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Episode · 1 year ago

How to Run an Agency Using Data! An Interview with Christian Lovrecich


How to Run an Agency with Data

In this episode of the Social Medial Lab LIVE we interview agency expert Christian Lovrecich to answer these questions:

Who is Christian Lovrecich?

Christian Lovrecich is an Ecomm ROI Expert that helps dramatically increase sales using the latest marketing concepts and strategies.

With more than 10 years in the business, Christian has grown and sold multiple 7-figure businesses through digital marketing.

He specializes in social media technology, mainly Facebook ads, traffic, and conversions.

Christian is also the mastermind behind PixlFeed Media and is responsible for bringing the team together.

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It’s a weekly show where I talk about social media marketing with expert guests and is always testing something!!!

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Hello and welcome to the social media lab live podcast. I am Scott Airs, the content scientists at the Social Media Lab, where we bust a myths, to rumors and the stories of social media marketing with science. In this week's episode of the Social Media Lab live I'm talking to Christian loversitch all about how to run an agency using data. Christian runs a lot of e commerce ads and campaigns and as an agency that does specifically that. And so we're going to do is we're going to dive into from this live video interview. We're going to dive into why is data important for an agency? What data should an agency monitor? How often should an agency look and check their data, and what is the best way in agency should use facebook ads? I love this interview, especially if you're an agency. You need to pay attention to this because it's great data for you to maybe leverage and get ahead of the game. Christian is run millions and millions of dollars of ads and produce lots of revenue for his clients. So pay attention to what we're talking about here. If you want. Wanted to listen to and see the rest of our interviews with marketing experts like Christian, go to social media lab dot live. That social media lab dot live. Now Onto my interview with Christian Lover Sitch. This is a Christian Lover Sitch. That you got it, you guys. I'll give myself builder. Yeah, listen, I know it's not an easy one and and it's fine. And Yeah, well, the actually you said Russian. It's actually Croatian. Where from? Guy, okay, when I'm from in Italy, used to be part of raisio back in the day and then it became Italy. So that's why. Yeah, because I immediately I gravitated towards like talking like Drago one, you know, and rock. It makes sense. When I said the name and realized that, like after I said it once or twice, I was like, I'm kind of saying it a little bit Russian like now more like you're good man, even given roll the arts to that's good. Well, COO, I appreciate you getting on here today. It's kind of interesting, you know. Yeah, I think you booked months and months and months ago and I threw I threw Christian a curveball like couple of days ago and said, Hey, we're talking about agencies a lot in agorapholse today with our summit that we've got going on. Be Can we kind of make our talk a little bit more on the agency side? He's like yeah, let's just go with it, and so we have a good, fun conversation. But before we get into that, tell us a little bit about who you are, what you do and why the world should I even listen to what you have no one should listen to me. Your wife tells you that, right. Yeah, yeah, exactly. So thinks I'm crazy because everything I've been through. But yeah, I'll give you the I'll give you the the quick yeah, background. So I had my first break and motor business, you know, when I dropped out of college, and then when it was on me, it was car restoration. We used to buy cars from auctions and restore them, selling back to dealer ships and then the dealer ships will put them in the pre own lot and then that's the car you've got when you winto the pre own lot. So life was great in my early twenties until the economy crashed. So I was spending money, like you know, as fast as it was coming in, and then I had a good reality check when the economy crashed and then I'm like, oh no, what am I going to do? Of course, I needn't say three quarters of it, because it was going to come in for the rest of my life. Right, right, right. But ever since I was a kid I was always a computer geek. I was lucky enough that I grew up with computers in my house, you know, in the s when there were, you know, a few far in between, and I love playing computer games and figure out how things work. Actually ...

