's bodcorns of platform where supposed to be more brands and podcasters. Me Right to obviously, brands one up by ad spots on podcast podcast want to sell their podcast inventory. However, there's podcasters also offering to buy and add on your podcast. So you can actually find these people who are willing to promote it their fits, like on Podcorn, who you could penstually buy an ad spot on their show or vice aversive, whatever you're wanting to do. Another one you mentioned was podchaser. That's another place you could go. If they have a lot of communities that you could actually DM Leabe, you could actually message them or find the contact information for a podcaster. And then the other one that comes to mind is listen notes Coom, which I love listen notes because actually buy a list from their database. So if I wanted to buy all the marketing podcast that have produced one episode in the last month, I can actually do that and I can sort through country or by you know, like what else? A couple other keyword things like that. Violets of a three hundred bird podcast that I know might yet do a cross promo. Like I like those three for finding this. If you'RE gonna go deep on the strategy, it's a time consuming strategy, like it's something that, yeah, I don't just look at this websites real quick. I'm like that's a lot, but I mean, yeah, I've got time to do it. I guess that's great, but that's why you have services that you could pay probably to help you do this. More fits exactly. You know. I look at like I hopped in the Pod chaser here the other day and I'm like, okay, I want to find some podcasts be a guest on and all this or find people to be a guest of mine. I'm like, I feel like I walked into the Mexican restaurant and they open up the you know, the menu that's got like six pages and I'm like, I just want not chose now, you know, because I don't know what's in here yet. So that that can be a little bit of a stumble. You know for sure? Now is it? Is it expensive to do that through these things? I mean, what can I don't. You can't give an exact because different. But yeah, like what's a decent like, what's a decent budget? Like, I'm just starting down. I want to get going. I go, what's it? What's an idea that you know? I have an idea and I'd yeah, I'd see if you're if you're doing. Like, Hey, I want to find some podcasters that are in my space, similar to me. I don't know them, but I know they have a similar audience. Let's just take like vegans. If you have a Vegan cooking podcast and you want to find other beauty be can cooking podcast, I would say five hundred bucks. Take five hundreds, and most podcast get to realize this. Most podcasts are not even monetizing in their show. So two hundred would be great to do with thirty second, you know what I mean. So, like you could. You could actually get creative with this, you know. So I'm my thighs. Five hundred bucks. If you don't have fun bucks, it's fine. So over two hundred and find a smaller relevant show. You know, I wouldn't do that all day rather than throwing it into facebook adds. Just think. That's me. That takes a lot of testing and yet to know what you're doing get it right. So that's that's give an idea of budget. That's what I would say now, is that that's for one episode. One mention. I would say you could stretch it. You could stretch it's hey, could you give me three episodes for this? It's you know, it's all negotiable. So now the more through, through, you know, through podcast addict or pot pod pounds, a popcorn, podcorn, or listen notes. Do you, I mean I don't know if they show you downloads, like what do you is there a way to know, like, okay, I didn't just give someone two hundred hours and you're getting ten downwards. Yeah, like how do you avoid that? On podcorn, there's a way to verify it. On podcorns, way to verify it. Listen notes, if you've check out listen notes. They have a pretty cool thing that shows you like the size, the relative size or popularity of a podcast and gives you what's called a listen score and a global ranking. So, for numbers Sake, I would aim for a listen score of, I believe, above forty or forty five. That's what you want to want to look for. And then, in terms of global ranking, mean three, three to four percent or lower. So the lower you get like one, five one. Those are like Joe Rogan size. PODCASTLES are massively you know, but you know, anything...

