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Social Media Lab LIVE!

Episode · 1 year ago

Episode 100 of the Social Media Lab LIVE!


The Social Media Lab Live 100th Episode!

Join us as we reflect on the past 100 episodes, talk about ups and downs, changes to the show and maybe even have some trivia, giveaways and old friends on the show!

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Welcome to the social media lab live podcasts. I am Scott Ares, the content scientists at the Social Media Lab, where we bust the myths, the rumors and the stories of social media marketing with science. This interview today is just myself. This was the audio from my live video that was the one hundred episode of the Social Media Lab live show. Now, if you're listening to this podcast, we have not hit one hundred episodes and that's because some of the original episodes, when it was Owen and myself, I did not include because it didn't really make sense for this podcast and there are some interviews that this had bad audio and we simply did not make it. You know, make the cut, if you will, over to the podcast here for the social media lab live. But this was the one hundred video episode of the Social Media Lab live and I'm going to reflect a little bit talk about what we've done, where we've come and all of the the good stuff has happened over the last couple of years of running this live video show that's now turn into a podcast. For remember, you can see and listen and watch all the good stuff over at Social Media Lab DOT lie. That social media lab dot live now on to the audio from my one hundredth episode of the Social Media Lab live. Thanks. Hello everyone, and welcome it to episode one hundred of the social science lab live. I cannot believe we're hitting episode one hundred. It's started a long, long time ago in a valley and a galaxy far, far away. Yet today is episode one hundred and what I want to do today. If you were replay views, you're the ones you mainly going to see what I'm saying here. But what I wanted to do today is just kind of talk about where we came from, when we started, how we started, why we started, what about learned along the way? If we have enough people being active in the chat, maybe we'll do some trivia as we get going later on in the show. We may play around with that idea and that concept as we get going. And I am going to play some clips from, you know, two different clips from two of my favorite episodes, one of them being the very first one and then one of them from me a Rivia thing that we did a while back that we had some fun with. But yeah, welcome to social media lab live. If you don't know who I am, my name is is Scott Airs. I am the content scientist at the social media lab. We've been doing the social media lab now for it's almost, Gosh, four and a half years since I've been on the team. We started publishing almost four years ago, and so it's pretty exciting and be a part of that. If you want to see what we've done in the lab, you can go over to Agraa Poles labcom and I'll make sure to put that. You can probably hear me typing. I'll put that in the comments at quick link. That should take you over to it. You can see everything that we are doing in the lab over there to Goorl Poles labcom and but you know today, so I mean I want to I want to talk about what we've done and I'm curious and I see some people commenting my mouth is not cooperating with me. You know my question today. I like to do a question of the day and I'm sure, as how many episodes does your live show have?...