...taught myself a little bit of English typing Doss commands. I had to figure out what each command was good for, and then playing games from Sierra like kings quest, leisures Larry, you actually had to type in what you wanted the venture guide you. So I used to sit there with a dictionary and translate what I wanted, you know, the man. So that's what helped me learn English, you know, quickly when I was a kid. And but anyway, Long Story Short, I love computers my whole life and when the Internet became a thing when I was in ninety three, when I was just thirteen, and I say became a thing, when it became, you know, accessible to everyone, I guess, with AOL and all that stuff. I was like, Oh, this is kind of cool, right. Yeah, I'm like I have to do something here. You know, back then I was a kid. You know, there's a lot of distractions and, you know, I the web wasn't what it is now and even if I wanted to do it, to create a website back then you had to spend like half a million dollars or something crazy like that. Right. So that always do. That always stuck with me. It's like one day I want to do something online and then, you know, went to school, college and all that, and I always had distractions. And you know, after had the break and mortar business, that's when, I want to say towards the end. They're like two thousand. I want to say two thousand and five, two thousand and six, since we started to see a little bit of, you know, how Google worked, like it was more mainstream, like how Google worked, and you know we were doing, we were going for the transition from the yellow pages to actually making it, you know, to Google, that you could actually make it to the first page of Google, and I was trying to use that to my advantage, you know, with my break and more business, to get more business and that's when I started learning a little bit about, you know, the the underground, I guess you could call it black hat world, and you know, learn a little bit, but nothing crazy. And you know, once the kind of the economy crashed, you know, I was like okay, what am I going to do? and has some money left, so I was like I'm gonna going to take a little time off and figure out what I want to do with my life. And I I got approached by this marketing company to do trade shows, like the displays, you know, the actual trade show this place, and all their business was online. So I was helped in with ourselves in a little bit of the marketing, but I had no idea of anything how everything worked online when it came to marketing at that point. I mean I had an idea, but I wasn't an expert any think right, and that's what really opened my eyes to the online world and that's when I started really digging into like Seo and all that stuff. And then a one point I came across this little course that was like three hundred bucks to learn facebook ads when they became public. So I was the best three hundreds I have ever spent in my life and then from there was in the diction man. The rest is history. I started my own stores with shopify. Had, you know, I want. I mean I was lunching left and right, but that the real ones that hit. It was three brands. Two of them I sould for a profit. I still have one and I just launched a new brand in October, July, am sorry, last year. And then in between, when I saw those stores and the other one, people kept coming up to me asking me to help them with their ads and all that stuff. And I never intended to start an agency. In my dream was never to have like a huge agency or anything like that. So I keep it very, you know, small, right, because I have no desire to have one of those huge agencies. I'm more into the branding and running, you know, Eclm side of things. But I love running, you know, ats for clients. You know when they're the right fit. It's fun, you know, you get to see their successes and all that stuff. So it's really cool. What type of clients are they ECOMMERCE? Now it's ECOMMERCE. I did, I did. We did a little bit of Leegen back in the day when, you know, Legion was huge and what I didn't think. I liked it, but I didn't.