...under three to four percent is going to be a good size show, right. So, and that's probably where you're trying to look at. Like they maybe they may or may not have sponsors, depending on how they run their own podcast. Sometimes people just don't want to take on sponsors. Yeah, make it, I guess. I got to figure out some people are doing it for fun. I think you want to listen to like you said that, Laura. And how many episodes do they have? Or they being consistent on publishing? Yeah, you know, if they haven't published in six months and don't don't offer well, take your money, yeah, but don't offer it. I think that would be a key there. So in any other tips, I'm growing fast that we can apply pretty quickly and anybody can apply. Yeah, so we'll go over some free ones here and for me, like organic podcasting, organic marketing from a podcast goes into like really talks about how can I integrate this podcast into everything that I'm doing? So into my email list, I make a spot for it on my weekly email newsletter? Do I put it at the banner of my website, like a little floating listen to the next episode banner? One of the things I like about captivate is that they have like a they have a link or a code you can drop into your website and it will automatically update with the most recent website or, sorry, most recent episode. So you drop that on your home page, it'll automatically update every time you upload a new episode. You can just have some copy that says check out the last episode of Our podcast here. So, talking about integration, we said email lists or email marketing, having in your what email, weekly newsletter, or having a new like a new email go out every week, bringing it onto your website, having it on the home page, having it on the banner of your of your homepage, somewhere at the bottom of the footer. Couple of the places you want to look to kind of integrate it is or on your social media BIOS. So facebook bio, instagram bio, I believe Tick Tock has it, or clubhouse also has a place to put your buy it put like links here in your bio, so adding your podcast link to those places or some base bases you want to cover. And then last you can do things like adding it to your banner. So like your Youtube Banner, for example, your youtube banner could have a spot for your podcast. It's like you pointing up this says like listen to my podcast, or same thing with Linkedin. You can have on your linkedin banner and also in your Linkedin Bio. You know, if you want to be a guest my podcast, go here and and promote it that way. So that's when it comes when I think of like organically, when you start your podcast, there's a lot of things you can do. You to integrate it everywhere so that it's a living part of your of your brand. So that's kind of an over you. Yeah, that in terms of organically, how do we grow the podcast from Day One? Yeah, I think people forget about those little bit places like that, you know, like the Youtube Banner. Oh yeah, it's a great specially if you've got a you know, a short easy url that maybe fords them over to wherever you got your podcast at. I'm thinking about like I've I'm actually I'm multicasts, these live shows, you know, a lot of different places. Yeah, I'm on Amazon live right now, but that's awesome and there's like twenty thirty people watching. But on Amazon live, the cool thing you can do on there if you have an Amazon, if you're an Amazon create live creator, you can actually list. You can put your podcast in as a product on your shopping list. And so what I do on my on my channel, it's the first thing you see is my podcast. That way, if people have to go to channel, I go, Hey, go to social media lab. I actually live street. This one's live stream labs, dot live for for the Amazon one, but they they go and see it, little little ways and you get organically just people might happen to find it. Yeah, yeah, and you just never, you know, you definitely never know what other before we're getting close to the top of the hour here. Someone asks you like one more question here. What are some the biggest mystic sake said that people tend to make when they yeah starting a podcast and then they're getting rolling, like what's what's those biggest mistakes that you see people doing? I think for me it comes down there's four big mistakes that I see people doing. Or just like it's they may get one or two of these right, but then they get the other two wrong. It's like it just goes to the wayside, and I've definitely made these mistakes in the past, so I'm not trying to different lesson of my high words here. First thing is not having any key performance indicators or KPIS. Okay, so if we don't know at the end of six months, Hey, we want to what are we more moving towards, whether it's number number of episodes produced, whether it's I want to interview these five people in my industry, I want to get this many downloads, I want to you know, I want to answer all of these questions for that my audience has. I've a list of FAQ's and I want to answer and turn it into more like a catalog that I can I can ever green catalog whatever the KPI is like your North Star for...