Love to know this. Let me know in the comments. I'll leave the comments up here just for a little bit and then maybe if we do trivia later on, we'll add it back. I'm curious how many episodes you have on your live show. I've I was funny. I saw Ian Ander some gray hit hit his one hundred mark of his I think it was his confident live podcast show or confident live show, and I was like, Oh, I wonder how many episodes we got. And this was this was probably two months or so I go, because I thought maybe we'd already passed a hundred. And as I went to the daunting task of counting every single episode in facebook on the Agora Pulse facebook page to see where we were at, and I was like, Oh, we're like in the S or at that point are like ninety some somewhere else. I was like, okay, cool, we'll get the episode a hundred. I really thought we get that episode a hundred three weeks ago. But thanks change, guests don't show up or there you know, and the guests that didn't show up for me we're sick or had family emergencies and still kind of delay things a little bit. And then today I was like okay, that bring people on. Do I have former guests, that sort of thing, but just a hard to schedule sort of deal at the last minute because I did have to move it because the reason, like I said, I thought I was gonna be a few weeks ago. And so no guests on today unless somebody just hops and says, Hey, I want to be on and I might invite you. Yeah. So I appreciate you, Danny, saying a hundred yet. Appreciate that. Deb happy hundred. Thank you. It's not my hundred's birthday. I'm not that old. Yeah, getting there. And so let's let's talk about some two things that I have learned and along the way, and we'll start with talking about when we started the show. We started the show the very first episode, which was considered the pre launch show. I counted as episode one. was one of our longest episodes. So I think we went like two hours. was on January seventeen. Two Thousand and nineteen. We did the very first show and it was it was Owen video himself. Him and I were he was kind of the the host. I was a cohost and I did the show. Came around because we were we started publishing our blog. We had been for about a year or so. We're doing a podcast and our CEO, emeric, had this idea of doing a live show and thought, hey, you know, why don't why don't you know Owen and Scott do a show together, because Owen's, you know, been doing so many live videos and knows what he's doing it with the live videos and and so that's kind of how the whole thing got started. And it was funny too, because up until that point on a live video show I hadn't worn this stuff. I had worn this. This was like my original wig, you know, put it on maybe here in a minute. I'd warn it. I had really been on camera with it. And so when when we start tim of doing a live video, Mike Alton, who was my direct report at the time, was like I told him I wanted to dress up and he's like are you sure, and I'm like yeah, why not, let's do it. So I put on the head, you know, the WIG, and it was a different wig and you'll get to see it here in just a second. Put on the WIG, put on the lab code and kind of the rest is history, if you will. So let me play you a clip from the very first episode. This is the Intro, if you will, right after the montage of the beginning. This is this is the first couple of minutes of our very first episode of Social Media Lab live. That's right. Welcome to the first ever social media lab live, where we are cracking the code to find out what's working and what's not working in social media. I'm Owen video here with the content scientists, Scott Airs, and we're live every Thursday at nine ampst on facebook and on Youtube. And you can give me five. That's right, type five into the comments section right..., the word five or the letter five. That will subscribe you to the show. Of you're watching us on facebook or if you're watching us on Youtube, you can just click the big old subscribe button. Don't forget to say hello in the commet section. We'd love to hear from you. I want to introduce Sah, my cohost. Ah, he's a social media lab scientists. He's here to crunch the numbers, folks, he's here to bust the miss. He's here to end the rumors and provide you with the social media science to grow your business. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Scott are Scott, how are you, buddy? I am doing fabulous, are you bro? That's so good. I am so good, and when I see you in in your full garb, I know it's going to be a good day. It's like a good omen that it's going to be a good day working hard here in the lab. This is my typical Thursday attire, all right. So that and look, I have the WIG still. So I put on the old wig. This thing is always hanging over here and it's I couldn't it's all flat. This was the the wig I went live with first. And look at that thing. It's such a mess. It's so jacked up. The idea with this one's like it's like the crazy hey, you know, science sciences like mad scientists look. But it was it was so hard to wear this thing, like and only I think I only wore it the first four or five episodes, but like it gets down in my face and I had to figure out like how to get it on my head right. And so I'm looking some we are going to see something right now you don't see very often, and that's me without a wig on. Just for a second. Let me show you the very first iteration. There's my hair. The very first idea was this. This was the first idea. I was going to do the show with this thing on, and it didn't it didn't quite stand out enough. The headband look kind of weird. I using a couple of promo videos and then we got rid of that and I went with the other one and then, of course, I moved over to to this one, which has traveled literally around the world. This thing has been to France a couple of times. It's been all over the country. Has It gone anywhere in the last year? Because of no a no conferences. It's got so much hair spraying it to make it do what it what it does, which is pretty crazy. And then one more wig. Actually will do two more week changes. If you saw me in person last year social media marketing world, you saw this week and this one is even bigger than the other one and it's hard to put it on you're just trying to look at the camera there. This is the WIG that I typically will if we go back the in person, this may be the one I go back to wearing in person. I don't know, but it's too big for the camera, like I'd have to have to sit further back or something to get it all the way in or try to get my camera closer, which I can't do with this Webcam. So I don't wear this from the live show because of that and it's really tight. Again. You're getting to see me with no WIG on. That's a very rare occurrence and now I got to make sure it's straight. There we go, think we're straight. So yeah, so the WIG has had some iterations and it was fun to go and look at that very first steps to our very first episode. We we call it our pre launch, and we interviewed like ten different people and and brought him on talk to him for a little bit, talked about things that are working on, talk about things they wanted us to test, and the whole concept, and I did the beginning, was Owen would ask me about an experiment that I had run one, and then we would talk about hypothesis, talk about how we ran the study, you know what the data was, our conclusion was, all that sort of things. And then at...