The reason why I liked it because running the ads side of things on facebook, for lead generation, is so easy for someone like me, because I've been doing it for so long that I can literally throwuck and paint in five minutes and I'm getting you all these leads for like nothing. Wow. So that part was always easy. But the issue is, and you're talking to someone who came from a background of cells his whole life, is that people will not follow up with those leads and if you don't have your cells process down to follow up with those leads correctly, and this is before Zappier and all that stuff, right, so you don't have all that animation of text messaging and most people didn't, you know, set up the backend email sake sequences and all that stuff. We did, but and still it was, you know, the type of businesses I was dealing with at the time. They were like you know, small businesses and they didn't have a good cells process is in place. So it was always the headache of like, we brought you six hundred leats this month. How many do you close? Oh, we're only close like five the lead. So I'm like no, dude, the same guy and I'm using literally the same add account with the same funnel, and he closed like three hundred of them, like it's you, it's not the leads. You know. So that started becoming a headache and then I one point I was like, you know what, this is good. I'm just going to do be commerce. That's what I started, that's what I know inside out. It's stretch to the point. You either get cells and you don't. There's no excuses in between. And then I shifted everything to e calm. What kind of products? He calm everything, everything, fitness, beauty, fashion, gadgets. One of my best performing accounts is it's a it's a gadget and it's crazy. I can't tell you what it is, but it's not. It's a five hundred product and it's insane, like I'm never in a million years would have thought that thing sells the way it does. Like I've been told, like I have no idea how this is going to perform, like I'm out of this is. They were brand new and they'll and I usually don't take run new accounts unless, like, there a serious company with a money behind it and they're like here's the check, go for it. So I took that one on and boy was like glad I was proved wrong from them from day one, because it's all like crazy. But yeah, I mean this would to tell people all the time when it comes to e commerce. You know, a lot of people, especially like prospects, I like to get hung up on like Oh, have you ever done, you know, econ rent ads for x, let's say, supplements, right, and I tell them have I? Yeah, obviously, but you know, if it's something that I have and I tell them all the time, I get that process is the same. The process is the same. Yeah, just the targeting different. Targeting is different. So all we're going to do that's differently from running ads for like that gadget that I told you about, is we're going to build our customer Avatar and the research face of the account. Once we figure that out, you know, once we get figured out, we can set the message and the marketing angle that we want to use. But as far as like the building of campaigns and optimization and all, I mean it's pretty much the same. And I hate to break it to you, but in facebook world there's no one set way of doing things because it changes every day and you get curples thrown out you daily. So, yeah, every kind of log don't get wrong, I have. I have, you know, certain processes that we like to follow that, you know, I try to follow and my junior Meta buyer does. But yeah, you know, nowadays it's like let's let's start this when, let's see what happens and then we'll wake up. I don't let's try this, you know right. So yeah, I do think there's a you know, every time I log in to facebook as mentors, I don't have to run a lot of ads. I go, Whoa, they just move something. Something's different and it reminds me of the old days when I used to work in a grocery store and I was in high school and and as a Bagger, back when the use of bag and carry out groceries and we moved the bread isle like every three months right on purpose. That way you had to the people had to walk around and find the bread and hopefully they buy more stuff. That's that was the whole idea and I always feel like that's the same way sometimes with facebook adsms. They move stuff...

...around, them make you tinker with it and find something else and found another way for them to take money from you. Yeah, it's you know, I joke around all the time. I like I should have learned Google ads because, I mean I love facebook ads because I've seen what it's possible when it's like imperfect shape and it's working like perfectly and it's just like, Oh my God, this is insane. And then, but you know, it's been, I want to say like this past year has been rough men. And then apple just through the wrench in the middle of the whole thing and it's just like are you kidding me, dude, like this is the last thing we needed right now. So it's yeah, apple broke a lot of stuff to last year. Yeah, yeah, pot even put you do podcast. And then I discovered yesterday that this is side note, but apple now makes it were for podcast. They don't just automatically download. If you used to subscribe to it, now you actually have to physically go follow it. there. Wait, is that way? I can't. I'm not seeing you episodes of my podcast thing. I was not sworrying about that. That's why people have their downloads of dropped tremendously, because now you get to do you have to go in and tell people to go follow you differently instead of just succing round. Know they're not your apple chains that they just do their messes things up. That shows you how often I check my podcast data just like get noticed about was down and a guy talked to and podcast. It was like here's what happened, and he's a guy from pod decks. Yeah, and he was talking about that yesterday on Instagram like Oh, now it all makes sense. You know what's funny? That ran mine gets like eighty percent of the listens through Alexa. I was blown away by that one. Yeah, yeah, it's crazy intrigue. So let's talk a little bit and dive some a little bit into some different data. Some you know and your agency life's a little bit different than you. Maybe a lot of people who might listen or watch, but a lot of people want to do that, want to do agency work for ECOMMERCE. I think it's probably confusing for most because most of us, most agencies I talked to, tend to do brick and mortar right, you know, they do social media work and advertise it for that. ECOMMERCE A little bit different game, but it's still some the same principles and practices over, also like, as an agency of any sort of type, whether you know what what data do you think is important for an agency to be monitoring for their for their own business, but also for their clients? You have to know that. Not especially with ECOMMERCE, you have to know the numbers inside out. When it comes to the account, you know, you known anymore. I don't deal with this anymore, but you know what I was getting started, building the portfolio, clients and whatever, and there were smaller stores or they were starting out, you know, starting out. I was a maze up how many clients didn't know their numbers. They didn't know what their cost per purchase should be. They didn't know what their lifetime value per clients should be. They didn't know the returning customer rate. You know, you know what. What's my CPA like? How what's the highest CEPA that I can have on my account right instead of just concentrate on getting the highest role as possible? Obviously we all want the highest role as possible up front, but you know, sometimes if you know your numbers inside out, you can say, Hey, I'm willing to spend a little bit more up front because I know I'm going to make it all back in a matter of a month through the back end with my email on my returning customer rate. So you know, if you know, if you know your numbers inside out, and let's say you're paying, you know, like my new store, we just launched them in the middle of this whole mess last year, right, but everything going on. So it's been a nightmare. I can tell you right now that I already know that. Even though it's costing US sixty, I think it was, yes, sixty eight dollars up front to acquire a customer, our lifetime values already at three hundred because of our email sequences and are retargeting. So you know, it's like I'm willing to pay that much up front. So we're looking at, you know,...