...six months. I see a lot of people not having that and then they make a podcast and then like three or four months in, then like why am I still doing this? As many sales I haven't done this. So for me you've got to have key performance indicators. KPIS. It could be downloads, it could be number of episodes created at the end of x amount of months, or it could be I want to make you know, I want to like interview guests that could potentially become clients and have at least made one sale by six months. You know. So Kpis. That's the first big one. Second one is not talking about something they find interesting. So if you don't find the the content interesting, chances are no one else is going to find interestingly you talk about it. So talk about something you actually like in your actually enthused about and in curious about, because that natural curiosity will really start to help your content. improof, it's really hard to make good content abound stuff you hate. I couldn't make good content around cooking because I don't order those cow but you could do Dallas cowboys. I can do Dallas cowboys either. Yeah, because I don't care much for the team. I could rip on them all day, but I can really talk anything say anything good about them. So that's the second thing. Is like, if you don't talk about something you don't like or aren't curious about, it's hard. Like I could do Scott's funny abuse, a new fun fact. I could do a podcast around dictators, famous dictators throughout history, because I love studying history and studying out how these crazy people came to power, you know. So for me that's something I liked. I think it is interesting. Third thing, so we've got no KPI's not talking about something that they think is interesting. And then the third thing is not having a focus for the show. So you know, this show is strictly most pretty much about social media. I would say if I'm from, if I'm on the right show here, I'm stairs. Sometimes there's podcast at span across like seven different things like health, Spirit, Jality, relationships, mental perform and it's like it's just too much, you know, for for one guess to come in like yeah, maybe you like one episode, but you're probably not going to stick around for the light like the livelihood of the whole podcast because you're not really invest in the show. Like I liked him, Ferris, but I listened to once one episode per six months, because I find that he kind of jumps around a lot and he's made a fortune with that. But, like, I don't think and I don't think this is like, you know, many people can do this. US Your ar be a celebrity. If you already celebrity, then this this you kind of go your an anomaly and kind of go fly in the face of this advice. But you know, if you're a business owner or marketer, you've got to have a focus for the show. You know, niche down, get specific about who you're serving. And then the last thing is not having a title that sells the PODCASTS. Like it's got to be a sexy, clear, benefit rich title, and for me I seen podcast that are great go to the wayside because of that. You know, because if you read the title, I should be able to understand what it is and what I'm getting within a couple of seconds. If I have to figure out, you know, try and like make an educated guess or you know, it's not going to work out. Yeah, I think a lot of people try to get cutesy. You know it's yeah, you know, it's the they had this idea and I love it. But then, yeah, no one else. You, you got to describe it. Pretty easy people to find it. And what a how are people searching? What are words that were perching for, the keywords? Yeah, and then now the other thing too, I would and I'm curious to your thought here, is, is what about the podcast artwork? Huge, yeah, I mean, what's I kind of what my thought is and biggest fills. But what are what are like the DOS and don'ts of the the podcast artwork? Maybe, like, maybe, will. This is you caught me at a good time, Scot, because I just did it. We're just revamping some of the slides for one of our workshops were doing soon, so this is fresh in my mind. A couple big things. Number One, if you look at a lot of the business if you're in the business space, I'll talk to you guys. Those guys first, a lot of the podcast in the business space have some hue of blue in them, some kind of form of blue and black or whites. So who we can reflect it. That's an interesting name. But so the colors. First of all, the first off I look at the colors, I've found from testing this a lot with clients, is that Red's yellows and oranges and Bright Greens work really well in terms of catching people's, I had, attention and stopping the scroll. Hence the orange. Yeah, Fam you know I'm gonna stop. I stopped when you're saw your podcast and see that. Yeah, it's this reason why it's highlighter yellow, right. So so, yeah, red's yellows, oranges and Bright Greens work well for stopping the scroll, getting eye attention, fast colors, essentially. The second thing, I'd say, it's a really...