...times we would bring on guests. We found early on that any time we had two or three people on camera it always did better. Something about that pattern interrupt that always did better, and also when we had guess people tended to share it more, and so that was always a big deal for us to to have that on there. I'm going to turn that Chet off for a second here. So we that's that was original format was Owen asking me questions about the experiment and then, you know, talking about the experiment itself, with a guess or without a guess, and then we did a lot of trivia. I Love Trivia. You know. We always had music, you know, playing the background, asking questions and this kind of being out there a little bit different and being after a little bit different. What really happened for us and helped us a lot was we caught the attention and about the we don't even going for two months. Caught the attention of Mike Stillsner over at social media examiner, and it was march of two thousand and nineteen, early March, I believe. When that maybe I don't have forget when the social marking world was it was early, though, and you know, I'm dressed like this, first time I'd really been in public like this, and that first time. We're being a social media marketing world too, and I was walking through the crowd and it was kind of funny. I was sitting up towards the front, Owen was off to the right, me a little bit and stills just given his opening keynote and he starts talking about live video shows and live video on facebook is live video. For you remember, two thousand and nineteen was really hitting a huge spike and everybody was talking about it. And he starts mentioning our show and starts showing clips from our show when I was wearing the other crazy looking wig, and we're like, oh my gosh, I can't believe this happeners. Thousands of people here at this event and our live video show is being shown on stage multiple times. We're getting mentioned. Owen and I were texting each other and our phone starts blowing up like crazy. I stood up and took a bowl once, which was really funny, and that kind of just catapulted things from there. Allowed us to be taking a little more seriously, even though we look like this, or I look like this, Owen looks like him and no one takes them seriously, but it's so that was where the we do with the show. We did lights of different trivia things. We had fun, we pushed the limits own had did a really good job and Owen produced the show at that time. He used V mix along with like a power point and a few other things to kind of get what we did on screen and the stuff that he was doing on screen no one had seen in live video on face book unless they were like the huge news networks. So he pushed a limits big time and we broke things, we played around with things. We had moments where I think our largest peak live viewer we saw was around two hundred and seventy or so, which was super, super exciting, especially now considering the times we get two or three and we're like yeah, because live viewership, we know, is kind of waned right now. Maybe it says zoom fatigue from covid replay views or getting more than live views for most, even if we promote them. It's that and what we did in the beginning to which really helped us, and now it's gone, unfortunately, is we use facebook watch parties. FACEBOOK watch parties were huge for us. You could do three each, and so like when the show would start, I would have another window open and I'd start doing watch parties and you know, my personal profile and two groups usually, or a page. Owen would have his people do two or three and we got a lot of viewers from that and those viewers counted towards the live viewership and they could even comment on the live stream and now watch parties are gone. Was using my guests at me and Ohen,...

...but we use it to really push our numbers up quite a bit and that was that was a big deal for us to do that. And one of the ideas that that Owen had and a yeah, Owen was going to try to be on the show today. He had a call already schedule and so we couldn't change it. So he may or may not. He'll see that later, hopefully, and go back and rewand. But one of the ideas we had was doing a family feud style game show because we found that the game show stuff, the trivia stuff, did so much better for us just because it was fun, it was interactive. You got lots of comments when it was going on and I've done lots of Trivia shows since then and they always get a lot of comments when you have a really active audience. Right now we don't have a huge audience watching some trivia wouldn't do very well probably, but we push some element limits and so what we did is we did a show called Queeny's versus mean he's, which was the Queenies were Jennifer Watson, Jen Cole and Julie and Julie Riley forgetting Julie's last name, and then the Meani's were Chad Peterson and Jeff C and Mike Alton, and they answered family feud style questions. So Watch this fun little clip here. Let chattery their Cardi Cardi B Cardi be. Do I see Cardi be on the board? Oh Wow, well, queen, he's I hope that you're in the wings getting ready, because this could be your chance. You could get your chance watch chat it all away if you don't do anything in this cluck of watch chat. Social media experts, by the way, right one answer correct. One person said Youtube. Chad the whole time is just like eating the top account. It is the top account. It hit its isn't a top account. Okay, maybe, I think. I think that you you when you say it like that, Jennifer Watson, you make you make a strong point. You make a strong point. Remember, you guys can answer in the comments section. Help your team out by answering in the comment section for them. Mike Alton, name a top eight twitter user. Chad. We got a great gift from Chad from that every game show. How dare you, sir? How dare you? Oh Kim Kardashian, Kim Kardashians, do I see Kim Kardashian on the board? Three X's, wow, x, wow. All right, that means the queen. He's all right. So I just wanted to show you that to kind of show some of the things we did that kind of push the limits the family few thing style. It was complicated and Owen gets, you know, all of the credit for that. Owen had had to do. I did a power point overlay for the video and while we're on vmx to put everybody in the squares and we had you hadn't seen six people on screen before from anybody else. I wasn't really a thing at that point. And so we had to a powerpoint and then he had somebody looked at answers. They had someone in his his ID and set clicking on the power point to reveal the answers if they were correct and do the x's. So it took it took a lot of people behind the scene and we were checking answers. You know, I'm checking answers as people are talking off camera. Rot a lot of fun, lot of engagement, tons of engagements. People want to help him. We're doing it for charity. So whoever one they gave money to charity is end up what we end up doing was all said and done. But Fun stuff. We did a lot of crazy, fun stuff with the show. And Owen, what was the cohost. You know, we called ourselves cohost. He really did most of the hosting and then covid happened and because the covid and changes, Oh...