...merr marketing versus that spend, right, I mean at spend versus return on investment on sales. So once you know your numbers inside out, it makes life easier for yourself as an agency and it makes life easier to your clients, especially if you have to educate them and if you're starting out, you have a small portofoil and you're not working with well established brands and you'll be amazed. So many will stablish friends. You actually have to go through these numbers with them as well, because their new. You know, the person who's in charge of the social media advertising that don't even know those numbers half of the time, believe it or not. So you actually have to educate him on it, and the best way to do that is, you know, to half reporting ready to go, set the right expectations from day one and, you know, put it all in a nice report. You know where we you can show them the numbers, you know, once you put those numbers and paper and give them a vision of what it can look like based on cost, like we used to spreadsheet. We have a spreadsheet where we we actually pull all the numbers from that account and and that spreadsheet will show you, Hey, if our you know, to get to to x, this is where a CPA needs to be. This we're out too cart needs to be. This is where any SHA checkout needs to be. And then, if I want to show him what it takes to get to three X or four x or X, we just plucked the you know, we just change the numbers. So when you put the numbers in front of them and you keeping track of all of it. It's a whole different story. And Right now, for your I'm going to ask this some point, but you know, for reporting and stuff like that. So we can so the client always has access to it. We have we use super metrics and Google data studio combination of boats. So we have some custom to a sports in there where the client can go in there. And right now we're testing a new software that's in Beta and I'm loving it, man, I'm loving it. It's called triple well, I wish I might feel it like I don't yet. So you so you give you give your clients access to pull it up whenever they want to or yeah, man, it makes you life easier that I'll leave it. Or not. The next question was like, you know, how often should mayas you check their data. But yeah, so you're saying for that your clients, you can let him do whenever you want. That's people think I'm crazy for this, but, believe it or not, my clients I'll I have him on my slack channel so they can get a hold of even they need to. I don't I mean just because I choose the typical. I'm at a point in my life and business where I can choose who I work with. So whoever we bring on board, we have to be a good fit. And you know, and I can tell you right now, I mean all my clients have access to me on slack and they only slack me when they need something important. Now, what would have I done that? Well, Hey, years ago, when I was starting out with the little clients, no way, I remember. I used to get like tenzero emails. We spent a hundred dollars. What's going on? You know, like it's a different ball game. You know, when you get to a certain type of Adspan, and right now, I mean right now, that there's a lot more communication because of everything that's going on with apple, which again it's been everything that turn into a nightmare. But you know, Priv I'm all for privacy, just the way it was executed, and there's a lot more communication back and forth with education of what's going on in the business so they they know what to expect at least or have an idea of what's going on. You know, yeah, I think you every time I talk to an agency, I the ones who know what they're doing. said the word you just said, expectations, and I think setting those expectations with your clients from the word go. You know, it's so important. I think a lot of agencies, yeah, we'll do this for you, will do that for you, and then then it's when you get a hundred emails, you know, over one thing, like, dude, chill out. So I do think you've got to set those expectations. are like, Hey, we're going to give you this. You're given access all the time, but you know, you might say, I'm going to give an official report here. Let's work calls do I mean, even though we have slack, we have weekly, cool weekly calls, you know, and...