...a big, really important, is hat keeping your title on your title your podcast. Whatever the you don't have your title in your podcast. It's also another thing, like my podcast. Why Ram test? Yeah, exactly, you don't Cram it. So keep it to three to five words. It's okay to have a subtitle somewhere, but it's it just can't look crowded, you know. So it takes a little got move it around and kind of play with a little bit. The third thing is, if you have a picture of your face on there, make sure it's some crazy emotion like you with the hair already screens like you know, exactly emotion. So you know, if you just look like it's a headshot for you know, you know can or some kind of yeah, Linkedin, it's not really gonna I'm gonna Scroll right past that. So whatever the emotion is, that your podcast. That kind of matches your style. Give it some facial emotion, kind of look. Think of it like a youtube banner. Are you sorry? A Youtube thumbnail? I'm no. Yeah, that's kind of the same, same idea all. Yeah, because if you got to think on your phone, I mean it's so small. Yeah, and I think I see you know I've been guilty of it. So I fall into this category. Bit We want to put so much stuff on it and it's like no one can see that. Don't. Don't stuff it. Make it easy for people to recognize and pop and then leave it alone. And I think sometimes this is like even the Youtube thumbnails. So I'm going to youtube thumbnail group and I want to tell half these people, like, stop putting your face on the thumbnail. No one knows who you are cares. So you don't always have to have your faith if we don't know who you are and can't recognize you. Know, a celebrity of some sort, then yeah, something else under that catches attention. Actually, that's much, much better than like, Oh yeah, there's Bill Smith over there. I don't know who Bill Smith is, but they know some kind of catchy image. Okay, when I want to look at that real quick. I think that's where people fail to is they don't catch enough attention. And that's why I mean you meant. I wear a wig on live shows for a reason. I have a lot of weird stuff going on behind me for a reason. I got lights flashing. I've got all kinds of goofy stuff on my you know, on my shelf. Over here is a dead guy sitting next to me. I call him Tom from my space. He's a dead social media network last he last host of the show or something. Yeah, I have to change of the clubhouse, since I think clubhouse will die, but maybe maybe not a whole other you know, episode. But you know, I'm a video you do that. You have always pattern interrupts, but it's the same. Really visual stuff appeals even for podcast. If it doesn't appeal to me when I see it, I'm not probably gonna pay attention. Lest someone I know, like you, mentioned earlier happened to share it and I trust them, yeah, enough to go listen to it. Otherwise I'm gonna blow it off and move on, for sure. But yeah, we you were going to say something else, the real qui almost cut you off. Oh No, the last thing I was going to say is like the the artwork should sell, sell the dream or sell the promise that you're promising your listeners. Whether it's, you know, having deep, interesting conversations, sell that, whether it's how helping the make more money online, sell that. So making sure you're portraying the benefit of the podcast, like what's in it for me and why should I stop and Click and listen to give you thirty five minutes of my time? That's kind of the interest answer the question you're answering. Now I want to before you go, I want to mention your website, podcast domination dot co, and you have a book that you sent me with the you know, these two match together, different colors, blue or CCELLO, but I've started a dive. I started to read the book. Is actually a pretty easy read, by the way, and it's big bold text. There's no pictures, unfortunately, for those of us who need to dam a visual learnt. What when did you launched the book and if I were to go to your website and buy the book, like, what can I learn from this? So that because the whole backstory of the book was early on, when I started off, I had a handful of clients that were doing they got up two hundred thousand downloads real fast and I had access to all their accounts. So I saw what they were doing, I saw what worked, the s all it did it. So I just took I was like, I'm gonna write a book about this. Is gonna Great. So that was the kind of the backstory aground the book. I was able to peek over the shoulders of these clients that I was working with and study what worked and what didn't. And for me, I launched the book in no mid yeah, mid two thousand and nineteen. For me, I still feel like I need to do a two point on the book because so much has changed since then. But the core marketing parent principles will still help you if you're looking to launch your podcast, and I guess you probably have this in a podcast form somewhere. I have a pdf for I know I have an audible version. Yeah, you have an elbol version. I think, yeah, it's it might be included with the book if you check it out on the website. May just be a free gift. Yeah, but but, yeah, that's their cool. I posted a link to the actual book and the comments. If you're watching on facebook or youtube, wherever else you can see that you can go... podcast domination dot see if you have to listen to the podcast later. You can find that and as lots of other resources on your website that'll help people. You actually work with clients and take on clients. So if you're if you're struggling to figure this out and you really don't feel like you've got the time to do it or the energy to do it and you don't want to blow through like you know, on fift hundred hours and ads, you go. I got to you know, I got two moral listeners. PODCAST DOMINATION DOT CEO is probably a great place to go and talk to Lewis and his team to see if you if you are a match to work together. So I would definitely recommend that.

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