...when it was no longer no longer started doing the show and I started in the show on my own on May twenty, I believe, of last year. I believe was made twenty. He Double Him May Twenty of two thousand and twenty. I went alive for the first time by myself as the the the host, the producer, the whole nine yards, and that's when the show changed a little bit. Went from me talking about my experiments, because just me sitting here talking, you know, doesn't do as well, and I know that even like today. I know by myself is not as well and I have to keep the conversation going where two people is better. And so what I did is I flipped the show to be an interview style show. We've had really great luck with that so far. I've now we're well over Gosh, has been, you know, fourteen months, almost thus thirteen, fourteen months as I started doing that and I'm booked out until, you know, late November now at this point here in July, seventh way in advance on booking people and do an interview show, interviewing people some of you know, you know, interviewing people nobody knows, finding new audiences to get in front of, and we've interviewed people like, you know, Stephanie Lu Christine Gritman, Eddie Garrison, Brad Freeman, Jay bear was on the show once, Jeff C Dustin Stout loved us and Stout Brian Fans, Oh, Judy Fox, Amanda Robinson, Kim Guards, Jennifer Watson, and the list goes on and on and on. You can actually see right now I'm almost caught up. I'm not quite there yet. I would. I've been doing now with the show and it's just me and it's some aim interviewing. I'm taking the audio portion of the interview, cutting out most of the stuff when we talk to the audience and turn it into a podcast called social media lab live. It's a whole separate podcast. You can find those blog posts related to it with the audio and the video inbedded social media lab. Dot Live is where that catty that they basically takes show to the category on the Social Media Lab. But you know, I'm getting there. I'm not there yet done with them. I think yesterday day or this morning I finally hit may of this year and gotten caught up almost for a year from when I started doing them. Don't include all of them, some of them sometimes, some of them the audio wasn't good enough. So we haven't made it to a podcast. But that repurposing side of it, though, I think for for us, will be a huge play, especially if I go back in and at in the transcript right now it's a short summary and just the audio and video for you to listen to or subscribe to. But that's something you can do with it with a live video show and you should considers how do you repurpose it? How do you reuse that for something else, as video clips is at audio clips? What is it? Those are the different things that you should be doing with your live video show. And I appreciate Dev is tagging people like crazy chat Chad. You Know Peterson, I like. His name used to be Chad. Laney's man, Peterson, and his wife's name is Laney, so he's Laney's man. People Thought Laney's man was actually his last name, which I thought was pretty funny for a long time. But Chad, we brought him on that family few I don't think he answered a question correct at all. All he did is did random stuff the entire episode, like eating a banana just slowly every time. He's on camera, reading a book upside down. At one point he looked like he was sleeping. So if you searching for you searching gifts. I think if you search for Chad Banana when you're looking for gifts, I added that one the tenor so you can search Chad Banana and you should find that. I think we're I took a little spot off from Mike Alton too, because Mike Alton was cracking up the entire time because it Chad and there's some gifts with him from that show as well. Yeah, so that's kind of that's where our show has been and where it's gone. You know, I think I want to talk... and if you about some lessons that I've learned along the way of getting a hundred. Sometimes you got to change things change. COVID taught us a lot of that that. We changed. Our show originally was on Thursdays. We moved it to a Wednesday and then we moved the time a few different you know times. On Wednesday I moved it when I took it over on my own. I moved it up an hour just to be easier for me. At twelve o'clock, my time, is easier for me than eleven or ten. It's just too early to get everything done. We have a company meeting on Wednesday mornings, so twelve gives me a little bit of time in between us, about an hour or so in between company meeting and the show. You know, I had to go on my own. Covid happen. We kind of stopped the show for a little bit and then I had did some facebook premiers because I could even get to my office because of roads shut down because of Covid, and so then I went live on my own. I've changed my set, you know, if you go back to that very first episode we played earlier, you see that my set used to be a backdrop that bought on Amazon for like twenty five bucks and and it had, you know, just a chalkboard on it and a globe, but we it worked. It worked perfectly. I we did that show. I use that for a good year, year and a half of just that, and then eventually I changed to this look right about the time. But a month or so after I started doing on my own, I switched all my clipping around and kind of set up this lab look that you see behind me right now. So sometimes it's okay to change things up and you have to pivot. Get the pivot your show, you pivot your format, but consistency is key. I know Wednesday's I don't do anything else on Wednesday afternoon, but this I don't schedule anything of their meetings. I you know my own personal life. We know that Wednesday's when I have the show. I don't schedule like kids, Doctor's appointments or I appointments on Wednesday afternoon. I'll do miss at times like I will not have a show next week. I'll be on vacation down the beach at South Padre here in Texas, seven eight hour drive for us, first time we've been there. Actually it's okay take weeks off. That's totally fine. Nothing wrong with taking a week off, but be consistent, putting in your calendar and just start cranking out. You go back to that first video. I was awkward that clip I played earlier. I'm like a deer in a headlights, like what do I say? Because Ohen and I were like so concerned, like how do we not talk on top of each other? And we had actually practiced that show four or five times leading up to it. We did dummy shows for a few weeks just to kind of get a feel for one another because we've never done anything together on camera and he was in California, I'm in Texas, and so I was so awkward at first show. Didn't know where to look, I didn't know what to do. I just kind of yeah, I just kind of talk like this, and then eventually you learn your voice. You learn you've got to be a little more animated. You got to kind of show something that gets people's attention while they're scrolling through their news feed. You've got to get their attention and I think the WIG obviously helps. That good voice helps, that hand animation, stuff going on behind you, all that sort of stuff helps catch attention and I've learned along the way just have confidence and what I'm saying I know where to look. Now I'm looking above my monitor, so I can't even see what's down here. If I want to see what's going on the live study, like I know someone just left the comment. I had to look down and I used to really have a hard time with that. And I see someone said happy one hundred facebook user. If you want me to show your name, there's a link in the description you can click and give restream permission to show your name, facebook requires. But thank you. But yeah, so that's what I learned after a while. The first couple...