...when everything is running smoothly, you'd be a maze how many of my clients is go, Hey, let's just keep the skip the meeting this week because you know, have access to everything, so everything's good. So you know, freeze up her schedule to in a way. So it makes it a little bit. Now do you think that, because you've done both sides, is the e commerce? Is that more common with the e commerce guys because they're really looking at cells and their long as the cells are running. There's still count up said about engagement. They don't care about that sort of stuff. Yeah, there's there's there's two camps on on ECOMMERCE and and and I'm going to explain it how I see it at least. So there's two type of people who run ADS free commerce. You have the agencies, to big agencies. We all know the big agencies like, I don't know, come on, th read collective or something. You know, they deal with huge accounts and you know. Then you have boutique agencies like mine. And then but the difference is is like mine started, because that's where I started with my own stores run. So I'm looking at everything from the business owner side of things. I know the numbers inside out and before you even talk to me, when I looked at your side, I already know what you're costing the product is because I sourced a I don't know if I can curse a lot of stuff from, you know, China, Europe, Turkey, you name it, South America. So I know what the costs are for products to get made. I looked into getting products made in the US by, you know, some engineering firms here. So I can look at a product I go that's costs like two thousand and fifty cents to make. So if that cost me two thousand and fifty cents to make and we're selling it at twenty. My highest CEPA than I'm willing to page probably like, I don't know, fourteen or twelve, because then you have the overhead of the store and you got to make profit and then you got taxes and you have employees. So I'm already know the numbers in the back of my head of where I need to be at and when I'm spending that money. And that's the other thing, when I'm spending the money and the account. I've been doing this for so long that I can look at the room be like that's not going to work and I'll just shut it down. I'll kill it no emotion whatsoever. Difference between the big agencies and the people that started as junior media buyers and move up in the agency world is that they never actually had to put their debit cur debit card down and spend their own money. Right, let me tell you something. When you're about to spend a thousand dollars a day and it's your own money, out of your own pocket and you're starting out, yes, you're going to watch that ad campaign like a hot like you're going to hit refresh all day long, and everybody who's done it knows it's that we're talking about. When you're a junior Meta buy it buyer and you started a huge again, there's nothing wrong with it, absolutely nothing wrong with it. It's great that you're learning and you moving your way up. But it's different when Nike Goes Hey, guys, we just spend a hundred grand this month, no matter what, because so we can get more money next year, so spend it. You know, at that point it's like branding. It's not return directing. All right, now they do deal with accounts where you know they need direct Roi. But what I've seen from the agency world it's like a lot of them tend to and not all of them, but a lot of them tend to trust facebook and the algorithm a little, way too much. It's like, Oh, just let her run for a week, let's see what happens. Okay. So expand on that. Yeah, expandel, that's a good never do I mean? So, so you you are you constantly tweaking the ads. Like how often constantly depends. I mean you know, I know my numbers inside out. So and from experience I know fat ads going to hit. It's not just based on my click through rate, my CPC, like, for example, if I see them acpcs over the dollar, something's up, all right, it's not. It's not down. Then if my CTR, my CTR all, is one point five or lower, something's off right. So I already know that people are not clicking in the AD. So why they're not clicking in the added? Are scrolling through it. And then I have a custom metric in my dashboard. What it tells I call it thumb stop or scroll stop. What it tells me people are scrolled stopping on the scroll, you know, to...