...of times, specially going Solo, I was like man, what do I do now, because I was so used owing took care of it. I just showed up and talked about the experiment. I had all the stuff freddy. I knew my data and I didn't do a lot of the interview questions, typically if we had a third person on and I didn't have to look down much. But now I just people expect the people are okay if you're looking down every once in one. I don't look down the entire time because that's annoying. But you got to learn how to look at your camera correctly. That's a big thing I've learned over a hundred episodes. So let me go through a couple other things that I learned. I didn't put these on the screen to show up, and I do have a surprise to reveal to you about a change that's going to happen here in the social media lab as soon as I'm done with this. Will stick around. Don't go anywhere yet. I got surprise at no one else has seen I'm the only one and a few other people on our team have seen this, so stick around. Okay. So the first thing I have learned is do an Ros or a run of show, if you will. Owen taught me that. He stuck to it, drilled it in my head and we stuck. That's how we communicate what the show is going to be. And basically, a run a show just you put in your how you're going to do it. You've got your Intro, you've got your Hook, you've got a video you're going to play, you've got a graphic you're going to pull up, you're going to do something in the lower thirds. You're asking this question, this question, this question, this question. You know, close it up, player, outro, video, whatever. So right out your run of show, whether it's on a spreadsheet. Today I wrote on a back of a piece of paper because the real like right before the shows, like I better write something down. I need to make sure I got some stuff out of my head. Do It, do however you want. A peace paper is probably at the best because you have to keep looking down at it. I like to usually when I'm if I do have a run a show, I'll have it open on a screen in front of me, another tab and I can just kind of switch over to it and look at it just to kind of keep me on pace. I've also now, because I've done it for so long now, I don't typically ride out the runt the Ros anymore. I use my captions here inside of Restreams Live Studio. I Love I love the caption side of it and if you haven't, you know signed up for a restream. By the way, it's free, but a restream livecom wink, wink. But I use captions in the captions are these lower thirds and I'll put them in order. I'll put it. I'll put everything in order that I want to get to and I've got a couple of things in here that I may get to I'm probably not going to get to two of them. I'll put them in there the way. They're my reminders. Okay, I got to move the next question. Specially when I have a guest and I'm interviewing them, you know, I just make sure I'm going down the question list and that's my run up show these days. I mentioned having confidence. That's something else, a lesson I've learned, you know, and I'll learned that from being on a lot of shows and also watching other people's live shows, like in Addison great talks about being common the confident live podcast he has. You start to learn how to be confident after you've been on a lot of them and you learn the right way in the wrong way to talk. You learn where your placement should be on camera, how your voice inflection should be. An equipment plays a big part of that. I mean that was another lesson too, is start with what you got and then kind of go from there. You know, I've been fortunate to have a really good microphone for a very long time. We bought this and we started the social media lab for the PODCAST. It's change a couple of times, like now. I am running through a mixer now and that then comes over to my Mac book through a USB tower. I'm I've upgraded that to include, you know, stream deck with the loop loop back is an audio thing I use where I can do, you know, stuff like that. You kind of learn as you go and you progress. I have good lighting. I've had two umbrella...