...see my ad. If that scroll stop it's over thirty percent, that means that my ad is work and it's catching their attention. If it's under thirty percent, okay, that the Creud. Something's wrong with the creative. I need to change it. It's not catching their attention. So, based on the on the you know, the CPC and the click through rate, and you know I can tell you that. You know my targeting is off depending on those numbers. Right, my targeting is dialed in or or if it's off, then if that you know people are landing on the you know, on the product page but well, this is if it's not a proven brand or our store. If they're landing on the on the product page and they're not adding to cart, couple things. There's no product description might be off, the price might be too high, the low time for the site could be too long. There's not enough trust in the brand because it's bad, brand new. Now are they adding to car but not any shinning checkout? That means that it could be a bottleneck on the checkout process off the site. So it's a first thing we check. Now they went through any shy check out and they got to payment, but they stopped right there and that drop off is, you know, over I don't know, whant to say thirty, thirty or four percent, depends on the store. Then that tells me that they're probably charging way too much for shipping, you know. So something as little as dropping the shipping prize by two dollars from seven ninety five to five hundred ninety five will do the trick and increase your conversations by fifty percent. You know, it's all about the data. Man's about the numbers on your dashboard. Yeah, and just about knowing that product. I used to knowing what the trends are now. When to go back some you mentioned that. I haven't. I don't know where it's at and someone might watching later or listening later. You talked about the the scroll stop or the thumb stop. Yeah, is that in facebook? And it's because the metric you have to make it. And what's the formula? It's impressions versus clicks or something. I'll have to pull it up because I can't remember. It's a number of impressions divided by Clicks, I think. HMM, I'm pretty sure that's it. Okay, yeah, so it's so you're looking at okay, a hundred people saw it, you know, licked, and then you kind of know. You know. Yeah, what is you an idea? WHO's stopping the scroll? Yeah, so the impressions, when it counts in facebook, as when it counts impressions, is that? Is it time? I know somehow their algorithm does know how long you set there, but you are you able to see that anywhere? Yeah, you can't see facebook is going to give you the impressions. For what I've seen, and this is not a hundred percent, this is not like something they told me themselves or anything like that, but for what I seen, I'm pretty sure that they way they count an impression on I know for a fact on a videos the first three seconds, if you watch the first three seconds, that's an impression count of the but just from experience, I mean if you just slow down on the scroll, they'll count it as an impression. I mean, I could be wrong in that. That's my my guess, and the reason why I come to that conclusion is is because, like on my website, I can see everyone on the site. Would record them. It's a video recording of everybody who lands on the site, so we can see what exactly what you're doing. And guess what. facebook obviously does that on their end so their algorithm can tell, you know, by recording you, if you're stopping or not, or if you're if you're looking at it on your feet or whatever placement that is. You often wondered if there it gives you know, I'll get on my phone and I'm not. I don't. I'm not one to use my phone a lot. Right I'm on. You know, I'm older than you and I tend to stay on desktop more than anything, because he is easier. But sometimes I'm just you know, it's the same rhythm. You know, I've scrolls. I always wonder like, did they count that as an impression just then, especially if I accidentally even on the desktop, you know, let then add and there's another story below it and I'm looking at the one below it like Oh, do they just count that as an impression for that ad? Always wonder. I don't think. I don't think. I mean I I've never bothered to look it up all the way. It's so interested, but I should have, but I don't. I don't, I don't think. I think they just counted. If you slow down or if they know it showed up on your feet at some point, that's... impression. You know what I mean? Yeah, so, so the scroll stop percentage on videos three second place divided by impressions. That's what it was. So three second place divided by impressions on video, because you can't do it on on on images, right, but I did in press. Yeah, I think they can tell an impression just knowing that it shows up on your feet. I'm willing to bet a hundred percent of that bad a guess and that's that's the whole point of the Ad's like you're got to stop to scroll. You've got to get into it. It's same organics, the same to you know, what can you do to stop to scroll for whatever you're doing? But your ads got to be appealing to people to pull for it. Tell people it's like, you know, to catch people's attention, you gotta have what's called a pattern interrupt, pattern interrupt. That's why do you think I have all this? Yeah, I love it. That's what I say. As soon as I'm like Du to love it. I talk love. One of my one of my lights went offul I go, but I've got a little flashing lights behind me, you know, and I do that on purpose. Sometimes I move stuff around or I have another orange light. You know what I'm on. I'm wearing this thing because it's patting stuff and stuff like that. Or you can do, you know, filters, you can do like a crazy at it and order tip, you know, for people who run ads out there or whatever. What I do is like, you know how you have collections inside your facebook where you can save post or whatever? I actually have two collections. Have one called good ads and then one call s ads, if you know what I mean. It's a little hoping Emoji and when I'm going through my feed, if something stops my scroll, thank you, thank you. I'll be here all day people. I'll hit the little dots and save it, you know, and then, you know, if I want to get ideas for patterned interrupts that I know, all those ads that are saved in that collection stop my scroll. So I use it for like inspiration. You know right, I did that a lot of times. I'll be on, if I'm on Instagram, for example, and I'm looking I see a cool add, screenshot it. Yeah, just so I could go okay, that that got my attention and ZY marketer, it's bound to get someone else's attention. Absolutely that's not in marketing. WHO's not really paying as closer attention to the details? Yeah, my fools, if you can stop me, this is going to stop anyone, because I'm so like blind to the stuff by now. It's just it every day, you know. I mean it's very rare that I see something out of left field that's really like, Oh my God, I've never seen anything like it does happen, but it's very far, you know, very few and far in between. But when it does, like yeah, save it, and now I'm like, I'm going to use that technique on the next you know Ad. Now, curiously got you here for a couple more minutes. We're talking about facebook ads, placements of place, of facebook ads. If you found one better than the other, like as far as like stories or messenger or mark it place, or mobile versus desktopic where's your favorite place to put an ad on facebook? Where is the cheapest for my conversions? So it's the same, is it different? It's different. So it really depends what kind of mood the algorithm is then, depending on what they're doing to it. For a while there, you know, I could manually select my placement. So I will do like instagram feed, you know, facebook feed, and choose those placements and my conversions were cheaper because that's where most people were hanging out. Well, at one point when facebook was really pushing CBO, campaign budget optimization hard and Daba, which stands for dynamic ads broad audiences, you know, it changed where if you chose ALD placements, facebook will give you cheaper cost. So I search to out out right now it's we're doing what we call the old school way of doing things for when I started a decade ago, which is, I tell the Algo everything that I want done, because it's a mess right now and and you know, it's not doing its job like it usually does. So right right now, what's working for me in most stores is all placements, except for the audience network. Oh, for those that don't know, the audience network is, you know, real state on pages, like you know if you go to Fox News...

...or CNN, you know there's an ad in there when you're reading the articles. That's the audience that work. Yeah, I've found the audience network on facebook and twitter. There basically twitter calls it like the twitter or preferred, yeah, audience or whatever. For a while they're son of US junk. It's so bad. For a while there what really crushed and it was ment. It was so good. It was stories only. So you will create a nine hundred and sixteen ad and just run it in stories and he would just crush, especially in instagram. Not The case anymore lately. But I can give you a little little golden nugget. If you can make UGC user generated content that looks like a tick tock it were, it works like a charm. Don't use tick talks because when you throw the tick Tock logo in there. It's gonna Choke your reach on purpose. So don't do that. So, so you've seen a decline in success on instagram story adds. That's just use it using those placements alone. The cost are a lot higher now, wander. Not really like a decline in terms of performance. Okay, cost a way higher. If you try to choose Jose the stories. There's not inventory now. Yeah, yeah, yeah, but the good news is that US spots for imatorious exactly. So they good us is that they just literally released reels. I think it was two days ago, so we'll see how that does. That's also you could to see wings. So you can run ads on reels now, yeah, that's new. I didn't know that and that'll be interesting. And now the Zuck just announced yesterday that you got to be able to run specific ads for facebook shops and instagram shops. HMM, so set up your ECOMMERCE shops. That'll be yeah, that's it's just the ecosystems evolving so much and trying to love with it's a pain. But I'll tell you what I like it. I don't like about it. If you got time, if you want to hear. Yeah, so here's what I, like him, went out on like so what I like about it is that if you run your ads and people check out inside facebook, which we're testing right. We're about to test, like we literally they check out it. Since I facebook, facebook it's in charge of your money, which I don't like that idea at all. These I've been through my share band, BMS, and that accounts. Yeah, but you know the advantage of that is they have all the day that. It's like Amazon. It's their ecosystem. They can see everything, right. So that's in a minute. But then the disadvantage behind it is like you can't it's just a picture of your product and the price and a little line with a description. There's no really way to really sell it or work on conversion rate optimization. But facebook knows what people are most likely to buy anyway. So we'll see what happens there. But then what I really don't like is trusting facebook with my money, because I remember my day starting out with paypal held like fifty grant from me for like eight months or six months or something crazy like that. Yeah, when I needed it, it was cast flow. That was a nightmare. But I have this me. I remember that back in the old days of paypals doing everything. There were. They were kind of the conglomerate ye all things, and I had some affiliate commissions that were in the you know, twenty thirty thousand dollars and it's six months to just set there and they wouldn't give it. Yeah, I'm like, I scale, that's been ads to make that money. I need that money back. Yeah, that's what happened to me one of the stores. I skilled so hard and one day that they just locked it and then, you know, I didn't have room in my credit cards to make up for all that cash flow and actually had to borrow money from a friend to cover the cash flow and then fighting with paypal, like literally it felt like it was daily just to get my money. I mean it was insane and they still do to this day. I wonder what facebook with the shops, like, how quick will you get your get paid? Is it going right through stripes or something like that? To to three days? Already set it up so it's two to two or three days. I just haven't had any transactions through it yet because when I have to add placement yet, but they say two to three days. But it really scares me that they can have to your money. Yeah, so, like, let's say, like, you know, yeah, you do get banned. Suddenly you had all these sales waiting. Listen, as much as...