...lights in front of me the entire time that we have put bigger bold than than once. I used to have a number, you know, one of them behind me. I've turned it off. I don't use it anymore. I found it was like making too much of a like a halo effect on me, but it does help with shadows and maybe something I should consider later on turning back on. And I do have a ring light. Right now I've got the ring light facing away from me because I don't like what it does to my eyeballs and gives me those, you know, white life saver candies. And then I'm using a logical Brio. It's all I use. Pretty simple. You don't need a lot of equipment to really get it going on a live show. Other other lessons be yourself. Whoever you are is who you are and if your audience likes it, great, if they don't, great, they weren't meant to be your audience. But just be who you are, be yourself, and people will folly. People have people want to hear you. There's somebody out there who wants to hear your message, regardless of what it is. They're looking to hear your message. And, Brad, I appreciate that. Brad is on the show multiple times and I love doing stuff with Brad and having him on the show. So appreciate you, Brad, but be yourself. Someone wants there's an audience for everyone. It may mean you only have one viewer every week and it your mom, you know, but eventually, hopefully, you can repurpose your live videos into something else. And so the change. Like I said, I'll change your set if you need to mix it up when you need to. Like I mix stuff up here here in the always do the wrong finger. I mixed stuff up in the shelves at times. I have moved a hulk in Captain America. I'll add stuff to it, I'll take stuff away. I've got it. A couple of coffee cups in here now. You know. There's one from restream. This is I forget who this one's from. There's a two buddy one. I took my mic flag off and now it's just sitting up there and I've got some of the wigs. But mix things up and just be okay, Hey, with mixing it up and changing things so people can kind of see something different on your show. I think it's super, super helpful to change your scenes here and they're not they'll do it all the time, but every couple of months if you want to change something up, feel free to change something up. I would recommend, you know, not being solo all the time on a live video. I do another show and I'm solow on it, so it's a little harder and like today, be in Solos a little different. But we know from all the experiments we've done in the past that when you have a guest on the showers, two heads on a show, it does better at always performs better because it gives you an opportunity for to for a different voice to come in, a different face on camera. You know you can switch and put that other person in the forefront and highlight them and go back and forth. I would always consider having two people on your show most of the time if you can do it, if you can get a guest interview them, they're going to hopefully share it to their audience and they'll probably share the repurposed side of it if you repurpose it. So guess always help a live show. It helps keep things going, keep sayings running and it doesn't feel so daunting like talking on your own for forty five minutes an hour is a little bit wearing on. It's a little bit old and so you especially don't have an active audience, you've got to keep the thing going. So I reck him in having a guess on your live show because we it's always shown for us to do better. Now, if you have three people or more are, you know, on a show, that's a little hard at times. When we did that in the past, you tend to step on one another because you never know who's going to talk. You got three different people and there's any sort of delay, they don't know you're talking, you don't know they're going to talk and you...