I know, as much as I love facebook for what it's capable of, I have like a love hate relationship with them at this point because, you know, once something goes down, you have no control over it. Yeah, it's you know, it's crazy. Yeah, I think you could probably go on and on about all the different things you can and can't do and hate and love about. Oh yeah, I used a little DAS book grab. I'm mainly done brick and mortar and local businesses, but even those, you know, facebook as have been phenomenal. Were phenomenal, and now it's gotten tougher and harder to figure out. Yeah, that's things go, but that's the good thing. Like, if, if you're someone wanting to be to help ECOMMERCE, people who know their product but they don't know ads. You know, you get a guy like Christian loversich got close. I missed up a little bit there. You for nothing right, but you get someone like you who knows it already and you, yeah, you're got to charge them and you're got you got to pay Christian to do the ads, but you're going to save so much time and energy and money. I'm telling you right now. If young never if you when I started facebook ads, there was only one placement. You know, it's all that. I started whinning became public. Yeah, so, like I got Bob, just sidebar for the long yeah, I evolved with the platform, you know, in terms of like learning as I go, like I couldn't imagine trying to jump in today and never done it before, like, forget it. That's crazy. And that's why I start a youtube channel because people, you know a lot of people have those questions and all I saw was paid courses for it. Sounds like, screw it, I'll give it all away for free on Youtube. Awesome, and the progress of my life. And that's the thing. I mean, people blow through the money so quickly, don't they don't know what to do with it and then they get frustrated and give up and they blame the system when really it's just they just said, you know, there they they don't know what they're doing in it and it's not perfect. I mean the system is not perfect. So I'm not going to send here and tell you that, yeah, you failed because you know the systems perfect. You just got it. Unfortunately, nowadays you got to know what's working right now, what's not working and how to deal with it. I mean this past two weeks is it's been, I want to say, two the most stressful weeks I've ever had in media buying, just because the apple stuff, yea, the apple stuff. Yeah, it's thrown a wrench into the whole system and facebook trying to catch up and figure it out. And we're talking about cpms going from seven dollars to a hundred dollars in one account. It's like what you know? It's insane, it's crazy. Well, Christian, I appreciate you getting out with me and geeking out a little bit for air forty five minutes or so. I posted a link to Christians Youtube Channel and be prepared. If you click on that link, Christian boom is talking in your face right there when you go to it, but you'll kind of get his energy and passion for for what he does. You can also go over to pixel feed, without the E and Pixel and check out Christians website. or He also has his podcast and blog and you can, if you want him to run your ads, you he'll you can talk to him. And all the pixel feed, the Pixel feed website. It's actually going on the maintenance right now, so it might be a mess. But Pixel media, if you have a business that's already doing cells, like six feriens and cells in general, and go to pixel feed Mediacom and then, okay, I feel that we can talk to you. Super Good. Will help. Yeah,.

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