...really step all over each other and it's kind of confusing. So you got if you're going to do more than two people on camera, have some you know, you know notes beforehand, like this is when you talk, this is when I talk, the way you don't constantly step on each other. When I'm on some shows right now when I'm at the third person, that happens at times. You just start to have to learn those people and figure that out. So that's that's kind of you know what I want to talk of. The I could in the big HOOPLAE. We could have liked all kinds of things, but we didn't do that. I just want to hop on kind of reminist a little bit about old times, show you somewhere we started from, where we're at now, what we're doing with the social media lab live. You know, the audio side of it, the video side. I don't repurpose the video as much as I should. You know, I've you know it's hard. It takes time. Was for a little bit. I haven't lately somebody to get back into to see if that's something that people want to see. So here's what I'm going to do. I want to show you, those of you who are watching, we are about to undergo logo changes and look for the social media lab, and so that means a new scientist character, little animated guy, the guy who you know, who is this guy up here in the corner, will be going away. Soon. He's not gone completely yet, but we've been working on is taking longer than we wanted, but for a long time we've been talked about changing this have a different feel to it to match our main company, Brandy, maybe a little bit better. So this guy is out. We've in the past. We also used I don't have one pulled up. We use this kind of symbol thing for the sciency social media. It's on our podcast. Are, our main podcast. We use that thing. We're going to get rid of that as well. And here's what the new look will be, so which you'll see here in the let's see if I can point right. It's over here. There we go, whoop, whoopoo. Up there is social media lab. You see their Gore pulse logo on top of it. That's kind of going to be the logo, if you will, for Social Media Lab. Will probably use this for the podcast. We'll use it on on images like this. will use it this as a new overlay that I'll start using. I may change the background to something different. Right now I still use the purple thing, which I like, or I can go full screen like I can go full screen like this, but that's kind of the new logo that will start to use here and then down here. There we go. This is our new character, a little bit different, little bit quirky, because what happened is the other guy, we had this one here, you know, we had we were paying a guy to us in the Philippines. Actually he created him every every time I had a new blog post, he created a brand new scene. He created you know, him and a different a different pose for the scientist every single time. It was it was time consuming and he was the only one doing it. And he's no longer working for us because he moved on to something else. So we got to the point, seven, eight months ago, is when he left, that we couldn't do that anymore. So, if you've noticed, I just kind of use the same image, same backdrop and stuff for the most part, and stuck my face on them and that's been what I've been using. But so now, moving forward, we're going to use this guy here. Now he's going to be he may being some different poses on the blog posts and things like that, but we'll have a couple iterations of him that will start to use our thumbnails. Will start to incorporate these, these two things in our thumbnails and probably have the guest face on there as long along with...

...that guy, not my face on there. So this is kind of the new look and hopefully everybody digs it. No one else has seen it until you're the first ones to get to see us. If you watch all the way through, you seen if you're watching the replay, you get to see it. I don't think anybody in our team is even seen it except for me and to the people two or three the people in the graphics team. So it's a corky little dude looks a little more like my hair closer anyway. My hair's a little brighter orange, which shows that better on camera, but that's kind of look that we're going to go with. You may have a little different circle on him at some point, but this is probably what the overlay looks like the next time you come on the show. This is why you'll see it. I'll start working on changing out to this for thumbnails and blog post images and things like that moving forward. So I appreciate you. I thank you. Thank you, Bradford. You know the night. You know your comments there. I appreciate everybody WHO's watched the show over the years. I mean I've looked back at the the data just now and it was interesting to see how many views the show had gotten back in the day and what it gets now. Comparatively, it's a little bit different, of course, but live video is still here to stay. Live video is still thriving. You know, it's switches at times. FACEBOOK and Youtube will go back and forth as far as what's more popular than the other. As twitter Contin who used to change their live video. Linkedin changes their live video and adds more people get on it. We O There's a lot of staturation, but I do think that live video is still the best avenue as a brand to get in front of people and talk to your commuting your audience. Whether you're live on a facebook page, you're live and a facebook group profile or somewhere on Youtube or twitch or wherever else, live video continues to be strong and so I encourage you to keep doing it and I just appreciate all of you who've watched and all the guests that I've had. Like I can't even line up, I can't even list out all the guests. I've had so many but on the show and some have become really good friends because of being guests and the show which is that but EXCIS. So, once again, thanks for listening to the social media lab live podcast. I appreciate you. You can check out all the interviews we've done at social media lab dot live and, as always, go to groupulse labcom. You can see all the crazy experiments we've done so far in the last four and a half years on the social media lab. I appreciate all of you. I love you. Thank you for listening since some reviews, send me some feedback. I love it.

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